Generally, iOS devices provide features that let you back up your data automatically. So, when data is lost, it will be straightforward to recover. However, there can be cases where you are without backup, for instance, poor network connections or poor system updates. In such a situation, you need an iPhone Data Recovery tool.

We will go through how to recover the deleted data from an iOS device using Eassiy iPhone Data Recovery app. This tool helps iOS device users recover deleted data such as videos, messages, notes, photos, etc.

How to Recover Deleted Data from An iOS Device

Using Eassiy iPhone Data Recovery app is very easy; follow the steps below:

Step 1 Install Eassiy iPhone Data Recovery

First, download and install and start your Eassiy iPhone Data Recovery application on your device.

eassiy iphone data recovery page
Step 2 Connect iOS Device to Computer

Launch Eassiy iPhone Data Recovery. As soon as the app starts, it will ask you to connect your iPhone to retrieve the lost data. Connect your iPhone to your PC using a cable.

connect ios to computer
Step 3 Scan iOS Device

Click "Start Scan" to initiate the scanning process. The program will scan and analyze all the deleted items.

scan ios device data
Step 4 Recover lost iOS Data

After the scanning process, all the deleted items on your iPhone will show on your screen. On this screen, you can preview the lost data, select the data you would like to recover, and then tap on "Recover" to retrieve your deleted data.

select the deleted files from ios device

The recovery process is slow or fast depending on the number and size of the selected files you need to recover. We went through how you can recover permanently deleted data from an iPhone device using Eassiy iPhone Data Recovery tool. This tool provides an alternative for data recovery, especially if you have no backup.