For various reasons, you may want to play a video backward. It can be for demonstration, lecture, fun, or anything. With Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate, we can easily make a video play backward.

Here are some detailed steps for playing video clips backward or in reverse mode on your personal computer. You can playback video with just one click as well as carry out some editing on the video. Let's start.

How To Play Video Backwards

Step 1 Visit Video Reverser

After installation, open Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate, select the Toolbox and then locate Video Reverser and click on it.

open video reverser
Step 2 Add Videos

A blank page with plus (+) will display on your screen. Click on the plus to add your favorite video or drag and drop one by one.

Step 3 Add Reverse Effect

Now, beneath the video, you'll see something like a measuring ruler with a small arrow-like shape. Click on any space of the ruler depending on where you want to reverse it or forward it.

reverse video
Step 4 Export the Reverse Video

After finishing the process, navigate to the bottom of the page and click on Export. Your video will get saved to C drive, the default path, or you can edit the location to suit your needs.