You can lose your favorite music videos from your iTunes, including accidental deletion, system crashes, malware attacks, and system upgrades and downgrades. Regardless of how you lost your iTunes files, it is easy to recover them.

A quick check of your iTunes library is usually all it takes to discover that one or more of your iTunes files have vanished. But what if they don't show up? You can retrieve deleted or lost data from iTunes Backup or your iPhone with Eassiy iPhone Data Recovery compatible with both iOS and Windows devices.

How to Recover Deleted Data from iTunes Backup

Step 1 Install Eassiy iPhone Data Recovery

Download and set up Eassiy iPhone Data Recovery on your phone or tablet to start using it immediately. You may use the trial version even if you haven't registered yet.

eassiy iphone data recovery page
Step 2 Choose Recover from iTunes Backup Mode

Open Eassiy and choose "Recover from iTunes Backup File." It takes a few seconds for all of your device's iTunes backup files to appear.

choose recover data from iTunes backup
Step 3 Start Scan

When you click "start scan," you will be able to begin scanning the backup files. After scanning, your screen will display the lost files.

scan itunes backup files
Step 4 Selectively Recover Deleted iOS Data from iTunes Backup

Select the files you want to recover, click the "Recover" button at the bottom of the screen to recover them to your iOS devices or computer.

scanned itunes backup files

Now that the iTunes files you deleted have been recovered, you can enjoy them again.

Using Eassiy iPhone Data Recovery Tool, you may get access to iTunes backup files and selectively retrieve them without resetting your iOS device. The iTunes backup files are critical because they guarantee that no matter what happens to your files, you will always have access to them.