Do you have a new video but cannot share it since the file is too big? Well, what you can do is video compression. Are you worried that the video quality may be low after reducing its size?

We have an excellent all-around video converter that will help compress your videos, saving you time and space without losing quality. Since the video converter ultimate from Eassiy supports various formats, you will never have issues watching, editing, sharing, or exporting your videos. Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate will ultimately give the best results on your Mac and Windows PC.

How to Compress Videos Without Loss Quality

Step 1 Launch Video Compressor

Open Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate, reach the Toolbox option at the top. Then click on the Video Compressor.

open video compressor
Step 2 Upload File

A pop-up window will be seen. You can either click the ‘+’ sign or drag and drop videos to add a video to program.

compress video
Step 3 Adjust Video Size

Adjust the name, size, resolution, format, bitrate, and the export location for your final video. You can resize the video file by sliding the dot. The file can be compressed up to 90%.

Step 4 Preview and Compress

After setting, click on the Preview button to check the video quality. Finally, press the Compress button to compress the video to your desired size.

Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate is an excellent option for everyone who wants to create high-quality videos without loss. The best feature is the Preview and Video Settings option within Video Compressor which gives you the freedom to choose the type of video you need and to revisit the settings if something is not ok.