If you want to convert any video into a GIF file, we need to understand precisely the GIF file. GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format, a raster file format designed for relatively basic images that appear primarily on the Internet. GIF files also allow you to combine images or frames to create basic animations.

For converting any video to GIF format directly, Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate is excellent software if you follow the few graphically mentioned steps below on Windows or your Mac PC.

How to Capture Video to A GIF

Follow these steps to capture video to a GIF with Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate easily

Step 1 Set the Video Format As GIF.

Launch Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate, click the three horizontal lines on the top right corner to access the preferences page. Tap Output, change Video Format as GIF. The recorded file size will be limited to 400MB if you change to GIF format.

You can also change video quality, Frame Rate and Keyframe Interval if you want, then click OK.

set video as gif
Step 2 Start Recording

Open a video file which you want to convert to GIF, run Video Recorder, adjust the recording area, then click on REC to start the recording.

open video recorder
Step 3 Edit The Recording

You can add text or image in the video while recording by clicking the briefcase icon on the top right corner. After completing the recording, click the stop button to end the recording. Cut the part you like on the popup window.

cut and trim video
Step 4 Save Video AS A GIF

Finally, click Done to save the recorded video to GIF, you can find it in Recording history.

save video as gif