Wow!!! This unique feature will surely make you fall in love with Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate. There are various video quality enhancers (i.e., tools that enable you to improve a video's resolution), but this software's video enhancer is outstanding.

This software allows you to easily change the saturation, brightness, and contrast of clips. It helps you to crop, rotate, edit, and zoom clips. It also allows you to edit a 360 video with minimal effort. Much software offers video enhancer features, but we will teach you how to do it on Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate.

How To Enhance Video Including Reducing Video Shaking and Removing Video Noise

Step 1 Click Video Enhancer and Add Videos

Download and install Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate, go to the homepage of your PC, click on the Toolbox, and then the Video Enhancer option.

open video enhancer

After clicking on the Video Enhancer, a blank page with a plus (+) sign will open, click on the plus sign to add your favorite video or drag and drop, as usual.

Step 2 Active Changes

After clicking the video, another page of four options will display.

  • Upscale resolution.
  • Optimize brightness and contrast.
  • Remove video noise.
  • Reduce video shaking.

Check the Remove Video Noise and Reduce Video Shaking boxes to activate those functions.

select video enhancing options
Step 3 Preview and Select Enhance.

Finally, after you've done and undone the necessary and unnecessary things, click on Preview to foresee the changes once again. Once satisfied, click on Enhance and save the video at your specified location.