Screen lagging can be very disturbing, especially on critical occasions. Having to record gameplay videos with a screen record app that causes the video to lag or even have the tendency to crash during recording is one of the most excruciating experiences. People who record live streams find it challenging and annoying when their recorded videos are not in order or must deal with lagging screen record apps.

Here’s some good news for you. You can now record gameplay video without lag using a simple-to-use –Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate software. But first, let’s get to understand why the lags.

Why The Lags

Lagging happens when the device is low on memory and gets overpowered, or the CPU is powerless and incompatible with the settings. Another important reason your gameplay video lags is that your video recording app does not eliminate lagging.

But you no longer must worry about this because the Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate tool can record gameplay videos successfully without lag. Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate can do this because of its excellent benefits, which include.

  • Built-in Game recorder: This newly updated feature gives it the complexity to record game sessions. Users can focus on the games while the Eassiy recognizes the running game program and records automatically from start to finish.
  • Schedule recording: You can select this feature and start automatically for live streaming videos or other videos that are not downloadable online.
  • Adjustable frame rates to ensure high-quality footage: Eassiy can select frame rates from 20fps -60fps. However, if your system hardware has low performance, you can choose a suitable frame rate.

How to Record Gameplay Videos Without Lag

Step 1 Install and Launch Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate.

Download and install Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate on your computer. After launching, click the Eassiy Game Recorder icon to begin the process. On the pop-up that comes up, click OK.

select game recorder
Step 2 Select the Game Program to Record.

On the Game Recoder interface, select the game program to record by clicking the drop-down arrow beside the game recorder icon. Ensure that you have changed your settings, including sound, before you start recording.

select gameplay windoe
Step 3 Start and Save Recording

After adjusting the settings and selecting the game, click the REC button, and the program will automatically identify the game and start recording.

start gameplay recording

If you minimize the game window, exit the game window or click on the “x” icon on the top right side of your screen, the recording will automatically stop. You can also use the shortcut key to end it yourself.

end gameplay recording

After closing the recording, you can make changes such as trimming or cutting the video. Finally, click Done to save the recording.

cut gameplay recording

Your recorded gameplay video will be automatically saved, and you can choose to record more videos.

find the recorded gameplay

Thus, with Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate, you can record your game videos without worrying about lagging, courtesy of its highly rated features, and edit real-time to get the best gaming videos.