How to Recover a Dead Thumb Drive Within Two Minutes

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Updated on 2023-08-09


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If you've ever been caught up in a situation where your thumb drive suddenly stops working without and starts giving an error alert any time you insert it into your computer, you're not alone. The problem is your thumb drive is dead. The only way to recover it is by using advanced recovery software.

In today’s post, we’ll introduce you to the causes of dead thumb drive and show you how to recover a dead thumb drive within two minutes using the best recovery software. Don't hesitate to read on to find out more.

Part 1: What Are The Causes of Dead Thumb Drive?

Your thumb drive could become dead due to various factors. From physical damage to electrical surges, improper handling, etc., we've list some of the common reasons why you might experience dead thumb drive issue.

  • Physical Damage:

Physical damage is one of the most common causes of a dead thumb drive. If your thumb drive gets exposed to excessive force like bending, dropping, etc., it can lead to broken internal components, such as the controller or memory chips, which could damage the drive and prevent it from functioning appropriately.

  • Electrical Surges:

Sudden power outage or voltage spoke can compromise a thumb drive’s functionality. Yes, the surge could damage important components in the drive, rendering it unusable.

  • Wear and Tear:

Thumb drives have a limited lifespan, and constant use can cause wear and tear on the internal components. Over time, the flash memory cells can degrade, leading to data corruption and eventually making the drive unresponsive or dead.

  • Malware or Virus Infection:

Malware or virus infection is another common reason for dead thumb drive. So, if your thumb drive is infected with malware or a virus, chances are you'll encounter problems when using it. Some malware can corrupt the file system or modify the drive's firmware, making it inaccessible or dead.

  • Incorrect Ejection or Improper Handling:

This is a very common mistake among thumb drive users. Yes, improperly handling or ejecting your thumb drive from a computer can cause data corruption or damage to the drive's internal structure. It's advisable you don't remove your thumb drive from its the connected source forcefully or using excessive pressure, as it can result in a dead thumb drive.

Part 2: How To Recover A Dead Thumb Drive Within Two Minutes

The fastest and most reliable way to recover a dead thumb drive is by using the best data recovery software “Essaiy Data Recovery”.  The tool boasts a high success rate of 98.6%, allowing you to recover over 1000 types of lost data from more than 2000 types of storage devices within a few clicks.

With Eassiy Data Recovery, you’ll get access to powerful features that allows you to recover dead thumb drive flawlessly. Besides, it supports deep scan mode, allowing you to recover severely damaged thumb drive that cannot be recovered using regular data recovery tools online.  

Overall, Eassiy Data Recovery allows you to recover data like photos, videos, email archives, documents, etc.

Key Features:

  • Supports a wide range of storage devices, including consoles, camera, camcorders, mobile phones, SSDs, memory cards, etc.
  • Supports quick scan and deep scan mode.
  • Boasts a high recovery rate of 98.6%.
  • It can recover all type of data loss due to any scenario.
  • Pause and resume scanning process without compromising the recovery operation.
  • Recover already-found data during scanning process.

Step 1: Download and install the Eassiy Data Recovery software on your Mac or PC.

Step 2: Run the the installed program on your computer and connect the thumb drive.

eassiy data recovery | Recover a Dead Thumb Drive

Step 3: After Eassiy Data Recovery detects the hard drive, select it and click in Scan.  Then, wait for the tool to perform a quick scan recovery process.

  • After it has complete the quick scan, all detected data will be displayed on your screen.  Preview them to confirm their quality.
eassiy data recovery quick scan | Recover a Dead Thumb Drive
  • However, if you are not satisfied with yhe quality of the recovered data, click Deep scan and wait for the software to perform and in-depth scan. This will take only a few minutes.

Step 4: Finally, Preview and Recover the data to your device to complete the operation.

preview the recovered files | Recover a Dead Thumb Drive

Part 3: Tips to Prevent Thumb Drive Data Loss

By observing the following tips, you should be able to prevent any kind of dead thumb situation in the future.

  • Handle with Care:

Treat your thumb drive with care to avoid physical damage. Avoid dropping it, bending it, or subjecting it to excessive force. Store it in a protective case or pouch when not in use to prevent accidental damage.

  • Safely Eject the Drive:

Always eject the thumb drive properly from your computer before physically removing it. This ensures that all read and write operations are completed, minimizing the risk of data corruption or damage to the drive's internal components.

  • Use Surge Protection:

Protect your thumb drive from electrical surges by using surge protectors or uninterrupted power supply (UPS) devices. These devices can help safeguard your drive from sudden voltage spikes or power outages that could potentially damage the drive's circuitry.

  • Scan for Malware and Keep Software Updated:

Regularly scan your thumb drive for malware or viruses using reliable antivirus software. Additionally, keep your antivirus software and operating system up to date to defend against new threats and vulnerabilities. This helps prevent malware infections that can corrupt the drive or compromise its functionality.

  • Backup Data Regularly:

Regularly back up the data stored on your thumb drive to another reliable storage medium. This ensures that even if the thumb drive fails or becomes dead, you still have a copy of your important files. Consider using cloud storage, external hard drives, or online backup services as additional backup options.

Hot FAQs

Can Thumb Drive Be Erased or Reused?

Yes, thumb drive can be erased and reused. To erase and reuse your hard drive, you just need to format it and create a new volume using a reliable partition software

How long will data last on Thumb Drive?

Data can last in thumb drive for over ten years if it’s stored in proper condition.

What is the difference between Flash Drive and Thumb Drive?

The only notable difference between flash drive and thumb drive is that thumb drive uses USB port to connect to PC while flash drive can be connected to a slot on the motherboard or directly to a PC using USB cable.


Losing your important data due to dead thumb drive is one of the last things you want to happen. In the article above, we've discussed the most effective solutions to recover dead thumb drive within two minutes using the best data recovery software. All you just need is to follow the steps discussed to get the job done smoothly.

Also, don't forget to employ the tips introduced in the article to prevent dead thumb drive error in the future.

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