Video files are available in various formats, including AVI, MOV, and MP4 files, among others. Although most of these files are compatible with a wide range of video-playing software, there are always devices that can't play them and apps that do not support them. Thanks to video file converters, you can convert your videos into any format you like.

In this guide, we'll learn how to convert video files into various formats, such as MP4 files using Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate. Many converters are available online, but this is one of the most reliable. As a result of the recommendations from most users, this tool proves helpful to its users.

How to Convert Video to Any Video Format You Want

Here are a few steps you need to follow:

Step 1 Launch and Add Files

To begin, launch Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate on your device. Upon launching, you will see the following interface where you can choose video files to convert.

open eassiy video converter ultimate

Drag and drop video files from your device or browse for them by clicking on the "+" button.

Step 2 Select Output Format for Your Video

Once the Video is uploaded, click on the Convert All to tab's drop-down menu and select any of the video formats for your final converted Video. Or click the format icon on the right and select the video format you want one by one. Here, we chose the HEVC format for conversion.

select video format
Step 3 Convert Video

Now, convert your videos by clicking the "Convert all" button and begin the process.

click button to conveert video

Edit the Save to path by tapping the arrow key on the bottom if you want.

You will see the progress bar of conversion. After finishing, the interface will show "Success," and Converted will have a red mark on its right once the process completes. Besides, the software will automatically popup the folder where the final Video is saved.

check the coverted files

You can now watch videos in a new format. The primary benefit of using this program is that it supports a wide variety of video formats and works on over 150 different devices, including the iPhone and iPad. Additionally, you can convert your videos into 2D or 3D video formats.