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Image background removal has become a compulsive requirement to give a stunning appeal to images without having any photo editing experience. No matter how casual or out of focus the image is, with the ai background removal tool, you can give a professional elegance to the images with a few clicks. With these ai-based tools, all you have to do is to upload your desired image to the program, and the rest will be handled automatically by these background removal ai tools. So, if you want to try the best one depending on your need, go through the tips and tricks of the top 10 online ai background removers.

Global Growth of the Photo Editing Software Industry

From web designing, project presentations to social media posts or web marketing, photo editing is indispensable in every field where you use images. So, there is rapid growth in the global photo editing industry. Let's look at the current status of the global image editing industry.

Statistic States: The global image editing industry is anticipated to reach $58.8 billion by 2028, with a growing rate at a CAGR of 8.2% from 2023 to 2028.

Pro Tips: With the rapid demand for Augmented Reality (AR) technology people tend to get a real blend of real effects with virtual impact. So, you must use the ai background remover that gives you enough freedom for creative customization with flexible features. The maximum automatic image editing option will widen the scope of the experiment with versatile appeal for the multi-purpose use of images.

Top 10 Best Online AI Background Removers in 2024

Before picking up any random AI BG remover available in the web world, you must go through the major highlights of the top 10 AI bg removers in 2024. Go for the most appropriate one with your specifications.

Software Name Technical Strength Price Best For Star Rating
Eassiy Free Background Remover Online Portrait recognition mode, outline sketching, several formats, preview Free Beginners, professionals, social media influencers, branding product star star star star star
Removal.AI Customization, batch processing with 1000+ images, clear cutout with automation Free + Paid Car dealers, photographers, graphic designers, creative users star star star star
Clipping Magic Smart editor, auto-clip AI, bulk bg removing, bg/fg marker, scalpel tool Free + Paid E-commerce, business owners, graphic designers, personal use, product promotion star star star star
inPixio Batch process, quick edit, create a collage, automatic lossless bg removing, download in PNG format Free + Paid Brand building, marketers, photographers, individuals, project making star star star star
Autoclipping Hassle-free tool, automation, customization, red & green marker, editing tool Free + Paid Marketplace, business runners, graphic designers, social media users star star star
icons8 Various formats, bulk removing, accuracy with automation, API access Free + Paid Logo making, creative collage, website making, office presentation star star star
BgEraser Simple upload, jpg & png formats, fast bg removal without affecting other parts of the bg Free + Paid Graphic designers, website makers, developers, casual users star star star
PhotoScissors Multiple formats, 10MB image size, 4.2Mpx resolution, previous cutouts, effortless bg removal Free + Paid Professional photographer, project making, presentation, designing, social media post star star star
Kapwing Photo & video bg remover, built-in editor, adding effects, merging or trimming video Free + Paid Video makers, influencers, editors, developers, marketers, business owners star star star
Fotor All-in-one tool, editor, manual effort-free, no skill required, professional output Free + Paid Professionals, photographers, presenters, developers, marketers star star star

1. Eassiy Free Background Remover Online

Best For: Beginners friendly, professional perfection, creative freedom, skill & experience free automation

Eassiy Free Background Remover Online is the trendiest ai background remover with advanced automation. While enjoying trendy preset temples of cars, humans, nature, animals, etc., you can add colors, shapes, and any other things to any image background after ai background removal. Depending on the platform where you want to post your images, you can resize images.

Eassiy Free Background Remover | ai background removal

Price: Free ai background remover


  • Try various image formats like PNG, JPEG, JPG, & GIF
  • Customize the background with standard object recognition mode
  • Instant remove background ai portrait recognition technology
  • Compare images with real-time preview


  • Users have not yet pointed out any cons.

Verdict: To do background removal with this free ai background remover, all you need is a few clicks and seconds. The rest will be done automatically with this program with stunning appeal and perfection.

2. Removal AI

Best For: All-in-one ai bg removing tool, complete automation, product catalog, creative banners, interesting & realistic graphic

Removal.AI is a multi-purpose ai background removal tool with smart image upload and swift ai background remove options. This tool is best suited for everyone who wants to save time and add perfection to the bg removal experience as this background remover ai tool takes less than 3 seconds to remove background from image ai.

Removal AI | ai background removal


  • Free Plan
  • Paid Plan: $0.07/image


  • Complete customization with full automation
  • Get an instant transparent or white background without manual effort
  • Clear cutout with neat & smooth edges
  • Batch bg removing with 1000+images in one go


  • Only 1 credit & 50 previews in the free version
  • Maximum editing features are for the paid version

Verdict: When customization is the key to any ai background-remove tool, this ai background remover has it all under one roof. It offers endless possibilities such as text & effects adding, multiple presets, foreground editing with the bg erase tool, etc.

3. Clipping Magic

Best For: Multiple built-in tools, professional output, batch processing, default settings configuration

Clipping Magic is one of the most effective online ai background removal tools with unlimited customizations and possibilities. From image editing to automatic bg removing, this background removal ai offers multi-tasking with Batch processing, edge smoothing, low contrast area clipping, etc. This program will get you everything to transform any image while removing or adding the background.

Clipping Magic | ai background removal


  • Free Version
  • Three Paid Plans
  • Light: $2.24/Month
  • Standard: $4.24/Month
  • Pro: $10.99/Month


  • Background makers with propriety best-in-class algorithm
  • Scalpel tool for subtle customization
  • Snappy app with the quick update of your edits
  • Smart edges feature to local feathering, halo scrubber, corner guard, etc


  • Watermark removal & downloading are available only on paid plans
  • The free version has very limited features & credits

Verdict: This ai background remover free tool is perfect for handling the delicate, complex, and subtle background of any image. Graphic mode, resizing, rotating, smart auto crop, and many other advanced tools are the center of attraction of this background removal ai tool.

4. inPixio

Best For: Complete automation, simple drag & drop upload, instant download in PNG

inPixio is a smartly developed background ai removal software with a simple, user-friendly interface. Getting a transparent or white background for creating bg needs just a blink of your eye. This remove background ai free tool lets you select multiple templates from an unlimited preset gallery.

inPixio | ai background removal


  • Free version
  • Three Paid Plans
  • Studio: $49.99
  • Pro: $59.99
  • Ultimate: $99.99


  • It supports HD-quality bg removal
  • "Replace background" option to add anything to the removed background
  • Complete automatic ai background removal with machine learning
  • Use green/red marker for manual customization


  • The interface is not intuitive
  • The buggy text feature is difficult to use

Verdict: The best part of this remove ai background tool is that it works for both the mobile and desktop versions. From creating collages to making stunning logos, this program can do anything to transform any image within a second.

5. Autoclipping.com

Best For: 3 steps bg removing booklets, presentation, marketplace, graphic design

Autoclipping.com is the most commonly used online ai free background remover with a smart and intuitive interface. While exploring ready-made templates, you can also select any particular area of the image background for removal. This ai background remover free tool allows you to experiment with creativity in your bg removing experience.

Autoclipping | ai background removal


  • Free Version
  • Paid Plan: $13/Month


  • Green marker to separate foreground & background
  • Instant uploading, downloading & sharing option
  • No registration or separate software installation is required
  • Ai automation doesn't require any skill, experience, or manual intervention


  • There is a very limited image editing option
  • Very limited format support

Verdict: Your one-time experience with this background removal ai tool will make a long-term bond with this program. Transformation image needs a few clicks & seconds with this tool.

6. icons8

Best For: Batch processing, instant automation, perfect background with signature, illustration, graphics, etc

To remove background from image ai icons8 is a great online option with multiple functions. Along with ai background removal, this tool offers priority processing, 60 days of storage, and email support. It also handles out-of-focus images with subtle perfection. It maintains the original image quality after automatic bg removal within a few clicks.

icons8 | ai background removal


  • Free Version
  • Paid Plan: $0.20/ image or $9/month for 100 images


  • Batch bg removing in one go to save time
  • Multiple formats support with JPG, PNG, Web
  • API integration to speed up workflow
  • Automatic subject detection, image masking & removing


  • In the free version, only 3 images can be removed
  • No image editing option

Verdict: This ai background remover is a one-stop shop for your hassle-free bg-removing experience. It offers ready-made templates with customization without any manual steps or prior skill.

7. BgEraser

Best For: Intuitive & advanced algorithm, high speed & accuracy like a pro, amazing image editing

To remove background ai BgEraser offers everything you need in one click. While enhancing the visual appeal, this software would add a professional touch to any image, depending on your requirement. Photo editing and retouching are another excellent addition to this program for your high-end background-removing experience.

BgEraser | ai background removal


  • Free version
  • Paid Plan:
  • $6.9/month
  • $59.00/year
  • $980 for the Enterprise plan


  • This background remover ai tool supports JPG & PNG formats
  • Get seamless bg removal without affecting other elements of the image
  • Preview option to pursue perfection
  • Instant downloads to share bg removed images to your desired format


  • The free version offers only 50 credited & 2 images per day
  • You can do low-resolution edits in the free version

Verdict: This background removal ai tool offers cutting-edge algorithms to provide accuracy and precision in your ai background removal experience. This web-based online tool can be used through any browser without any separate software installation.

8. PhotoScissors

Best For: Automatic, customizable, skill & manual effort-free, creating photo jokes, retouching, collage creation, business branding

In terms of ai background removal PhotoScissors are the perfect combination for automation and automation. To remove background ai, this tool doesn't compromise with the original image quality. The high-end transparent makers keep the foreground & background texture intact. While cutting out objects precisely, you can set the background with any preset template you choose.

PhotoScissors | ai background removal


  • Free version
  • Paid Plan
  • $9.99 for 50 credited
  • $19.99 for 200 credits & so on


  • Several formats support like JPG, WebP, PNG
  • It supports a maximum file size 10Mb & image resolution 4.2Mpx
  • Perfectly handle transparent & complex semi-transparent objects
  • Professional graphical editors for clipping edges


  • In the free version, you can download images in SD quality
  • The free version offers limited features & credits

Verdict: The fascinating aspect of the background ai remover is that it offers several flexible image editing features and its ai background removal service. From solid color to product-specific backgrounds, you can try creative bg as required.


Best For: Video & image ai bg remover, full automation with a few clicks, easy download & export to social media

Despite being an authentic photo background remover ai, this is also an excellent ai video background remover. After removing the bg from one video, you can use it in another video. You can explore collaborative editing with preset templates, resizing, adding subtitles, unlimited overlaying, etc. This tool will widen your experience with a professional touch.

KAPWING | ai background removal


  • Free version
  • Paid Plan: $16


  • Image & video remover without free screen
  • Remove the bg of any video or image without losing its original quality
  • You can layer up backgrounds one upon another with an overlay function
  • Excellent video editor for trimming, merging, adding text, etc


  • In the free version, you can export content with a watermark
  • In the free version, you can do only 4 minutes long & 720p video

Verdict: This ai background remover gives complete satisfaction in your image and video bg removing the requirement. This multi-function tool will let you edit any video background without a green screen. You can use this smart tool on your computer and phone.

10. Fotor

Best For: Innovate backgrounds, high-quality white or transparent bg, smooth cutout without manual effort

This background remover ai free tool automatically detects an object at any time at once without any manual supervision. It handles complex edges like hair, far, etc, with smooth cutouts. After removing any image, you can add any solid color, images, etc, according to your specification.

Fotor | ai background removal


  • Free version
  • Paid Plan
  • Pro: $3.33
  • Pro+: $7.49


  • This tool has web & app versions for desktop & mobile accessibility
  • Ultimate customization with built-in high-end photo editor
  • Stuffed library with ready-made templates
  • Get professional perfection without professional experience


  • The free version offers non-HD downloads with a watermark
  • In the free version, you will get only 500M cloud storage

Verdict: This ai background remover is an all-in-one program to give an innovative makeover to any image. Once you use this tool, you will stay long with this service for your background removal requirement.

How to Remove Photo Background Automatically: Step-By-Step Guide

AI automation has made the background removal process easier than ever, so let's get into the step-by-step guide to the ai background removal process with Eassiy Free Background Remover Online.

Step 1: Move to the official webpage of Eassiy Free Background Remover Online website, and select the "Upload Portrait" option for uploading your preferred image from which you want to delete the background to the program.

Step 2: After successful upload, the software will automatically scan the image and identify the main object in the image. You can preview and customize the image effects in the open window according to your specifications.

Step 3: Using the brush feature, you can adjust the photo edges and then the "Reserved" or "Erased" tool option at the upper side of the software. While zooming in on the image, you can see the details and use the Eraser tool to delete the unwanted portion from the image.

Step 4: Afterward, select the "Save" option to save the final images to your system in PNG format.


1. Does the Background Remove AI Tool Allow Manual Image Editing?

Yes, if the ai background removal tool you use has a built-in image editing option, you can use it manually to crop, merge, add, resize, etc to your image, depending on your requirement.

2. Can You Add Background With the Background Remove AI Tool?

Yes, using a background removal ai tool, you can delete, change, replace, or add any background to the image. You can also do partial deletion of the background as per your requirement.

3. Do You Need Any Skills to Use a Background Removal Tool?

No, you don't need any skill, experience, or technical knowledge to use any background remover ai tool. These are fully automatic tools with unlimited preset templates from where you can select your desired background for the image.


Whether you want to give a complete transformation to your website or social media account, you need the most appropriate ai background remover with multiple features, functions, and customization support. So, while using this tool is the safest software without any hassle and maximum flexibility, the Eassiy Free Background Remover Online tool could be the smartest choice.

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