Phone contacts are among the essential information our phone houses. Losing it can be daunting because that would mean losing business contacts and contacts of critical personal acquaintances.

It is not something anyone wishes to experience. But the wish alone does not stop it from happening. You can mistakenly lose files like this from your phone, be it contacts, messages, call logs, etc.

Sometimes you may even be the one to delete the wrong file due to something you may have clicked. But fret not; you can recover deleted data from your sim card inserted into an Android phone using Eassiy Android Data Recovery.

How to Recover Deleted Data from SIM Card Inserted In Android Phone

Step 1 Download and Install The Software

The software has two versions for Windows and macOS. Download the one for your system by clicking the button bellow. With this software, you can recover phone numbers, contacts, email addresses, and names from sim card memory installed on your Android Phone. Amazingly, this software supports almost all types of Android phones.

NOTE: To get the best result from this process, stop saving new contacts to avoid having the new connections overwrite the deleted ones.

Step 2 Connect Your Android Phone (With Your SIM Card) to Your PC.

Launch the software, then connect your Android phone to your PC using a USB cable. Also, don't forget to enable USB debugging on your phone.

allow usb debugging
Step 3 Choose Contacts to Recover From SIM Card

When your PC detects your phone, you can select the type of deleted data you want to recover from your SIM card; if contact, select contact; for messages, choose messages, etc. Then click "Next."

select the file types you want
Step 4 Allow Eassiy to Scan The Data On Your Android SIM Card

You must permit the program to scan the data on your Android SIM card. Follow the instruction to install the Eassiy app on your Android phone.

install fonego on android phone

After installing the app on your Android phone, you will see a pop-up to give Eassiy permission to access your phone's data(contacts, messages). Tap "allow" and click "Scan authorized" files. The program will now be able to find deleted data from your SIM card.

allow anthorization to read android sim card
Step 5 Preview and Recover Deleted Data From Your SIM Card

After scanning, select the preferred data. If you still can't find what you are looking for, click on "deep scan." This particular action would take a longer time.

scan android sd card

After the deep scan, highlight the category of data you want to restore and select the items. If it were phone numbers, highlight contacts, then select the phone numbers. Click on "Recover" to get the deleted contacts back. The phone numbers in red are the deleted ones.

The recovered contacts will now be stored on your computer as HTML/VCF files, which you can also import to your Android SIM card through Eassiy DoTrans, Gmail, or Outlook. Thus, with Eassiy Android Data Recovery, you can directly add contacts to your Android devices on your PC.

export android sim card files