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Adding different types of text, including words, WordArt images, emojis, signatures, brand names, etc., is a very common and convenient option to describe the image and its intentions. However, you need the most adequate text remover from image tool to reuse these text-added photos available in the web world and mostly used for watermarking or copyright protection.

While using the text remover from image online tool, you can erase any type of text from your desired photo and reuse them for other purposes. You will have hundreds of options to pick the right text remover from photo tool. So, to clear out your confusion, here you will get the top 5 text removers from image tool with their best possibilities and abilities.

Current Condition of Photo Editing Tool In The Global Market

Among the total social media users, 99% of users posted less than 5 photos per week on average. According to a survey, 81% of them always edited their images before posting, and most spent around 5 minutes editing before posting. So, it's obvious why the photo editing industry is booming like a rocket. Let's see the sky-kissing growth statistics of the photo editing market worldwide.

market research by businessresearchinsights | text remover from image

Statistics State: In 2021, the photo editing tool industry was valued at $0.932 billion worldwide, and it is expected to reach $1.31 billion by 2028 with a CAGR of 4.9%.

Pro Tips: Even though different photo editing tools are used for multi-purpose photo editing requirements, some photo editors have been specially designed to meet specific photo editing requirements. So, to select the most effective text remover from image online tool, you must go for the one with enough flexibility and maximum customization. So, you can handle any type of text on images.

Part 1: 5 Best Online Text Remover From Image

Before choosing any random text remover from image software, you must go through its various features, functions, and facilities. It will help you to make the right decision in selecting the perfect text remover from image online tool.

Software Name Technical Strength Price Best For Star Rating
Eassiy Free Background Remover Online 100% free, AI automation, different types of watermark removal, real-time preview, instant download Free Instant text removal without skill, knowledge & manual intervention star star star star star
Snapedit AI techniques, any object removal, old image revival, facial smoothening Free Professional, personal, business purposes, social media star star star star
Cleanup.Pictures AI tool, instant retouch, fast processing, unlimited file size, HD quality image export, API integration Free + Paid Real estate, e-commerce, creative agencies, photographers, developers star star star star
TheInpaint Any unwanted object removal, facial retouch batch-processing, multiview Free + Paid Unlimited image editing with unlimited file size & count, without technical knowledge star star star
PhotoRoom Automatic program with image editing, resizing, customization, object removal, batch editing, HD quality support Free + Paid Instant text another unwanted object removal online anytime on any device star star star

1. Eassiy Free Watermark Remover Online

Best For: Instant & automatic deletion of text from image, time-saving tool without needing skills/experience

When you don't want to spend hours removing text from your image following multiple manual steps, the Eassiy Free Watermark Remover Online tool gives an instant solution with AI-powered automation. Using the intelligent mode of this text remover from image software, you can automatically outline the superfluous area on the image and remove it within a few seconds.

Eassiy Free Background Remover | text remover from image

Price: Free Online Tool


  • Multiple image formats support like PNG/JPG/JPEG/BMP/TIFF
  • Advanced AI-automatic program to remove any watermark like text, graphic logo, date stamp, etc
  • Detect & blur watermark automatically without technical skill
  • The web-based tool preserves the high quality of the original image
  • Real-time preview option


  • Users haven't reported any difficulty using this software so far.

Verdict: This text remover from image online tool lets you upload images with a simple drag-and-drop option without any virus infection risk. It gives you a refined, high-quality, text-removed image without compromising the original quality.

2. Snapedit

Best For: Handy, smart & fast photo editing on mobile or desktop with AI-powered automation.

To find the multi-purpose text remover from image online tool, Snapedit offers everything under one roof. The AI-powered algorithm doesn't need technical skill or knowledge. It removes any watermark or text from any photo with an erasing pen function. With JPG, JPEG, and PNG format support, you can upload any image on this free program using a simple drag & drop option.

Snapedit | text remover from image

Price: Free Tool


  • Easy & simple 4 steps object removal option
  • Removing anything like wrinkles, pimples, etc., to smoothen your face
  • Revive old images while removing spots, scratches, or any problematic area
  • Explore high-end editing with coloring, retouching, adding cartoon effects, etc
  • This tool is accessible through web-browser & mobile app


  • The users reported that sometimes the program doesn't work properly
  • Using this tool could be security vulnerable

Verdict: This free text remover from image tool allows you to download HD-quality images for free. The maximum web browser-supported tool allows you to ultimate image resizing with professional perfection.

3. Cleanup.Pictures

Best For: Creative agencies, photographers, real estate, text/ watermark removing, developers, e-commerce, etc

When it comes to removing text from any image while maintaining the original image quality, Cleanup. Picture is the best option with 720p HD support. This text remover from photo program removes any text, watermark, facial wrinkle, or anything within seconds with an AI-powered algorithm.

Cleanup.Pictures | text remover from image


  • Free Trial
  • Paid Version: $3/month or $5/month


  • It supports any file size
  • It is available in desktop & mobile version
  • It has API integration for better workflow
  • Selecting a bigger brush option to mark a bigger area in the removal process for better results.
  • It can remove anything, including humans, watermarks, logos, text, etc, in one click.


  • With a single subscription, only one individual can use this tool.
  • To avail of maximum HD quality images & unlimited file size, you have to take a paid subscription.

Verdict: As this text remover from photo online program exports HD-quality images, you can use them for any professional purpose without needing a photo-enhancing tool. It's a user-friendly automatic online tool for the finest and fastest text-removing experience.

4. TheInpaint

Best For: Multi-purpose image editing, object/BG/text, etc. removing, personal/ professional/ social media networking/ business presentations, etc

TheInpaint is an all-rounder text remover from image programs that work seamlessly on Windows or Mac platforms. From various types of image editing to multiple object-removing functions, this online tool gives a revolutionary image-transforming experience to use one image for various purposes. It lets you revive your old images with facial retouching.

TheInpaint | text remover from image


  • Free Version
  • Paid Version: $19.99


  • You can use multiple formats like PNG, JPG, & Web
  • It supports image size 10Mb & image resolution of 4.2 MP
  • Advanced inpainting algorithm with unlimited image count & size
  • It offers batch processing with multi-view & guideline option
  • Remove watermarks, text, wires, power lines, date stamps, facial wrinkles, etc.


  • It doesn't work well with images having a multi-colored background
  • It is a single-feature photo editor that needs to depend on other software for additional features.

Verdict: You can easily use this tool without any technical knowledge. While enhancing facial images to eliminate unwanted objects, you can do anything and everything using this online program.

5. PhotoRoom

Best For: Automatic & hassle-free text removal with unlimited image editing options within 3 seconds

PhotoRoom is an ultimate text remover from image online tool that world perfectly on your desktop using web and mobile platforms as a separate app. This tool supports JPG & PNG format and a brush size selection option to automatically remove anything from any image. You can use any file size and resize it as you want. From blur background removal and changing the background color to adding text and getting a transparent background, you can do maximum customization to any image with this tool.

PhotoRoom | text remover from image


  • Free Version
  • Pro Plan: $9.49/mouth


  • It doesn't need any manual effort to remove text or anything from the image
  • Batch-editing of hundred of images in one go within seconds
  • Preserve the original quality of the image & export it in HD quality
  • Image editing, customizing, resizing, object removing, etc. everything in one room program
  • Be creative with multiple innovative templates


  • Internet is compulsory to use this software
  • It can't handle complex backgrounds or something similar to foreground

Verdict: When you want everything in one room, PhotoRoom software is the ultimate program for dynamic photo editing purposes. With desktop and mobile support, you can use this program anytime, anywhere.

Part 2: How to Remove Text From Photos: Step-By-Step Guide

As you know what types of text or watermark you can remove from any image using any text remover from image tool, it's time to know how to execute this text-removing process practically on any image using the Eassiy software program.

Step 1: After visiting the official website Eassiy Free Watermark Remover Online, you must select the photo from which you must delete the text.

Step 2: Go for the "Upload photo" option > select the photo in the browse Window > "Open" to upload the photo to the remover.

Step 3: You must select the text area to remove it. To do this, you can use multiple features like brush, lasso, polygonal, etc.

Step 4: You can select the "Erase"/ "Undo" button to revoke the text-removing process anytime you want.

Step 5: Afterwards, you can start the "Remove" option to initiate the removal process all over again.

Step 6: You should wait for a few moments to remove the text permanently from the image. Next, go for the "Save" option to save the edited picture in your system.

Note: If you are unsatisfied with the output result, you can repeat the text removal process as often as you want.


1. Why Do You Need a Text Remover?

  • To reuse the image for multiple purposes
  • To customize or edit the image according to your requirement
  • To own the image
  • To use it without any copyright restriction
  • For clear viewing of the image

2. How Much Does It Take To Remove Text From an Image?

With AI-automatic text remover, it takes around 3 to 10 seconds to remove text from any image.

3. Why Do People Use Text on Images?

  • To ensure their ownership of the photo
  • To describe the image
  • To send some massage through the image
  • To grab the audience's attention to the image
  • To prevent its misuse


When dealing with different types of images for any project, office presentation, business promotion, web marketing, social media networking, or something else, you need the best quality text remover from image. So, to experience AI-based automation and endless flexibility, you must try the 100% free Eassiy software and use it according to your specifications.

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