There is no shortage of online screen recorders on the Internet. You look for one but end up with a long list. However, in our experience, online screen recorders have fewer features and more security concerns than desktop recorders.

Here is a screen recorder that can help you record any video in real-time from streaming sites and live to stream.

Yes, we are talking about Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate. Let us move to the step-by-step guide to help you record your desktop screen.

How to Record Any Videos from Streaming Sites or Live Streaming

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Step 1 Choose the Recording Portion on the PC

Under Video Recorder, you will see various options for recording Full Screen, Select region/window, plus the quality of recording in pixels. Select your preferred choice. Alternatively, you can click the checkbox in the Recording tab in preference settings to move with your mouse cursor.

custom screen size

If you wish to enable the webcam for live recording, you may turn on the webcam button.

Step 2 Set Settings to Record Audio

Switch on System Sound and Microphone to activate the audio recording of the live streaming on your desktop. You can use the slider under the Volume and Microphone icon to adjust the volume.

custom screen size
Step 3 Customize Recording

Go to More Settings and Preferences to add mouse cursor effects, hotkeys, the format of the screen recording, etc.

preferences settings
Step 4 Start Recording

Once you set all the preferred effects, click on REC on the main screen to begin the recording of your desktop screen. You can also add annotations or schedule recordings using multiple options on the panel.

real time annotation

Finally, tap the Stop button to finish the video recording and save the live stream video on your PC.