You will realize that some portions are unwanted when editing your videos, and you need to cut and trim your video. Video cutting and trimming involve removing the front or the tail portions of a clip or a part of the video that you feel is unsuitable for the audience. To edit your videos more professionally, you need high-quality software, and in this article, we recommend Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate.

We will learn how to edit your video using Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate. Let's get started.

How to Cut and Trim video Using Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate

With the Eassiy video converter ultimate, you can convert any audio file into the format that best suits your needs. It is simple to convert your audio file to MP3 format. Follow the easy steps outlined below to get going.

Step 1 Launch Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate

Start Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate on your device. Once After Eassiy Video Converter launches, the following homepage will display on your device.

open eassiy screen recorder ultimate
Step 2 Upload Video File

Upload your video now. Click "+" to enter the video editor, or drag and drop the video files into the window. Uploading a video takes time based on its size.

add video to vcu
Step 3 Cut or Trim Video

Once your video is fully loaded, click on the "Cut" icon and you will see four main Cut and Trim options.

  1. 3 cut or trim ways, it can help you cut video exactly by selecting a Start and End.
  2. Add video fade in/out effect
  3. Cut multiple segments you want in same video and export. Not cut one by one.
  4. Fast Split video to multiple segments automatically.
cut videos

We are using Fast Split option in this guide.

After clicking "fast split," you can specify how you want the current segment to split. For instance, you can specify "Split by average" or "Split by time." Click Split to start the process.

fast split video

Once you have completed cutting and trimming your video, click on “Save” to save your changes.

Step 4 Save Videos on Computer

Choose the location for your file, and click on "Convert All", you have trimmed and cut your videos now.

check the edited video

Alternatively, you can visit Toolbox and use the Video Trimmer option to trim or cut your videos.

video trimmer

So, now you know two ways to cut and trim your videos using Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate. There are several cut and trim features available to help you edit your videos and create an entirely new copy of a video or copies of recordings. Once you've saved your altered movies on your device, you can view and share them with other devices such as your phone and tablet.