Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate offers too many brand-new features for users. Meanwhile, the one we are dealing with is the "MV Maker". MV maker, which encompasses several themes, enables users to add background music, effect, transition, trimming, etc., to videos, helping them make extraordinary and stunning films, vlogs, or other videos by themselves. This content will detail how to make MV available for all devices. Here's how to do it.

How to Make MV or Music Videos Available for all Devices

Step 1 Download and Install the Software

Download and install Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate on your MacOS or Windows PC

open eassiy screen recorder ultimate
Step 2 Choose MV and Add Videos

After successfully installing Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate, go to the home screen and Select MV, the third option.

open MV Maker

Click on add ‘+’ to add videos to the editing field. You can change the video order by clicking “forward" or "backward." Click on the video clip one by one for editing.

add video to mv maker

Now, choose any theme from the in-built library of Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate.

Step 3 Make Changes

Under Theme

You can choose various effects from below like, edit, trim, ahead, and behind. For example: edit will open the below options, Rotate & Crop, Effect & Filter, Watermark, Audio, and Subtitle for you

edit features

Trim will enable you to cut the length of the video and split it with added Fade in and Fade out options.

cut features

The last two options, Ahead and Behind, will allow you to add more videos before or after the upload.

Under Setting

In the Settings option, you can enable Start and End titles, adjust volume and delay, and decide to keep the original audio track or even upload the music you like.

add music to mv

Under Export

Here you can check and make changes for format, frame rate, resolution, quality, the save to location and Complete (what you want to software to do once the process is complete).

export created mv
Step 4 Start Export

When you are sure everything is perfect, click the play icon to preview the video, click on Start Export, and wait until it finishes. It takes about 2-3 minutes.