Effective Fixes for GoPro SD Card Error Recovery: How to Recover Data from GoPro SD Card

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Updated on 2023-04-24


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The GoPro is the preferred action camera for many enthusiasts who wish to record life's most exhilarating moments. However, encountering an error with the GoPro SD card can be a major setback. You might lose all your data from GoPro SD Card. Luckily, we are introducing effective fixes for GoPro SD Card error recovery in this guide. By following this guide, you can avoid the frustration of encountering a GoPro SD card error and capture life's most memorable moments with ease.

Part 1: Why Does My GoPro Keep Showing SD Card Error?

After inserting the SD card into your GoPro camera, if you repeatedly encounter an SD card error, there could be various underlying causes, such as:

  • Your SD card may be incompatible with your GoPro camera. If the card you are using is not supported, it won't work.
  • Improperly inserting the SD card is a common issue that triggers the GoPro SD card error. Most people tend to insert the card hastily, without checking if it's properly seated.
  • Your card may not work on the GoPro device if it's not formatted correctly.
  • The error could be caused by outdated firmware, a dirty SD card, or a slow reading and writing speed of the card.

Part 2: How to Recover Data from GoPro SD Card Error? - Best GoPro SD Card Recovery Software

Apart from relying solely on the GoPro camera device, one can utilize the Eassiy Data Recovery tool to retrieve any lost data from the GoPro SD card while resolving SD errors. It is one of the best GoPro SD Card recovery tools that can help you to recover lost data from GoPro SD card errors. Including the GoPro SD card, this program can recover data from any type of SD card. Also, it can recover data from PC, USB drives, cameras, hard drives, SSDs, and more. You can easily scan for your lost data with its two different scanning modes – Quick Scan & Deep Scan. This program will recover all your data from the GoPro SD card no matter how you have lost them. It is designed to work on both MacOS and Windows PC operating systems.

Key Features:

  • Offers a safe retrieval for files from 2000+ storage devices.
  • More than 1000+ popular file formats can be recovered including audio, video, images, documents, etc.
  • Supports different scenarios to recover lost data without any hassle.
  • The scanning process can be done via two scanning modes – Quick Scan & Deep Scan.
  • Allows you to choose the lost data you want to retrieve after previewing.

Here are the steps to recover data from the GoPro SD card error

Step 1: To begin recovering your deleted data, open Eassiy Data Recovery and connect the external storage driver (GoPro SD Card) to your computer. Once connected, the tool will automatically detect the external drive and add it to the list of drives that can be scanned under the "Removable Drive" option. From the list, you can select the external device by placing a checkmark next to it under "Removable Drives".

Eassiy Data Recovery step 1 | GoPro sd card error recovery

Step 2: There are two scanning modes available on Eassiy Data Recovery: Quick Scan and Deep Scan. Quick Scan is faster and ideal for recent data loss, while Deep Scan is more comprehensive and is recommended for complex data loss situations.

Eassiy Data Recovery step 2 | GoPro sd card error recovery

Verify the results of the external drive scan by reviewing the "Type List" and "Path List" to determine if the desired data is included in the findings.

Step 3: Select the desired files for recovery after the scan, and then proceed by clicking the "Recover" button.

Eassiy Data Recovery step 3 | GoPro sd card error recovery

Part 3: 8 Ways to Fix GoPro SD Card Error Recovery

There could be multiple reasons behind the occurrence of the GoPro SD card error. Based on these common causes, we have compiled a list of 8 ways to fix GoPro SD card error recovery.

Way 1: Clean the SD Card

A layer of dust, dirt, or lint on your SD card can form a physical obstruction that hinders the pins from establishing a connection with the port. Similarly, if the SD card port is dirty, it can lead to the same issue. Cleaning the port and the card may be sufficient to restore functionality. Here are the steps to clean the SD card.

Step 1: Take out the SD card from the GoPro device.
Step 2: Blow on the connecting pins of the SD card as well as the SD card port to dislodge any loose debris that may hinder proper contact.
Step 3: For more stubborn substances, use a microfiber cloth to gently wipe them off.

Clean the SD Card | GoPro sd card error recovery

Way 2: Update the Firmware

If you are experiencing issues with your GoPro device, it is advisable to check its firmware version for any available updates. Firmware updates may contain compatibility patches and performance enhancements that can be crucial in resolving your problem.

To check for updates, navigate to GoPro's list of updates and choose the appropriate update for your GoPro model. The update process may differ for each device. You can use the GoPro app, Quik, to update the supported products.

Way 3: Reset the GoPro Camera

It is worth trying the traditional reset option, which has been in use for a long time. By resetting the GoPro camera, it can be restored to its default settings, which can undo any incorrect settings and address any issues that may have occurred while using it.

Resetting a GoPro camera's settings varies depending on the model, similar to firmware updates. To obtain specific instructions for resetting your GoPro model, visit the GoPro website.

Way 4: Format the SD Card in GoPro

Formatting an SD card on a GoPro camera resets it and can be done directly from the device. Certain models also allow formatting through the app. The steps for formatting will vary depending on the specific GoPro version. To learn how to format an SD card for your GoPro, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. The instructions below are specifically for the GoPro HERO8.

Note: When you format your SD card, all the current data on it will be erased, and as a result, you should make a backup of whatever you can before proceeding with this action.

Step 1: Turn on your GoPro after inserting the SD card.
Step 2: Access the Preferences option by navigating to the main menu.
Step 3: Choose the Reset option.
Step 4: After selecting the Format SD card option, choose the Format button.

Way 5: Format the SD Card on Windows

In case your GoPro is unable to format the SD card or the feature is not supported, formatting the SD card using a Windows computer will also work. Here are the steps to format the SD card on Windows.

Step 1: To open File Explorer, press the Windows Key + E.

Step 2: In the left navigation pane, right-click the SD card, and then select the Format option.

Format the SD Card on Windows step 2 | GoPro sd card error recovery

Step 3: If you are using a 32GB SD card, set the file system to FAT32, and if you are using a 64GB SD card, select exFAT instead. Ensure that the Quick format option is chosen, and then tap Start.

Format the SD Card on Windows step 3 | GoPro sd card error recovery

Way 6: Scan SD Card errors with CHKDSK

Follow the steps below to use the CHKDSK command to search for potential errors that may have caused data loss.

Step 1: Connect the card reader to your system and insert the card.
Step 2: Click on the Start button and choose the computer. After that, locate the SD card under the Devices with Removable Storage section and take note of the assigned drive letter.
Step 3: To open a command prompt window, click on the Start button and type CMD. Launch the command prompt as an administrator to open a black screen window.
Step 4: Enter "chkdsk" along with the drive letter, then type "/f" and press the Enter key.

Scan SD Card errors with CHKDSK | GoPro sd card error recovery

Way 7: Reinstall the Disk Driver

Another way to address this issue is by reinstalling the driver. If your PC does not properly recognize the disk drive, you may be unable to access your device data. Follow the steps below to reinstall the driver.

Step 1: Begin by connecting your GoPro SD card to your Windows 11 PC via a card reader. Next, navigate to the Start menu.

Step 2: Next, type "Device Manager" into the search box and press the Enter key.

Reinstall the Disk Driver step 2 | GoPro sd card error recovery

Step 3: Locate and tap on the "Portable Devices" option.

Reinstall the Disk Driver step 3 | GoPro sd card error recovery

Step 4: Find the GoPro SD card that is currently connected to your PC.

Step 5: Right-click on the connected device, then select "Uninstall Device." After that, restart your computer.

Reinstall the Disk Driver step 4 | GoPro sd card error recovery

Step 6: The drivers will be automatically reinstalled by Windows at this point.

Way 8: Contact GoPro Official Customer Support

If the above solutions do not solve the SD card error on your GoPro camera, you can contact the official customer support team for assistance. Additionally, if your current SD card functions properly with another GoPro camera of the same model, there may be an issue with your camera itself, although this is uncommon. If this is the case, it is recommended that you contact GoPro's customer support for further assistance.

Part 4: FAQ for GoPro SD Card Error Recovery

1. What are the possible solutions to resolve the error caused by a full SD card?

One way to resolve the

error caused by a full SD card is to transfer files to another device or delete unnecessary files. In case you don't want to lose important data, you can use an SD card recovery program to recover those files before deleting them.

2. What are the steps to troubleshoot GoPro 9 SD card errors?

If you encounter an SD card error with your GoPro 9 or Hero 7, start by checking if the SD card is properly inserted. If the error persists, you can try cleaning the SD card and slot, resetting the GoPro, updating the firmware, running CHKDSK, or formatting the SD card to troubleshoot the issue.

3. Is it possible to recover data from a damaged SD card?

Yes, it is possible to recover data from a damaged SD card. Eassiy Data Recovery program is a useful tool that can be used to recover data from a damaged SD card. The program can scan and retrieve lost data.

4. Do SD cards make a difference in GoPro performance?

Yes, the choice of SD card does matter for GoPro. Many users often ask about the best MicroSD card for a GoPro. The SD card is crucial for expanding the storage space of digital devices, allowing users to store large amounts of data on it.

5. What is the meaning of an SD card error on GoPro?

If you see an "SD card error" message on your GoPro, it means that there is an issue with the communication between the GoPro and the SD card. To resolve this, you should first check that the SD card is properly inserted into your device.


In this guide, we have introduced effective fixes for GoPro SD Card error recovery. This guide offers step-by-step instructions, starting from basic solutions such as formatting the SD card, to more advanced troubleshooting and repair techniques for fixing a GoPro SD card error. However, we would suggest you use Eassiy Data Recovery as it is the best option if you want a reliable and efficient way to recover data from GoPro SD Card.

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