Recording a quality video has a lot to do with audience interaction and how well you can communicate.

If your video is filled with many background noises or incoherent sounds, then the quality of your video will be too poor. Nobody finds it fulfilling watching a video with a noisy background that blocks its message.

Background sound is the same as external sound, and you can observe it during the recording of video tutorials, live sessions, etc. We will show you how to adjust microphone sound and background noise using Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate.

How to Adjust Background Sound And Microphone Sound

Method 1: Preset Background And Microphone Sound In Setting

Reach the Preferences and then Sound Tab. You will see two options: System sound and Microphone along with two check boxes for Microphone noise cancellation and enhancement.

adjust sound in preferences

Method 2: Adjust Background and Microphone Sound in Build-in Recorders

Step 1 Go to A Build-in Recorder

Run any one of recorders such as Video Recorder, Audio Recorder, Game Recorder etc.

select a bulid-in recorder
Step 2 Adjust Background and Microphone Sound

Click System Sound or Microphone to turn on background sound or microphone sound. Slide to the dot adjust the sound volume of system or microphone.

You can also change more audio settings of system or microphone by clicking on the drop-down menu.

adjust background sound and microphone sound