Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate offers the capability of speeding or slowing down the actual speed of video content. For instance, many students prefer viewing educational lessons faster than the actual speed to bypass what they already know but revert to normal playback to grab unknown information.

Research has proved that watching asynchronous lectures at a higher speed may be a valuable and efficient study strategy if it results in similar or better comprehension than watching lectures at an average rate. Speeding and slowing down have their merits and demerits. Nonetheless, we are going to teach you how to do it perfectly.

How to Change the Playback Speed of A Video

Step 1 Go to Video Speed Controller

After downloading Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate, open the software and choose Toolbox from the home page and then Video Speed Controller from the available options.

open Video Speed Controller
Step 2 Add Video Files to Change Playback

After clicking on the Video Speed Controller, another window will open. Click on the plus (+) to select your favorite video or drag and drop the file.

Step 3 Change the Playback Speed

Here you can speed up or slow down the speed of the video. You'll see several speed options starting from; 0.125x, the slowest to 8x, the fastest. Select the apt option and proceed.

change video speed
Step 4 Export the Final File

After changing the playback of the video, export it by clicking on “Export” at the bottom page. You can also rename the file and change the Output Settings if needed.