100% Genuine iFun Screen Recorder Review and Its Alternatives

by Emil Herz

Updated on 2023-07-06


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Since the pandemic, screencasting has seen tremendous growth across all industries. It now caters to a vast spectrum of users, ranging from pro-level gamers and feature filmmakers to hobbyists, visual artists, marketers, online instructors, and journalists. The problem? Every user needs a different type of screen recording tool. However, most users try to rely on inefficient and uninspiring tools like iFun Screen Recorder. If you have used iFun Recorder or planning to use it soon, it’s in your best interest to check out its multi-purpose alternatives mentioned in this list.

Nothing against the iFun Screen Recorder; it is a good screencasting tool (for novices, at least). But it’s nowhere near an end-to-end solution that a marketer, engineer, teacher, or gamer needs. That said, read on to find the best alternatives (or to say upgraded version) to iFun Screen Recorder for PC. But before moving forward with the iFun alternatives, let's have a brief look at what iFun Recorder has to offer.

Part 1: What is iFun Screen Recorder

iFun Screen Recorder is a freemium utility for Windows users that carries the necessary features to capture the screen; however, it lacks the sophistication and versatility a professional might be looking for in their screen recording tool.

You can use iFun Screen Recorder to capture the screen in up to 4K quality up to 120fps. Furthermore, you can grab the entire screen, record a selected region, or lock a specific window or tab for recording. You can also include microphone sound along with the system sound. However, there is no option to have a webcam overlay in the recordings. Additionally, there is a dedicated game recorder to gram 2D or 3D games like Minecraft, Roblox, and more.

iFun Screen Recorder logo | ifun

Besides the recording features, iFun Screen Recorder has a real-time annotation tool, allowing you to draw on the videos, show mouse effects, or highlight something on the screen. You will also find an option to create custom watermarks and personalize the video. Needless to say, there are time constraints on the screen capture time.

Overall, iFun Screen Recorder for PC is suitable for users looking for a free screen recording tool. Given it does not leave a watermark and has no time limits for recording with the free version, you can use the tool for personal use. However, it is unsuitable for professional use, given it has limited editing tools and no advanced tools like a schedule recorder and so on.

Key Features:

  • Screencast the entire screen, customize the recording area or lock a specific window for recording without any interruptions.
  • Record in HD or 4K up to 120fps.
  • No-lag HD Recording.
  • Video editing tools to make your recordings look professional.
  • More than 12 output video/audio formats, including MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, MP3, FLAC, etc.


  • Windows 7, 8, 10
  • There is an online version of iFun Screen Recorder.
  • NO Mac Version.

Pricing Plans:

iFun Screen Recorder always has offers on its site. You can avail of the one-year license for US$ 26.99 during the sale period. Given the sale is not going to last forever, you will probably have to purchase the usual plan that costs US$ 42.99.

ifun price | ifun

How does the iFun Screen Recorder work?

Thanks to the iFun Screen Recorder being reinvented as iTop Screen Recorder, the vendors have redesigned the cluttered and complex user interface into a modern and simple one. Even the most tech-naive users can navigate their way through the program and record them in the desired manner.

Step 1. Download and Install the iFun Screen Recorder program on the PC. Launch the tool. And from the main interface, choose the recording area. (You can also record the entire screen, fixed aspect ratio, or an individual window). You can turn the other switches like Speaker, Mic, Mouse, and Webcam to include them in the video. Plus, you can navigate to settings to Customize the program, like mouse color, effects, and so on.

iFun Screen Recorder step 1 | ifun

Step 2. Click on the REC button to start recording the screen. You can use the recording menu options to capture live screenshots, pause, and customize the recording.

iFun Screen Recorder step 2 | ifun

Step 3. Click on the Red (Stop icon) button to stop the recording. You can edit the recording using the built-in video editor in iFun Screen Recorder. After editing the screen recording, click on Export. Choose the desired format and iFun Recorder will save the recording to the local storage.

iFun Screen Recorder step 3 | ifun

That’s how to record the screen using the iFun Screen Recorder for PC. You can trim the unwanted parts, add captions, and highlight something in the video. And that’s all well and good. But iFun lacks many important functions like annotation during live recording. This increases the editing tasks during post-production. So, let’s look at other alternatives to iFun Recorder.

Part 2: Best Alternative to iFun Screen Recorder for PC

Before moving to similar alternatives to iFun Screen Recorder for PC, let us look at the industry-standard screen recording program, i.e., Eassiy Ultimate Screen Recorder. Eassiy includes far more features than iFun Recorder or any other tool, so there are good chances that all your screen recording needs will be met, and you do not have to look toward any screen recorder ever.

1. Eaissy Ultimate Screen Recorder

Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate allows you to create high-quality content with the capture-as-a-video workflow. Supporting HD recording, Eaissy Ultimate Screen Recorder lets you grab the entire screen, partial screen, or window or application (lock mechanism to record uninterruptedly). Besides recording the screen, you can use the webcam overlay and microphone sound to add commentary or voiceovers to the video recording.

Eassiy’s built-in video editor is another added benefit of having this program. For instance, tools like iFun Recorder do not offer a video editor in their program. But using Eassiy’s video editor, you can trim, annotate, add text or captions, and manage audio levels during post-production without having to export the clip to another program.

Eaissy Ultimate Screen Recorder | ifun

But what makes Eassiy a must-have screen recorder is its advanced features like schedule recording and personalized hotkeys. You will also find smart recording options like Around Mouse Recording, Moving When Recording, Noise Cancellation Recording, Record Internal Phone Audio, and more that are not generally seen in a screen recorder.

Key Features of Eassiy Ultimate Screen Recorder:

  • An all-in-one screen recorder: full-screen screen recording, partial screen recording, record only a window.
  • Webcam overlay: use different shapes like oval, rectangular, and other shapes for webcam overlay on the screen recording.
  • Manage the Audio: include external and internal sound for voiceover.
  • Limit Background interferences: level up the external or internal sound, clean the audio, and limit white noises.
  • Personalize the recordings: use custom-themed watermarks and stamps to brand the screen recording.
  • Edit the recording in real-time: draw over the recordings during live recording or post-production using advanced annotation tool to emphasize something.
  • Take a screenshot during live screen recording: take a screenshot while screen recording, full screenshot, and more.
  • Scheduled Recording: Automatically record YouTube streams, sports events, serials, etc without staying in front of your PC using advanced auto-record and auto-stop features.
  • Easily lock and record a specific window or exclude a window that you don't want to appear in your recorded video.
  • Customize keyboard shortcuts for efficient workflow.
  • Around Mouse Recording, Follow Mouse Recording, and more.
  • A simple and clean user interface lets advanced, and hobbyists work alike.
  • Save the recording in any format, including MP4, GIF, WMV, AVI, MOV, MKV, FLV, MPEG, etc. Or share on social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and more.


  • Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate is available for both Windows and Mac devices.

Pricing Plans:

Eassiy has multiple pricing plans, starting with US$ 19.99/mo. Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate is a premium tool with advanced recording and editing options. And that’s how it makes the US$ 39.99/annual sound reasonable. Nevertheless, the lifetime plan of the program costs US$ 69.99, so if you are looking to use screen recorder software for a long, it should be the way to go. There is also a family plan, which reduces the lifetime license cost to less than the yearly license cost. Of course, you have to purchase licenses for 5 PC or Mac devices at once.

How to use Eassiy Ultimate to Record PC Screens?

You can use the Eassiy Ultimate Screen Recorder to record on both Mac and Windows. The make and model of both the Mac and Windows version of Eassiy Ultimate Screen Recorder are the same. So, both Mac and Windows users can follow the same steps and learn how to record videos on their respective computers using Eassiy Ultimate. Rest assured, the simple user interface of Eassiy Ultimate makes it easy for anyone to record the desktop screen seamlessly.

Step 1. Download and Install the Eassiy Ultimate Screen Recorder program on your Mac or Windows. Click on the three horizontal lines at the top-right corner of the main interface. From the drop-down menu options, choose Preferences. You can skip this step (and follow from Step 3) if you do not want to customize the settings and move directly to the PC screen recording directly.

Best Alternative step 1 | ifun

Step 2. Customize the Desired Recording Settings.

Under Preferences,

  • Choose the Output parameters for desktop recording.
  • Define Audio parameters.
  • You can also change the Mouse settings to define the cursor color. Or, you can even make it invisible.
  • Easily also allows you to create Hotkeys to use them to manage the screen recording efficiently.

Click OK to save the Settings for desktop recording.
Best Alternative step 2 | ifun

Step 3. Choose Video Recorder on the main screen. And define the screen recording area. You can choose to record the screen in full screen, customize the recording area, or choose other advanced recording options like Around the mouse, Follow the mouse, Lock and record window, and so on. You can also manage the audio levels from the system and microphone. Plus, you can turn the webcam on/off.

Best Alternative step 3 | ifun

Step 4. Click on the REC button to start the screen recording. Once the recording starts, you can use the edit options to annotate the recording during live recording and even capture screenshots by clicking on the Camera icon while recording the desktop screen.

Best Alternative step 4 | ifun

Step 5. Click on the Stop (||) icon to stop the screen recording. (You can also use the custom created keyboard shortcuts to stop the screen recording.

Step 6. Preview and Edit the screen recording. After saving the recording, Eassiy Ultimate Screen Recorder allows you to trim, add watermarks, and make other changes to the desktop recording. You can access all previous recordings via the Recording History folder.

Best Alternative step 5 | ifun

That’s how simple it is to record the desktop screen using Eassiy Ultimate Screen Recorder. There are even other advanced functions within Eassiy Ultimate, like a Schedule recorder to you to start and end the screen recording and later shut down the PC, and more.

Part 3: Other iFun Alternatives You Should Know

There is no reason to look beyond Eassiy Ultimate Screen Recorder, given it satisfies all the screen recording needs. Eassiy Ultimate Screen Recorder is not only a better alternative to the iFun Screen Recorder, but it also is better than any other screen recording tool. Still, here are some other alternatives to iFun Screen Recorder. So, you can comprehend what other screen recording programs in the market have to offer.

1. Debut

Debut Video Capture and Screen Recording Software come from the famous NCH team. And like other tools from the vendor, Debut is laden with recording features and has several plans. The interface is outdated but simple enough that even the tech-neophytes can use the software on the first go and capture their screen conveniently.

Debut has dedicated options to record the screen, partial screen, or a specific window. You can also record webcam footage individually or simultaneously with the screen recording. Besides recording, you will also find a few annotating options like mouse effects in the video. Additionally, the video editor in Debut lets you add captions, color correct the video, and add watermarks or logos.

Alternative Debut | ifun

Overall, Debut might have been the suitable option a few ago. But, today, programs like Eassiy offer more features, are simple to use and have affordable rates.

Key Features of Debut:

  • Capture the entire screen, a single window, or any selected portion.
  • Use a webcam overlay to capture the screen and webcam simultaneously.
  • Use both the microphone and system sound in the recording.
  • Replace the background with an image, solid color. You can use the Green Screen to edit the footage during post-production.

What makes Debut a superior alternative to iFun Screen Recorder:

  • Debut has numerous editing tools, like mouse effects during live recording. Color correction, ability to show keystrokes, and more.
  • You can upload the video directly to YouTube, Vimeo, or Flickr.
  • You can add a watermark or logo in the screen recording to personalize them for a professional environment.

Things to consider:

  • Debut costs more than iFun Screen Recorder for PC. US$ 60 for a lifetime license.
  • Debut lacks live annotation tools. There are more annotation options in modern tools like Eassiy Ultimate Screen Recorder.

2. ShareX

ShareX is free, open-source software with a plethora of features packed in a rather intimidating user interface. Strongly better than paid iFun Screen Recorder for PC, ShareX lets you record the entire screen, partial screen, or a specific window and includes many other default capture options to grab the desired part of the screen with a single click. There is also a default feature that allows you to start a new screen recording based on your previous settings. ShareX has many annotation options, allowing you to draw shapes, add text, and highlight something. But ShareX’s highlight is its range of sharing options; the program lets you to share the screen recording to more than 80 platforms with a single click.
ShareX | ifun

Beyond this, there are other productivity tools packed in its interface, like color editor, effects, DNS changer, and so on, which have nothing to do with screen recording. And this is also the reason why many users will find the ShareX interface to be intimidating.

Key Features of ShareX:

  • Choose the default screen recorder setup (like templates) and start recording the screen with a single click.
  • Share the screen recordings to more than 80 destinations.
  • Image editor and video editor to color correct and customize other aspects of the screen recording.
  • Customize the program and personalize it for a seamless workflow.

What makes ShareX a superior alternative to iFun Screen Recorder:

  • Forever free.
  • Numerous editing and annotation tools to make your screen recording look professional.
  • Numerous upload methods to edit or share a clip.
  • You will find productivity tools like DNS Changer, Monitor Test, QR Code generator, and so on.

Things to consider:

  • There is no option to include the webcam.
  • There is no option to include the microphone sound like Eassiy Ultimate Screen Recorder.
  • No dedicated game recorder.
  • No HD recording.

3. Bandicam

Bandicam is another handy alternative to iFun Screen Recorder for PC. Like iFun Recorder, Bandicam is just designed for Windows users. Moreover, it is costly, or to say not cost-effective, like iFun Screen Recorder. Nevertheless, Bandicam has some cool features. Starting with its screen recording capabilities, Bandicam lets you record in 4K and capture up to 480fps.

There is a real-time annotation tool to draw shapes or highlight something on the screen. Besides that, Bandicam also includes advanced screen recording options like Schedule Recorder, Audio-only recording, and more. All in all, Bandicam is suitable for users looking for a high-definition recorder.

Bandicam | ifun

Mind you! It lacks essential video editing tools and demands you to purchase its video editor for an additional cost. Upon that, there is an upgrade license cost, so every time there is an update from the vendor, you will have to pay extra for the updated features.

Key Features of Bandicam:

  • Record the screen in 4K or UHD and capture up to 480fps.
  • Draw shapes and outline something important using real-time annotation features.
  • Add webcam overlay in the screen recordings.
  • Schedule recording to capture the screen when you are away from the screen.

What makes Bandicam a superior alternative to iFun Screen Recorder:

  • Audio management system to mix your own voice and make your video sound professional.
  • Audio-only record option.
  • Dedicated game recorder.
  • Add mouse effects to the screen recorder.

Things to consider:

  • There are limited export options, i.e., you can only export in two formats, MP4 or AVI. Plus, there aren’t any social sharing options.
  • There aren’t any video editing tools to trim something out like in Eassiy Ultimate Screen Recorder. And you will have to purchase another tool from Bandicam at an additional cost.


As mentioned, the iFun Screen Recorder is a basic screen recorder with no exciting tools to polish your screen recordings. And that’s where Eassiy Screen Recorder comes. An end-to-end solution packed with all the necessary features, iFun alternatives like Eassiy are better than average tools like iFun itself. For context, all the iFun Screen Recorder alternatives like Debut, Bandicam, and Eassiy come with readymade templates, customized recording settings, and personalization features that make the screen recording job simple and easy, and fun!

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