Modern computers allow us to multitask our work to email our productivity. This is why you can record a live stream video to watch it later while you focus on other things. For most screen recorders, it's hardly possible to record just a particular section of your screen. Very few screen recorders allow you to record some part of your screen instead of the whole window.

Imagine if you had some other to work on your laptop and a video to screen record. With the help of screen recording software, you can record this video. But sometimes, it comes with you dedicating your PC to just recording the program because it will record the entire window, and you do not want any other content in the video.

With some high-level third-party software such as Eassiy, you can record only the window you want in your video or only exclude the window you don't want. To learn how to do this, keep reading.

How To Record Videos Excluding the Window You Don't Want

Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate is recording software with multiple features that make screen recording easy and perfect.

You can record videos using this software while focusing on other things. Here's how to record screen videos, excluding the window you don't want.

Step 1 Open Video Recorder.

Ensure that you already have the software downloaded to your PC, then launch the Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate. Then click Video Recorder.

choose video recorder
Step 2 Select Exclude Window Recording

Select the Exclude window and record on the drop-down menu after you have clicked Advanced Recorder.

advanced recording
Step 3 Select the Windows You Don't Want.

Click the drop-down to check the windows you want to exclude. You can select multiple windows you don't want to appear in your recording area.

select the windows you don't want
Step 4 Start Recording

After setting, then click REC to start the recording.