A film that doesn't sync up leaves a filmed character moving their mouth when there's no spoken speech to support it. Therefore, the term "lip flap" the resulting audio video sync error can be annoying to the viewers and may also decrease the effectiveness of the program on the part of the viewer.

Below, we are going to teach you how to sync audio with Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate software. Let's begin the procedure.

How To Sync Audio and Video Sources

Using Eassiy Video Conveter Ultimate, you can easily adjust the video volume. Check out the simple steps below.

Step 1 Locate Audio Sync

Download and install Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate, go to the homepage of the software, select Toolbox, locate Audio Sync and click on it.

open Audio Sync tool
Step 2 Add File to Sync Audio

On the blank page that displays, click on the plus (+) sign to add your favorite video, and then proceed with syncing and other settings.

Step 3 Finish Syncing.

First, in the audio track option, you can select AAC-2Channel or audio track disable (mute), and under it is the delay option. Slow down or speed up the video audio, adjust the volume as you wish. Then click on settings underneath, where you can edit the format, resolution, frame rate, quality, encoder, sample rate, etc. Lastly, click OK to complete the setting.

sync audio
Step 4 Export and Save

Finally, click Export to save the file to your PC's default location.