The addition of well-designed video watermarks enhances the appeal of your video's appeal and personalizes it. Poor watermarks are disruptive, and a complete turnoff signifies a non-professional video editor. Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate can help you fix this problem and keep your documents safe. Here, this tool will explain how to add a video watermark. Let's get started.

How to Add Video Watermark

Follow these simple steps to add a video watermark using Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate.

Step 1 Add Files to Video Watermark

On your PC, launch your Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate ultimate, go to ToolBox and then Video Watermark option.

open video watermark

Now click on “+” to add the videos to add watermarks from your PC or drag and drop the videos on the interface below.

add video to video watermark
Step 2 Select Text Watermark/Image Watermark

After your video fully uploads, you can add a "Text Watermark" or an "Image Watermark" or both.

For Text Watermark

You will see a window on the video saying, “Please enter text content”. Either directly add text to the video or type in the window next to Text below. Also, you will get options to change Font, Color, etc.

On the left side, you will see option to add more "Text Watermark" or add "Image Watermark" in the same video.

add text watermark

For Image Watermark

When you click on "Image Watermark" the software will allow you to choose an image file from your PC and place it on the video. You can resize or drag it anywhere on the video with the mouse.

Also, you can use the Rotate and Opacity option to make changes to the "Image Watermark" on your video.

add photo watermark
Step 3 Rename the File and Export

You can rename the new piece once you add your watermark in the Output window.

Finally, click "Export" to export your work and close the "video watermark" window. You will see a box with the message "Adding watermark to the video is completed!" Click "OK" to continue or choose Edit Again.

Now, you can use Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate to create a video watermark, add your text or picture watermark and edit it to make it stand out more.