Is iSpring Recorder Safe? - iSpring Screen Recorder Download for PC Review

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Updated on 2023-07-06


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iSpring has a free and paid version. The free version of iSpring leaves a watermark and allows you capture the screen in low-resolution. The paid version of iSpring, however, costs a whopping US$ 227/annually. But the question is the tool worth it? Well, that’s what we will discuss in this guide.

Given iSpring Screen Recorder is essentially designed for educators and online instructors to create video tutorials, online lessons, and explainer videos, it is unsuitable for recording gameplays or making commentary videos for YouTube? So, what justifies the US$ 227/annual license costs. Find out everything about the tool and know whether it is worth using or not? You will also find the step-by-step instructions on how to use iSpring Screen Recorder for PC. Also, discover an alternative to iSpring that costs way less and comes with added features.

Part 1: What Is iSpring Screen Recorder for PC?

To summarize the free version of iSpring Screen Recorder, you can record the entire computer screen, define the recording area, including internal/external computer sound, and use the highlight cursor. You can only record up to 720p quality, plus the videos recorded with the free version include a watermark. Moreover, iSpring’s free version does not allow you to download the screen recording in any format other than MKV.

logo | ispring screen recorder download for pc

Coming to the paid version of iSpring Screen Recorder, as indicated, it costs US$ 227 for an annual program license. The benefits are 1080p or 4K resolution recording, MP4 as output format, screen, simultaneous webcam recording, and video directly sharing to LMS or YouTube. Besides these typical recording features, the iSpring Pro also includes a basic video editor to trim your videos, clean the audio, and apply special effects. You can also insert texts and transitions; plus, have shapes and pictures in the screen recording.

price | ispring screen recorder download for pc

The iSpring recording tool boasts itself because of its other tools like Learning Management System and eLearning Suite. And it is good in that aspect, given you can create online tutorials and explainer videos like other online educators. But if you want to make something unique with more flexibility and do not mind having access to LMS, then it is best to stay away from iSpring and not burn your dollars for the typical screen recording features that other programs give for way fewer prices.

Key Features:

  • Screencasts with voiceovers. Select a recording area or record the entire screen. The Pro version allows you to record the screen in 4K quality.
  • Record Webcam and screen simultaneously.
  • Annotate the recording screen using advanced drawing tools like arrows, pencils, and more.
  • Advanced video effects and transitions to create professional-looking videos seamlessly.
  • Insert shapes and pictures from the local storge and personalize the screen recording.
  • Direct publishing to LMS/cloud sharing service.
  • Add a different voiceover to the screen recording.

How Do I Record My Screen Using iSpring?

You can either download the free version of the iSpring or the upgraded version of the program on the computer and record the screen using the following steps:

Step 1. Go to the iSpring Screen Recorder Pro official website. Click on Download iSpring Cam Pro trial version. Enter your email address. And click on Continue. Head over to your email inbox. And click on the download link to install the progra on your computer.

step 1 | ispring screen recorder download for pc

Step 2. Once the program is downloaded on the computer, right-click and choose “Run as administrator” from the drop-down menu options. Click on Install.

step 2 | ispring screen recorder download for pc

Step 3. Once the iSpring is installed, choose New Recording on the program's main interface.

step 3 | ispring screen recorder download for pc

Step 4. On the next screen, choose Screen Recording. You can also control the volume levels from the recording menu options.

step 4 | ispring screen recorder download for pc

Note: To access advanced options like Microphone, Shortcut keys, System Sound, and other settings, click on the Settings toggle. Define the recording area. And click on the Red button to start the recording.

note | ispring screen recorder download for pc

Step 5. Click on the Stop button to stop the recording. Wait for the iSpring program to process the screen recording.

step 5 | ispring screen recorder download for pc

Step 6. Once the video is processed, click on Edit. You can use the screen videor to trim, apply effects, remove noise, and so on. On the Edit tab, you can use options like Remove Noise to eliminate the white noises from the video. You can also Adjust Volume and manage the sound levels at every point in the video. Choose a small section from the video recording and click on Fade In/Fade Out effects to the portion.

step 6 | ispring screen recorder download for pc

Preview the screen recording. If you wany to use special effects or transitions, click on the Transition effects option and choose one of the transition effects for your video.

preview | ispring screen recorder download for pc

Step 7. Click on Save and Close to save the screen recording. If you have the Pro version, you can upload the video directly to YouTube or the iSpring Space. If not, then download the video to the local storage.

step 7 | ispring screen recorder download for pc

That’s how to use iSpring Cam Pro to record and edit the screen for professional use. As evident, iSpring is suitable for people looking for a screen recording to create online tutorials or something along that line. But then again, if you are not willing to pay the annual fee for features you will not use, it is best to look at alternatives to iSpring.

No, you do not have to research and find a similar tool to iSpring Cam Pro all by yourself. We have listed one of the best or better alternatives to iSpring Cam Pro. And that is Eassiy Screen Recorder.

Part 2: Which is the Best Alternative to iScreen Screen Recorder? — Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate

Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate comes with 10+ recording tool to make create killer-looking online tutorials, explainer videos, software demonstrations, gameplays, business presentations, and more. Be it any type of recording, Eassiy allows you to capture the screen in the desired manner, and gives you the option to include internal and external sound for voiceover. Over that, it includes advanced audio management system to limit white noises and make your sound clean in the screen recording. You can also include webcam; not only this, you can choose the shape of the webcam footage and make it rectangular, circular, elliptical, or any other formationof your choice. 

Ranging from a dedicated Game Recorder to Audio Recorder, iPhone or Android screen recording to long-form endless screenshots, Eassiy is a comprehensive tool packed with an intuitive and simple-to-use interface. And the simple nature of the interface allows even the most tech-naive users to create professional-looking videos seamlessly. The advanced options, like customizing your own hotkeys, will enable you to manage everything using just the keyboard. In contrast, intuitive options like Schedule Recorder or Auto-stop come in handy when you want to record something automatically with no intervention whatsoever. Needless to say, you can later annotate on the screen recording or during the live recording to give a professional polish to your screen recordings.

Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate | ispring screen recorder download for pc

Key Features:

  • Record the screen in 4K. Capture the entire windows or mac screen, and customize the recording area or record only a specific window. You can also mirror your phone and screencast via computer or iPhone.
  • Capture 2D/3D games with audio, voiceover, and webcam in high-definition using the dedicated game recorder.
  • Advanced Screenshot on Windows/Mac: window-specific screenshots, scrolling screenshots to capture chat messages, a webpage, and so on.
  • Audio management system. Control internal and computer audio levels. Limit background noises and enhance microphone sound.
  • Eassiy includes a dedicated audio recorder to capture only audio from YouTube or other sites in high quality.
  • Record webcam. Webcam overlays in different shapes like circular, rectangular, and more.
  • Task Scheduler to start and end a screen recording automatically.
  • Auto-Stop Recordings feature to end a recording by setting up the duration for screen recording.
  • Real-time annotation. Draw, scribble, and doodle on the screen recordings using different shapes and highlighters.
  • Save the recorded footage in any format, including MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, FLV, ASF, etc.
  • Create Custom watermarks and stamps to personalize the video.
  • Share the recorded video on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and more social channels.
  • Follow Mouse Recorder (to record a selected area with mouse movements), Around Mouse, Excluded Window Recorder, and more advanced functions.

How Do I Record My Screen Windows 10 Without Complications?

Unlike iSpring Cam Pro, Eassiy presents a simple interface. The menu options are not as complicated as iSpring. So, even the most tech-naive users can easily record their screen using Eassiy. Follow on to learn how to record your Windows screen without any complications:

Step 1. Download and Install the Eassiy Screen Recorder program.

Step 2. After installing the Eassiy program, customize it. You can skip this step if you want to start recording and later customize the program. On the main interface of Eassiy, click on the triple bars ( ≡) icon from the top-right corner to access Preferences.

Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate step 2 | ispring screen recorder download for pc

Under the Preferences tab,

  • Choose Recording Settings. This allows you to customize the basic Settings before and during screen recording. Just choose whether to include the desktop icons in the desktop recording or not.
  • Choose Export Settings. This enabled you to modify the video footage format, bitrate, location to save the file, frame rate, and even audio settings of the output. Once enabled, it'll be applicable to all future recordings.
  • Choose Audio Settings. The Sound panel gives you access to advanced sound settings like enhancing microphone sound and limiting background interferences and white noises coming from the microphone.
  • Choose Hotkeys. Customize your keyboard shortcuts for screenshots, start recording, end recording, and so on, to manage everything using hotkeys.

Click OK to save the Settings. All the settings will be saved, so you do not have to customize the settings everytime you want to record.

save settings | ispring screen recorder download for pc

Step 3. Start the Recording.

Choose Video Recorder. All the recording options will be displayed on the next screen. Select Full Screen to record the entire screen. Choose Custom to customize the recording area. It allows you to choose the Aspect Ratio, Resolution, and Dimensions for recording. Enable/disable Webcam to include footage from the rearview camera into the video recording. Enable/disable Microphone option allows you to include your voice in the screen recording.

Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate step 3 | ispring screen recorder download for pc

Note: You can click on the REC button to start the recording. Once you start the recording, Eassiy will start the countdown timer. After the timer ends, the screen recording will start. The annotation tools can come in handy to edit the live screen recording. And click on the Stop button to end the recording. You can later Save or Share the recording on desired social media sites. And while that’s how to record the screen manually, we will see how to schedule an automatic recording.

Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate step 4 | ispring screen recorder download for pc

Step 4.  Click on Task Scheduler to schedule an automatic recording. At the same time, the Auto Stop allows you to set a duration to auto-end a screen recording. Click on + icon to Add a task.

Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate step 5 | ispring screen recorder download for pc

Step 5. On the next menu, Enter the name of the Task. Choose the Start Time. And Define the end time of the recording. This allows screen recording to end automatically. Click on OK to set the screen recording.

Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate step 6 | ispring screen recorder download for pc

Step 6. Eassiy will record the screen automatically. You can access the recording via the Recording History. And while there is an option to draw on the live screen recordings when you are recording manually, you can access the annotation tools and draw on the automatic recorded videos. You can use text editor, paintbrush, or other drawing tools to annotate on the automatic recorded videos.

Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate step 7 | ispring screen recorder download for pc

Step 7. Edit the Recording.

Click on the Pencil icon to access the Editor in Eassiy. Via the Editing menu, you can trim and remove the unwanted parts from the Screen Recording. You can also edit the recording. Eassiy also allows you to manage the audio levels during post-production. Click on Done to save the recording.

logo | ispring screen recorder download for pc

Step 8. Share, edit, or save the screen recording via Recording History.

That’s how to record Windows device screens using the advanced Eassiy Screen Recorder. As you can see, no technical knowledge is required to execute the operation. All it takes is only a few clicks!

Part 3: Pros and Cons of using Free Screen Recorder

A free screen recording like iSpring Free Version does not allow you to record in high-quality; not to forget that all the videos have a watermark. This means anything you register using Eassiy is not cut out for professional use. And the only benefit is you have a free screen recorder. A free screen recorder has no pros if you leave out the “money factor.”

Free Screen Recorder



  • 1. Free and accessible to all.
  • 2. Given the limited functionality of the free screen recorder, it is often simple to use, like iSpring.
  • 3. You can record something for personal use.
  • 1. No advanced recording features.
  • 2. Often, the recording resolution is limited to 720p or 480p.
  • 3. You cannot manage sound levels.
  • 4. No options to record for a long time.
  • 5. Limited export options, like iSpring Free Cam, only allow you to export in MKV format.
  • 6. No annotation tools to draw on the screen recording; even iSpring Free Cam does not offer drawing tools with the free version.
  • 7. Too many in-app promotions to force you to purchase the upgraded version.

iSpring Free vs. iSpring Paid vs. Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate


iSpring Free

iSpring Paid

Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate




Unlimited, 3 minutes time limit.




$69.99 for lifetime
Free updates

User interface

Simple to use

Simple, but every time a new feature is added, it feels a little rough.

Clean and straightforward. Even beginners and mid-level users can navigate their way around without requiring learning curve.

Zoom and pan




Screen recorder




Real-time annotations




Screen record with a webcam overlay




Cursor effects



Highlighter, pointer, magnifier

Schedule recording




Auto-stop recording




Auto split




Lock window recording




Audio control




Record voice-over




Video file exports




Audio file export


Uncompressed WAV format



Too many annoying in-app promotions make it laggy.

It works smoothly

Works on systems with decent equipment.






Mac & Windows

Mac & Windows

Mac, Windows, Android, iOS

Capture GIF




Real-time Annotation




4 Screen Capture Mode





1. Is iSpring Free Cam Free?

There is a free version of the iSpring Cam. However, the free version includes a watermark on all your recordings. Plus, you cannot record with a webcam. Not to mention, the recording quality is limited to 720p only. If you are looking to download the free version of iSpring Cam, it is best to choose better alternatives like Eassiy because Eassiy allows you to record in 4K with a webcam, even with the free version.

2. Is iSpring Recorder Safe?

As long as you download the tool from the official website of iSpring, you do not have to worry about anything. However, avoid downloading the iSpring tool from unofficial or third-party websites, given they can very well contain malware that could corrupt your PC.


iSpring, no doubt, is one of the best screen recording tools if you are purchasing the eLearning Suite or Learning Management System from the vendor. iSpring is the industry standard for creating professional-looking tutorials and online instructional videos. However, it is only suitable if you purchase the Screen Recorder as a byproduct of its suite for US$ 970/annual or LMS for US$ 770/yearly license. Given the screen recorder on its own does not provide anything unique, it is better to choose alternatives like Eassiy. Retain that Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate offers everything iSpring has and more functions for affordable prices, ranging from US$ 19.99/mo to US$ 69.99/lifetime license.

So, it all comes down to your needs, i.e., if you want an LMS or eLearning Suite (then iSpring sounds about right). However, if you are only looking for a recording tool, it is best to choose Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate.

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