4 Excellent Methods of Broken Android Data Recovery without USB Debugging

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Updated on 2023-12-17


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Most of our essential data is contained by our smartphones, whether it is related to our personal life or business activities. Therefore, we always try to keep our Android phones safe and secure. But if we accidentally break our phone, it increases the chances of losing the data stored on the device. We cannot access the phone data on the computer once a phone breaks and the main reason is that the USB debugging mode is mostly disabled on Android devices. But as there are many methods introduced by which we can recover data, this fear is no longer to be considered. In this article, we are introducing 4 excellent methods of broken Android data recovery without USB debugging.

Part 1: What is USB Debugging?

USB Debugging is a method to allow a connection between your Android phone and computer. By this, you will be able to manage and transfer data from an Android phone to a computer and vice-versa. For example, when you have to transfer data such as pictures, video recordings, and other important data from the Android device to the PC. To avoid accidental modifications, the USB debugging mode is disabled by default in the entire brand device. But things happen sometimes unexpectedly without any notice. USB debugging cannot be enabled if your phone gets locked due to a forgotten screen lock PIN, password, or pattern lock, or the phone screen gets broken with USB debugging off.

Is It Possible to Recover Data From Broken Android Phone Without USB Debugging?

Yes, it is possible to recover data from a broken Android phone without USB debugging. To avoid unintentional modification of data, the USB debugging is disabled on a new Android device by default, and to transfer Android files to your PC, you can turn it on from Settings anytime you want. However, it will be hard for you to enable the USB debugging when your Android phone gets smashed or the touch screen becomes irresponsive with the USB debugging off. But there is nothing to panic about. Because there are always ways to recover data from broken Android phone without USB debugging. But still, we would recommend you back up your device regularly to a PC. So that you don't have to worry about data loss next time.

Part 2: Methods to Broken Android Data Recovery Samsung [Best 4 Ways]

If you want to recover your lost data from a broken Android device without USB debugging, then here are the best 4 methods for broken Android data recovery Samsung

Method 1: Recover Data Using Android Data Recovery Software without Backup

If you can’t access the broken Android phone, and want to continue to use this phone, you can repair this Android first. Generally, as the phone is too broken, the data will be erased, but don’t worry, even the data is erased, Eassiy Android Data Recovery can recover all data. It seems difficult and challenging to recover Android data when your device is broken but the right Android data recovery software can help you to address the situation effectively. Eassiy Android Data Recovery is a well-known Android data recovery tool that can perform broken Android data recovery without backup. No matter how much you have lost your Android data, this software will get back all of the data with 100% safety. It enables you three recovery modes and supports 6000+ Android devices including Samsung, Huawei, HTC, LG, etc. to restore your deleted or lost data easily.


  • Have the ability to scan 1000+ deleted media files within a few seconds.
  • Allows you to selectively restore any data on your Android device.
  • You can preview any scanned data in detail before retrieving them.
  • Performs a safe data recovery without leaking any of your info.
  • Including photos, videos, contacts, WhatsApp attachments, messages, and more, this program can recover up to 16+ file types.

Steps to recover data using Android data recovery software without USB debugging:

Step 1: Download and Install

First, you have to visit the official page of Eassiy Android Data Recovery software. Now, download and install the program on your computer by tapping on the download button.

Step 2: Connect Android Device to Computer

Connect your Android device to the computer. After that, go to your phone and make sure to enable “USB debugging”.

Eassiy Android Data Recovery step 1 | android data recovery without usb debugging

Step 3: Select the File Types

Select the file categories to recover. Choose the file type you desire to scan for deleted or lost items and select “Next” after connecting your phone to your system.

Eassiy Android Data Recovery step 2 | android data recovery without usb debugging

Step 4: Install Eassiy App on Your Device

You need to install the software on your device for Eassiy Android Data Recovery to access your device. Click on “Install” when you see the pop-up on your Android after enabling “Install via USB” in the developer options of the software.

Eassiy Android Data Recovery step 3 | android data recovery without usb debugging

You have to grant Eassiy permission to read the Android device memory. Tap on "Allow" once the Eassiy pop-up comes on your Android requesting permission to read data on Android. It will give the program authorization to scan the device successfully. Click "Scan Authorized Files" on the computer program after this to start scanning for deleted or lost data.

Step 5: Recover Android Data

During scanning, you have to keep your device connected to the computer. Check whether the data you need is there or not after the first scan. If you don't find your desired data there, click on "Deep Scan". Once you have found the data you need, mark them and click on the “Recover” button.

Eassiy Android Data Recovery step 4 | android data recovery without usb debugging

Method 2: Use Google Drive for Android Data Recovery without USB Debugging

You can use Google Drive as a useful approach to recover lost data from a broken Android phone. To back up your essential data in the cloud, Google Drive provides you with free 15GB of cloud storage. You can easily remotely access all the data and restore them on your Android device without any complications. So the following are the simple steps to perform broken Android data recovery without USB debugging by using Google Drive if your broken Android device data is backed up in your Google Drive account.

Step 1: Click “More Settings” after going to the Settings app from your Android device.

Step 2: Next you need to tap on the “Restore Data” button after you select the “Backup & Reset” option. After that, you can see two different options to restore the data. You need to select the "Restore from Google server" option. This will allow you to restore all the backed-up data from Google Drive to your Android device. Make sure that your Google account is linked to your Android phone.

without USB Debugging | android data recovery without usb debugging

Step 3: Turning on the “Automatic restore” tab is the final step. All the data from Google Drive will be restored in this way.

Method 3: Use Find My Mobile for Free Android Data Recovery without USB Debugging

In Samsung devices, you will get a feature named Find My Mobile that helps the users to locate the lost phone quickly, block access to Samsung pay, lock the screen, etc. Also, it allows you to back up all the data stored on your device to the Samsung cloud. This is a very effective way for you, if you are looking for broken Android data extraction tools for free and want to recover the data from a broken Samsung device. But you have to always remember that this method will only work if you have set up a Samsung account on your phone which has allowed Google to collect location information.

Find My Mobile | recover data from black screen android without usb debugging

Here are the steps to use Find My Mobile for free Android data recovery without USB debugging:

Step 1: Tap on the Find My Mobile button after visiting the Samsung website. Or, you can visit the Find My Mobile official website.
Step 2: Simply connect your device with the USB cable once you have logged in to your Samsung account that you use on your broken Samsung device.
Step 3: KIES will enable you to access your files and after that, you can choose the files that you want to backup. Later, restore the files from your Samsung cloud.

Method 4: How to Recover Data from Broken Android Phone From SD Card without USB Debugging?

In Android devices, the use of SD memory cards is getting minimal because the newest Android phones are coming with large internal storage such as 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB. But many Android users still use SD cards to store their Android data. So the following are the simple steps to recover data from a broken Android phone without USB debugging is from an SD card in case your Android phones malfunction or breaks.

Step 1: Into your new or repaired Android device, insert your SD memory card.

Step 2: Go to the SD card folder from the file manager.

without USB Debugging step 1 | recover data from broken phone without usb debugging

Step 3: Click the "Copy" button once you choose all the folders and data that you want to recover back to your internal storage.

without USB Debugging step 2 | huawei broken screen data recovery without usb debugging

Step 4: Tap the "paste" or "copy here" button after navigating to the internal storage folder. You must check that enough internal storage is available.

Bonus: [For Broken screen phone] Use OTG mouse to recover Android data with USB debugging

If unfortunately your screen is also broken and you cannot touch the screen to set USB debugging, you can connect the USB OTG(On-The-Go) to the phone to help you. Please make sure your phone supports OTG mouse. In general, most Samsung, Huawei, LG, and SONY devices support OTG. Here is how to enable USB debugging using OTG adapter.

Step 1: Ensure your broken Android device and mouse are connected using an OTG adapter, and make sure the device is functioning properly.

Step 2: Use the mouse to unlock the damaged Android phone. Then go to Setting app, and tap “About Phone”. Click on the “Version Number” 7 times to activate Developer mode.

Step 3: Go back to “Setting”, choose “Developer Options”, and enable “USB Debug” mode.

Step 4: Disconnect the OTG adapter and connect your Android device to your computer using a USB cable. Now you can access your Android device data from the computer and copy all the data from the device.

using a USB cable | data recovery without usb debugging

Note: You can also recover data by connecting your Android phone with the OTC mouse to perform the other solutions described above.

Part 3: FAQs for Broken Android Data Recovery without USB Debugging

Q1. Is it possible to enable USB debugging from a computer?

Yes, it is possible to enable USB debugging from a computer. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Through a USB cable, connect your Android phone to the computer first.

Step 2: From the Notification Panel on an Android phone, click on the "USB" option and choose "MTP" mode after that.

Step 3: You have to wait until the driver is installed. After that, launch “Computer/This PC” and you will find your Android device there.

Q2. Is it safe to enable USB debugging on Android devices?

We would like to suggest you enable USB debugging only when you need it and disable it once you are finished. Because enabling USB debugging leaves your Android phone in a vulnerable way. When you connect it to any computer, it will transfer data automatically without letting you know. And other users can root your device easily or perform functions that contain risk.

Q3. Why is USB debugging not working on my Android?

If there is any problem with the ADB drivers, USB debugging might not work on your Android. So make sure to check the ADB drivers.

Q4. What does USB debugging helpful for on Android devices?

USB debugging enables you to perform different actions from your PC on your Android device. You can execute commands from your computer with USB debugging and after that, those commands will run on your Android device. While you cannot use any ADB commands from your computer on your Android device without USB debugging.


The USB debugging is convenient and handy when it comes to accessing and transferring data between your computer and Android devices. Android devices are also vulnerable to any damage like other physical objects and the Android data is always at risk of being lost. But data can be recovered efficiently with the right approach and tools. In this article, we have introduced 4 excellent methods of broken Android data recovery without USB debugging. Among these methods, we would highly recommend you use Eassiy Android Data Recovery. This software allows you to recover data from any Android device in any situation without even requiring USB debugging mode. Try Eassiy Android Data Recovery software now!!!

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