Top 5 Experts’ Recommended Methods to Record Audio from YouTube without Complications

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YouTube has become a library full of lectures, debates, and music. But playing them, again and again, will bankrupt us with the costly internet data. So, what do we do, spend more on the internet to watch the same content again and again? Well, not. You can use a YouTube recorder to record audio from YouTube and listen to the lectures, podcasts, and music on repeat and without the internet.

But the thing is, not many of us know how to record audio from YouTube. Fret not! This guide has got you covered. Read on to find the best ways to record YouTube audio.

Part 1: Record Audio from YouTube on Mac/Windows Easily [Best Choice]

Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate is a powerful screen recording software with four main functions: screen recorder, audio recorder, game recorder, and record webcam. You can record the computer and capture video footage of anything happening on the screen. Or, you can only capture the system sound with options to include the microphone sound in the recording. Eassiy also lets you manage the volume levels of the internal and microphone sound. Additionally, Eassiy’s YouTube Audio Recorder presents options to limit background interferences and enhance mic sound. You can also include custom-made watermarks in the video file.

Besides an exceptional tool to record audio from YouTube, Eassiy also features a screen recorder to capture the screen in the desired manner, with a webcam if needed. Be it audio or video recording, Eassiy lets you save the recordings in the desired format or even share them directly on social channels like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and more.

Eassiy screen recorder ultimate | record audio from youtube

But the highlight of Eassiy is its simple interface that allows you to carry out complex tasks like capturing audio from YouTube quickly and efficiently both for beginners and experts alike.

Key Features:

  • Record sound from YouTube or any other host site and include microphone sound.
  • Advanced technology to limit background noises and enhance microphone sound.
  • Edit the audio recording. Add effects, trim, mix your sound, and more.
  • Record the screen with a webcam.
  • The high-tech technology of Eassiy ensures high-quality recording without affecting the original quality.
  • Use custom-made watermarks to personalize the audio recording.
  • Advanced Screen Recording options like Around Mouse Recording, Follow Mouse Recording, Lock and Record window, and so on.
  • Capture a small video and convert it into GIF.
  • Save the audio and video recording in any format of your choice.
  • Share the captured sounds and video footage on social channels directly.
  • Auto-recorder and auto-stop are available to start and end scheduled screen recording operations like recording sports events, YouTube live streams, live shows, and lots more without staying in front of your PC screen.
  • Eassiy boasts advanced technology that locks the Windows screen and allows users to focus on recording only the YouTube video that’s needed.

How to Record Songs From YouTube With Eassiy Mac/Windows?

Step 1. Download and Install Eassiy on Windows or Mac. Launch the program. And from the main interface, choose Audio Recorder to record audio from YouTube.

Eassiy screen recorder ultimate step 1 | record audio from youtube

Step 2. On the next page, choose the desired options: System Sound and Microphone Sound to exclude the mic sound in the YouTube recording or not. You can also manage sound levels. And from the Advanced Settings panel adjust the Microphone noise cancellation and Microphone enhancement options.

Eassiy screen recorder ultimate step 2 | record audio from youtube

Step 3. Click on the Rec button to start recording audio from YouTube.

  • You can manage the volume levels during live recording too.
  • Plus, you can manage everything using the default keyword shortcuts or define your own hotkeys to manage the YouTube recording.
  • You can also click on the Set Recording Length to intuitively end the YouTube audio recording after the set duration.

Step 4. Click on the Stop icon to stop the YouTube audio recording.

  • Edit the audio by cutting, trimming, or applying other editing options.
  • And Choose the Audio Format and Audio Quality to save the audio recording to the local storage.
Eassiy screen recorder ultimate step 4 | record audio from youtube

That’s how simple it is to record audio from YouTube or any other platform on Windows or Mac using Eassiy Screen Recorder. As discussed, Eassiy also lets you record the screen on Mac or Windows, or you can also use the program to record gameplays.

Part 2: Record Audio From YouTube Free Online - Online Video Converter

Online Video Converter, well, is an online audio recorder that includes a dedicated option to record audio from YouTube. Like Eassiy’s YouTube Audio Recorder, Online Video Converter lets you include microphone sound while recording YouTube audio. Another substantial feature of Online Video Converter is it does not degrade the audio quality while converting the audio from YouTube video. All you have to do is choose the desired YouTube file and paste the URL into the Online Video Recorder interface. After choosing the output format, Online Video Converter will convert and save the YouTube audio.

Online Video Converter | record audio from youtube

Key Features:

  • Convert YouTube videos using their URL into audio.
  • The program supports almost all major audio file formats.
  • You can access the Online Video Converter site from a mobile browser.

How to Record YouTube Audio with Online using Online Video Converter?

Step 1. Visit the Online Audio Converter site.

  • Choose the Convert a Video Link option on the main interface.
  • And on the next page, copy and paste the desired YouTube link.
  • Choose the output format.
  • And also define the audio quality.
  • Once you are ready, click on Start to convert the YouTube video into audio.
Online Video Converter step 1 | record audio from youtube

Step 2. Once done, Online Video Converter will save the YouTube file into the chosen format on the local storage.

Online Video Converter step 2 | record audio from youtube

Retain that Online Video Converter does not allow you to convert copyrighted music or YouTube links. Plus, you do not have any control over the YouTube recording. You have to record audio from YouTube to the full length. And that is why we recommended Eassiy first, which presents several options to record YouTube audio in the desired manner.

Part 3: Record Audio From YouTube Free With VLC

VLC Media Player also presents a way to record the desktop screen on Mac or Windows computer. The steps to record audio from YouTube with VLC are fairly simple. And given that VLC Media Player is free, it allows you to record audio from YouTube for entirely free.

VLC Media Player | record audio from youtube

However, retain that the feature to record audio from YouTube on VLC, the Open Network Stream, needs some configurations on some computers. So, in case you cannot play a video from YouTube on VLC, you cannot use VLC to record YouTube audio.

Key Features:

  • Record YouTube Video or Audio.
  • Transcode the file into another format.
  • Play multimedia files in any format.
  • Activate audio normalization to protect your ears.

How to record Audio from YouTube free Using VLC Media Player?

Step 1. Open the VLC Media Player on the Windows or Mac computer. If you do not have the program, you can download it from VideoLan website for free.

Step 2. Copy the YouTube URL that you want to record audio from.

VLC Media Player step 2 | record audio from youtube

Step 3. Go back to VLC Media Player. And click on the Media option. Click on Open Network Stream option from the drop-down menu.

VLC Media Player step 3 | record audio from youtube

Step 4. Paste the URL into the respective field to open the YouTube music on VLC.

  • And click on the down arrow next to Play.
  • And from the drop-down menu, choose Convert.
VLC Media Player step 4 | record audio from youtube

Step 5. In the next page, choose the desire format in which you want to convert the YouTube audio.

VLC Media Player step 5 | record audio from youtube

Step 6. Click on Start after choosing the desire format and convert the YouTube video file into the audio format of your choice.

VLC Media Player step 6 | record audio from youtube

VLC will take some time to convert the YouTube video file into the audio format of your choice. You can play the audio recording and also trim the unrequired parts using the built-in editing tools in the VLC Media Player.

Part 4: Record Audio from YouTube Android

Peggo presents a simple and quick way to record YouTube audio for free. Available as an app on Android, Peggo is not available on Google Play. But you can download it from its official site. There is also a windows version of Peggo. Plus, the online site can also be used to record YouTube music. The best thing about Peggo is it gives a simple way to paste the YouTube URL, set the time duration, and save the YouTube audio recording in the desired format.

peggo | record audio from youtube

Be that as it may, Peggo will annoy you with tons of ads and there is no way to get rid of them.

Key Features:

  • Add audio effects like Remove Silence and Normalize.
  • Record YouTube videos with audio.
  • Save the audio in any desired format.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.

How to Record Audio from YouTube Android with Peggo?

Step 1. Download the Peggo app on Android. On the main interface, copy and paste the desired YouTube URL.

with peggo step 1 | record audio from youtube

Step 2. Set the duration of the YouTube audio recording.

  • Choose the output format.
  • Apply audio effects if you want.
  • And click on Record MP3.
  • Once Peggo records the YouTube audio, you can download and save it to the local storage.
with peggo step 2 | record audio from youtube

As mentioned, Peggo presents a simple interface to record YouTube audio. However, the features are limited to pretty much recording YouTube audio. Plus, the tons of ads make the YouTube recording process troublesome and difficult. That is why we recommend efficient tools like Eassiy’s YouTube Audio Recorder.

Part 5: Record Audio from YouTube iPhone

Snappea is an online video converter that is one of the best options for iPhone users looking for an online tool, given its interface makes it simple to navigate the site via the iPhone browser. Snappea actually has a built-in YouTube-like interface which makes it accessible for you to choose the desired YouTube file and download it quickly on your iPhone. But note that, Snappea degrades the audio quality a bit too much. In fact, it is better to avoid the tool if you are looking for high-quality YouTube audio recordings.

Snappea | record audio from youtube

Key Features:

  • Simple YouTube-like interface to download any video.
  • Convert the YouTube video into any desire format.
  • You can upgrade the tool and get rid of ads.

How to Record Audio from YouTube iPhone?

Step 1. Visit the official Snappea website.

Step 2. Use the built-in YouTube interface to search for the desired video. Choose the format. And quality.

Step 3. Convert and download the YouTube audio recording. You can save the YouTube recording to the local iPhone library after converting it using Snappea.


1. Can I record YouTube on my Computer?

Well, you can record  the royalty-free YouTube audio on the computer. At the same time, you can also record the YouTube audio for creative or educational purposes. Needless to say, the best way to record YouTube on computer is Eassiy. 

2. How do I Extract MP3 from YouTube?

You can use Eassiy Video Converter to extract MP3 from YouTube within seconds.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Download and install Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate.
Step 2: You can "Add media files" to add the downloaded YouTube video using Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate.

Eassiy video converter ultimate step 2 | record audio from youtube

Step 3: Choose the "Convert All To" option on the top-right to open a dropdown menu.
Step 4: Go to the "Audio" section, choose "MP3" format, and click "Save To."

Eassiy screen recorder ultimate step 4 | record audio from youtube

Step 5: Click "Convert All" button to extract MP3. You can save the files to the PC.


Although all the tools listed in the guide allow you to record audio from YouTube, not all of them do in the same manner. For instance, the Peggo app floods you with tons of content. And does not give you the option to skip some parts from the middle of the YouTube audio recording. Plus, tools like Online Video Converter and Snappea do get the job done but degrade the original audio quality.

At the same time, Eassiy’s YouTube Audio Recorder retains the original quality of the audio file. It lets you include microphone sound with volume controls, comes with advanced technology like background noise remover, and allows you to export the audio file in any format. So, don't hesitate and download the Eassiy software to record YouTube audio efficiently.

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