Exporting is the final stage of modifying or converting any file. In short, you can term it the completion stage.

With Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate, you can import any file format to make changes or modifications. After making changes and exporting, you can convert the videos to their best in respect of framerate, resolution, video format, and aspect ratio.

How to Export to the Format You Want with High Quality

Download the installation packages for either Windows or macOS. After downloading it, go to your destination folder and click on "Downloads." Here you can now see the downloaded program file to click on it.

Step 1 Select Video Recorder.

Once you install Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate, you will see three recording options on the interface and four small icons on the right. Choose Video Recorder.

run video recorder
Step 2 Settings to Start Recording

Clicking Video Recorder will open another window/gadget, where you will find two options; Full and Custom, wherein you can select the recording region, pixels, etc. Select the options you need for recording, and if required, use the microphone or webcam.

customize recording area
Step 3 Select Output

Click the three horizontal lines on the main page to reach the Preferences tab.

click preferences

Once in, select the Output option and then Video Settings to choose the Video quality as High along with the Video format you want.

select output format
Step 4 Start Recording Your High-quality Video

Click OK to go back to the main page and click the orange round button to start recording the video and then export in the format you selected with high quality.