While recording sound using your system's built-in feature, you are likely to encounter some problems regarding background noise. Apart from this, you may find that your voice is too low or not clear enough.

For some computers, it's not usually that bad, but you can enhance your record without stress by recording your sound once. Yes, without reviewing the script to get the perfect recording.

With Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate, you can expertly enhance microphone sound recording on your computer to get the best results.

How to Enhance Microphone to Record Sound Better

You can enhance microphone sound better using its microphone enhancement features.

Method 1: Open the Microphone Enhancement Feature in Build-in Recorder

Step 1 Open A Build-in Recorder.

Launch Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate and click Video Recorder, Audio Recorder or any other recorder.

select a recording tool
Step 2 Turn on Microphone Enhancement.

Go to the microphone icon on the audio recorder window and click the drop-down. Enable the microphone enhancement and the microphone noise cancellation.

turn on microphone enhancement

This will ensure that the recorded sound is clear, loud, and without background noise.

Method 2: Open the Microphone Enhancement Feature in Setting

Click the menu icon at the top of the software, select Preferences > Sound, the Microphone enhancement feature can be turned on here easily.

turn on it in preferences