12 Best Video Recovery App/Software for Android without Root [2024]

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Updated on 2024-01-06


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You may have a tendency to regularly delete unnecessary videos from your Android while retaining beautiful ones in order to keep it organized. However, some people unintentionally make errors when they erase some valuable videos instead of useless ones. If you mistakenly erased videos from your mobile device or cleared its memory, you might be wondering whether there is a way to recover deleted videos on Android.

Though you only have a brief window of time before the videos are irretrievably lost, it is still feasible to retrieve videos that Android cannot see after a hard reset. With or without a backup, there are 12 best recovery programs available to retrieve deleted videos from your Android device. The best techniques for getting your Android's videos back will be covered in this article. Each of the aforementioned stress-reduction programs is straightforward, practical, and easily accessible, and it only takes a few easy steps to use it.

Part 1: 12 Best Video Recovery App/Software for Android without Root

The top 12 deleted video recovery programs for Windows, Mac, and Android are demonstrated in this article, making your full recovery a fantastic success.

1. Eassiy Android Data Recovery software

Eassiy Android Data Recovery software provides a number of options for you to easily recover different types of videos from your Android. Due to its user-friendly design, Eassiy Android Data Recovery will be the best option even if you are a rookie when it comes to working with android data recovery. It provides the greatest rate of photo and video data recovery from Android devices. This software supports 16+ file types, which is a record number in the industry. Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Google, LG, Sony, and more Android smartphones are supported by Eassiy Android Data Recovery.

Eassiy Android Data Recovery is the most amazing method to get out of this difficulty, regardless of the reason why your Android videos were lost – a system crash, an accidental deletion, exterior damage, or any other circumstance. Eassiy's top-notch Android data access and recovery technology allows us to retrieve accidentally videos. Eassiy Android Data Recovery is best source because it has a greater data recovery rate than its competitors and can scan 1000+ deleted files in only a few seconds.

Eassiy Android Data Recovery | best video recovery app for android

Key features:

  • Highest industry percentage of Android photo and video data recovery.
  • Support 16+ file types, the most number in the industry.
  • Quick scan: scan more than 1000 deleted files in a single second.
  • Assistance for 6000+ Android smartphones.
  • Provides quick scan and deep scan.
  • Scan data from Android phone, SD Card or SIM Card.


  • Deleted data back from both root and unrooted devices
  • Freely check and preview data
  • Fully risk-free and 100% data recovery
  • Quick & Deep Scan, a sophisticated interface.


  • Advanced version offers more features.

When it comes to recovering deleted videos from your device, you can completely rely on Eassiy Android Data Recovery software, and you can have faith that it won't fail you now that you most need it.

2. FoneLab (Windows)

One of the greatest Android video recovery tools, FoneLab's Windows version allows for one-click recovery, making it simple to recover anything from deleted videos to images, notes WhatsApp conversations, voice memos, and shared documents. Connecting your Android device to your PC, launching FoneLab, and starting the recovery procedure are all that are required. After that, you proceed with the recovery wizard's instructions, which involve a few easy steps. Only the commercial version of FoneLab can recover a specific file, and there is only one single-user licensing option. The free version of FoneLab can preview recoverable data such a videos, images and notes.

FoneLab | best video recovery app for android


  • Before recovery, Android data is previewed.
  • Contemporary and practical interface
  • 6,000+ Android smartphones and tablets can get their lost data recovered.
  • Rootless data restoration


  • Some recovery is not possible with free version.
  • A bit expensive.

3. Disk Drill (Mac)

Disk Drill is an all-purpose data recovery program that can locate deleted videos on a variety of gadgets, including Android tablets and smartphones. Over 40 file types are supported by Disk Drill, including all popular picture, video, audio, and document formats on Android devices. You don't need any specialized knowledge or abilities to recover lost videos using Disk Drill because the entire procedure is fully intuitive and intended to be completed in the shortest amount of time feasible. Before they are really recovered, found deleted videos can be previewed, making it simple to recover exactly the content you actually need. Disk Drill comes with a number of additional tools that may be used to better manage your storage devices and protect sensitive data.

Disk Drill | best video recovery app for android


  • An intuitive user interface
  • Includes more than 40 file formats;
  • Efficient data recovery algorithm
  • Is compatible with all Android 2.3+ smartphones


  • Internal memory cannot be used to retrieve data in the Windows version; only Android micro SD cards may.

4. iMobie PhoneRescue (Windows)

A beautiful and functional Android data recovery tool, iMobie PhoneRescue, may assist you in recovering deleted videos from your Android device. For those who use mobile operating systems and are aware that it's better to have a data recovery application on hand before video data loss occurs, this solution is ideal. iMobie PhoneRescue supports the useful function of unlocking any locked Android device without requiring a factory reset. If you ever lose your password or damage your fingerprint sensor, you can use this option to recover your lost videos. You will have the option to start the rooting process directly from the app if your device isn't already rooted.

PhoneRescue | best video recovery app for android


  • Excellent user interface
  • Any Android smartphone may be unlocked with iMobie PhoneRescue.
  •  Allows you to inspect and pick only the files you want to recover
  • 24/7 unrestricted client assistance.


  • The free trial version simply allows you to evaluate the user interface and device compatibility.
  • Finding the files you wish to recover becomes difficult because the application finds more files than you erased.

5. 7-Data Android Recovery (Windows)

The antiquated user interface of 7-Data Android Recovery, an older Android data recovery software program that hasn't really kept up with the times as well as other recovery programs, makes this clear. However, if we ignore appearances and concentrate on the speedy recovery procedure of 7-Data Android Recovery, it will become immediately obvious why it still merits a spot on this list. With this tool, you only need to connect your Android device, scan it, examine any recoverable films, and save them to your computer to recover lost videos. You should have no issue retrieving your lost videos back as long as you allow USB debugging and turn on USB storage beforehand. Since all licensing types include free technical support on demand, you can always get in touch with the firm that created 7-Data Android Recovery and ask for assistance if you run into problems while using it.

7-Data Android Recovery | best video recovery app for android


  • Windows user interface is recognizable.
  • On-demand free technical assistance;
  • The availability of several license types
  • All versions offer limitless data recovery;


  • Works only on Windows.
  • Outdated interface.

6. Tenorshare UltData for Android (Mac)

You can restore deleted videos and photographs on a Mac without rooting your device with Tenorshare UltData for Android. It is a specific Android recovery tool that lacks the adaptability of some more flexible options. It works effectively and recovers quickly in read-only mode to safeguard any data still on the device. Virtually all Android smartphones on the market running version 5 or later of the OS are supported by Tenorshare, as are Macs running macOS 10.10 or later. It works with nearly all Android devices on the market running version 5 or later of the OS, as well as Macs running macOS 10.10 or later. With this software, a 30-day money-back guarantee is also offered.

Tenorshare UltData for Android (Mac) | best video recovery app for android


  • interface that is simple and clear
  • Supports up to 16 language.
  • Strong features, broad support, ease of use, and wide compatibility.
  • 30-day refund policy available.


  • More time will be needed to recover data bigger than 10GB.

7. FoneLab (Mac)

Dr. Fone is the name of Wondershare's Android data recovery software, which works with Mac OS X. It offers a preview so that you can choose whatever video you truly want to restore and can recover files from both internal and external memory. Photos, movies, and texts are among the eight file types this program can retrieve. To utilize this data recovery tool, your Android device must be running operating system version 5.0 or higher. With a straightforward connect, scan, and recovery process, the utility guarantees flexible and safe recovery without the risk of overwriting your contents. Downloadable trial versions are offered.

FoneLab (Mac) | best video recovery app for android


  • Has Advance android data recovery.
  • Ease of navigation.
  • Operates on more than 6,000 Android devices
  • A thorough preview of the missing material.


  • With the free version, full recovery is not possible.
  • The Full Toolkit is the only option for the majority of special features.

8. Jihosoft Android Data Recovery (Mac)

Jihosoft Android Data Recovery for Mac is a program created specifically for Mac users to recover deleted or lost images, contacts, SMS, WhatsApp messages, WhatsApp attachments, music, movies, call logs, and other data from the internal memory/external SD card of android tablets and smartphones. Everyone who wants to scan, preview, and recover both existing and lost videos on Android should use this expert-level but user-friendly android recovery program. It can recover deleted videos from a variety of data loss situations, including a factory reset, virus attack, erroneous deletion, system crash or update, ROM flash, device failure, rooting an Android smartphone, etc.

Jihosoft Android Data Recovery (Mac) | best video recovery app for android


  • Compatible with 2000+ android devices
  • A very user-friendly design with a thorough manual
  • With a few easy clicks, both novice users and experts may restore their Android data.
  • Allows for selective scanning and previewing of both lost and existent data.


  • With the free version, full recovery is not possible.

9. EaseUS MobiSaver (Windows)

One of the best and most practical Windows OS supported data recovery programs for Android video recovery is EaseUS MobiSaver. This software/app lets you retrieve data from various Adnroid devices, including SD cards, memory cards etc. It supports 6000+ Android devices and tablets from HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony, Google, Motorola, Huawei, ZTE, Asus, OnePlus etc. It can recover Message, Photo, music, Contact, Video, Document etc. and more from various data loss scenarios including Incomplete command or operation, Android system error, Accidental deletion, Android rooting, Virus attack, Device issue etc.

EaseUS MobiSaver | best video recovery app for android


  • Recovery likelihood is considerably increased by the Quick Scan + Deep Scan technique.
  • Fully compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP etc.
  • Support to restore 20+ file types on Android devices.


  • The totally free version is only capable of recovering up to 2GB of data.

10. iSkysoft Android Data Recovery (Mac)

A thorough Android data recovery program that can perform almost everything on your Mac except retrieve videos from a stolen Android phone or tablet is iSkysoft Android Data Recovery. The app offers three ways to restore lost videos from Mac, according to the makers, and it supports more than 6,000 Android devices from all popular brands. The first two methods, recovering data from your device's internal memory or SD card, are not very noteworthy. The third method, however, has a significant selling point: the capacity to recover lost or erased videos even from non-operational devices. Just be aware that iSkysoft Android Data Recovery probably won't be able to recover a broken or completely erased device.

iSkysoft Android Data Recovery | best video recovery app for android


  • User-friendly and sophisticated interface.
  • suitable for Android versions 9.0 and before
  • Hundreds of file formats are supported.
  • Preview of files available before the recovery.


  • Online user testimonials are few.
  • Android's broken recovery option is hit or miss.

11. RecoverGo (Android)

An expert Android data recovery tool is RecoverGo for Android. You may use it to recover more than 11 different sorts of data, including call logs, contacts, documents, messages, movies, and audios. With RecoverGo, you may quickly examine deleted or lost Android data and quickly restore it without rooting. It works with 6000+ smartphones, including the most recent Android 12 OS and models from Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Motorola, LG, HTC, Sony, and Google, among others. RecoverGo can recover your phone's data fast, regardless of whether you've forgotten your password, unintentionally deleted data, or even if the device is broken. You can preview videos before recovery with this software, which is effective and memory-saving, and it can assist you in recovering deleted videos from internal memory and SD cards. 100% safe, high rate of successful recovery.

RecoverGo | best video recovery app for android


  • Supports 6000+ smartphones.
  • 100% safe recovery rate.
  • Recover 11+ file format.
  • Restore deleted files from internal memory.


  • Inefficient data recovery bugs.

12. Apeaksoft (Android)

With Apeaksoft Android Data Recovery, recovering lost videos from tablets and Android smartphones is now incredibly simple. It enables you to recover your lost and deleted items, including contacts, text messages, documents, call logs, and images. With a USB cord, managing and backing up your Android data on a Mac or Windows computer is simple.

Android Data Recovery enables you to recover all the videos regardless of the situation, whether you experienced a system crash, an unintentional deletion, a problem with your SD card, a forgotten password, or a rooting mistake. More than 5000 Android devices are compatible with Apeaksoft. From damaged Android devices, Apeaksoft enables you to recover movies, messages, contacts, etc. Installing the software on your computer, connecting your Android device with a USB cable, and beginning data recovery after previewing are all that are required. Consider a month-long or everlasting subscription for a single PC. A multi-user subscription is another option if you want to enjoy the lifetime service on three PCs. A 30-day money-back guarantee is also included.

Apeaksoft | best video recovery app for android


  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • 5000+ android device compatible.
  • Preview is available.
  • Can backup and manage data.


  • A lengthy process.

Part 2: Comparison Table for Best Video Recovery Tools for Android


Recovery rate

Supported file types

Scan speed

Selectively restore


Eassiy Android Data Recovery

Highest recovery rate for photo and video

16+ file types supported

rapid, scan 1000+ files in second


$29.37 per quarterly with discount


Standard recovery rate

Several types of format




DiskDrill (Mac)

Moderate recovery rate

11+ data types

Long process


$89.00 (Pro version)

iMobie PhoneRescue(Windows)

Well positioned recovery rate

Various types of file format




7-Data Android Recovery (Windows)

Outdated recovery rate

Different types of file format

Takes time


$39.95– $399.95

Tenorshare UltData (Mac)

Good recovery rate

9+ data types supported

Few minutes to complete recovery process



Dr.fone (Mac)

Good recovery rate

Supported file types are numerous.

Takes time to scan/recover


Full tulkit- $149.95

Jihosoft Android Data Recovery (Mac)

Good recovery rate

Supported file types are numerous.

Takes time to scan/recover


$99.99/lifetime (Family Edition)

EaseUS MobiSaver (Windows)

High recovery rate

6+ data types

Takes time to scan/recover



iSkysoft Android Data recovery (Mac)

Good recovery rate

Supported file types are numerous.

Few minutes to complete recovery process



RecoverGo (Android)

High recovery rate

11+ file types

Few minutes to scan



Apeaksoft (Android)

Moderate recovery rate

9+ file types supported

Takes some time



Part 3: FAQs

1. Can an Android Recovery tool help you recover permanently deleted permanently deleted videos?

No data is ever completely lost, as we already indicated. The majority of Android recovery applications have functions like "Full Scan" or "Deep Scan" modes that let you find difficult-to-recover videos on an Android smartphone's internal or external memory. However, if video has been overwritten, it cannot be recovered.

2. Can phone videos be recovered?

From your phone, you may backup content, data, and settings to your Google Account. To the original phone or select other Android phones, you can recover your backed-up videos. When you set up a personal device with a work profile, for work exclusively, or when you set up a company-owned device, you cannot use backup.

3. Where does the permanently deleted videos go in Mobile?

Tap the account you're using, then tap Recycle Bin, which may be found at the bottom right of your screen. Make a selection of the videos you want to remove in the Recycle Bin view. To permanently delete the videos. Note: By selecting Delete All in the upper right, Android users can instantly empty the whole Recycle Bin.


All of the tools and software for recovering video data that are mentioned above have advantages and disadvantages. Because we have a variety of data recovery tools, the optimal one will rely on your individual demands. Sincere to say, our verdict is in favor of the most phenomenal Eassiy Android Data Recovery program. The best chances and experiences for recovering deleted data are offered by it. If you're seeking for a data recovery application that will assist you in recovering lost data from your Android, Windows, or MAC device, Eassiy is the best software to go for. Due to Eassiy Android Data Recovery's exceptional effectiveness, we recommend that you use it.

Each of the data recovery tools on the previous list has some benefits. You get to choose which data recovery program offers the best advantages you want. Eassiy Android Data Recovery offers the highest recovery rate for photos and videos when compared to other tools; the scanning speed is 100 photos per second, which makes the software the highest in recovery rate; nearly 16+ files are supported with 100% full recovery; the price is incredibly reasonable when compared to other software.

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