It's not difficult to set the recording area on your computer around the mouse. But then, you may not find this feature with your PC's inbuilt recorder. This feature is available on advanced screen recording software and depending on the version of the computer you are using; you can always find a screen recorder suitable for it.

We will show you how to set your recording area to the specific areas around the mouse.

How to Set the Recording Area to Be Only Where the Mouse Goes

This option is available on advanced screen recording software. One of those includes a Eassy Screen Recorder Ultimate. It is a screen recorder software that solves almost all of your screen recording problems.

One of the features of this software's advanced recorder options includes setting your recording area Around Mouse. Here's how to put it.

Step 1 Open Video Recorder.

After downloading the version of Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate suitable for your PC, launch the software and click the Video Recorder.

select video recorder
Step 2 Click Advanced Recorder.

On the video recorder interface, select the advanced recorder option below the yellow REC button.

advanced recording
Step 3 Select the Area.

As you select Advanced recorder, a drop-down menu will follow. Select around the Mouse to enable the function. This option allows the software to record only the specific area around where the Mouse goes.

select recording area around mouse

On the drop-down options that come up, select the area from the list of options. The area can be customized as you wish.

Step 4 Start Recording

After selecting the area, click REC to start recording. You can also use the hotkey to start the recording.

hotkey for around mouse

As the recording is ongoing, you can click the Red rectangular button to stop it. You can also click to Pause or add annotation while recording.