You may have experienced how it feels to lose an important message or delete a critical WhatsApp conversation from WhatsApp messenger. It is not the best of times to pray for. Nevertheless, you should know that you can now recover deleted WhatsApp messages or WhatsApp conversations and attachments using Eassiy Android data recovery software.

Eassiy Android data recovery software is a leading data recovery tool that you can use to recover your deleted data from your Android device. Be it contacts, text messages, call logs, media, etc. It is compatible with nearly all kinds of Android phones and can restore old lost messages without losing the new ones.

How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages from your Android phone

Step 1 Connect Your Android Phone to Your Computer

Download and install Eassiy Android Data Recovery software, connect your Android phone to the Computer using a USB. Also, enable "USB debugging" on your phone to connect it successfully.

download eassiy android data recovery

See this to enable "USB debugging on your phone and allow the PC to detect your Android successfully.

allow usb debugging
Step 2 Choose The File Types to Scan

To recover your WhatsApp deleted data, choose the file type. For this purpose, we will select WhatsApp and WhatsApp attachments since that is what we want.

select the file types you want
Step 3 Give Eassiy Access to WhatsApp Message

Before Eassiy Android Data Recovery scan your WhatsApp messages, it needs access to your Android device data. To grant permission, enable "install via USB" and click "Install" when the notification pops up on your Android phone.

install fonego on android phone

After this, tap "Allow" to the requests sent by Eassiy Android Data Recovery on your phone.

allow anthorization to read android sd card
Step 4 Scan Your Android for Deleted WhatsApp Data

Click "Scan authorized files" on the desktop program to begin. Deleted WhatsApp messages can't be found after the first scan, click Deep Scan to find out the deleted WhatsApp data.

click deep scan
Step 5 Restore Deleted WhatsApp Data

On the left-hand side of the new page, click WhatsApp or WhatsApp attachments to recover any of them. The latter is for WhatsApp media, while the former is for WhatsApp chat history. Preview this data, select the ones your need and click "Recover."

recover whatsapp data