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The OBS screen recorder for PC is an open-source program that can always come in handy for different types of screen recording operations. This tool supports a wide range of functionalities that makes it many users' choice for not just screen recording computer screen, but also editing videos. But the big question is; is the OBS screen recorder worth it? Is it safe to use? Well, that and more you'll find in this OBS screen recorder for PC review. In this post, we've reviewed every aspect of the OBS screen recorder software to help users find out more about the tool. From its key features to the compatibility, how-to guide, alternatives, and lots more. Don't hesitate to keep reading to find out more.

Part 1: All you need to know about OBS Screen Recorder for PC

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux
Pricing: Free

As stated earlier, the OBS screen recorder for PC is an open-source program that can always come in handy for different types of screen recording operations. The tool is designed to help users fulfill not just their screen recording needs, but also video editing tasks. Although the OBS screen recorder is free, the tool is very powerful to create screencast, webinars, how-to videos, and lots more. You can even utilize it to broadcast gameplay streams across different platforms including Twitch and Youtube. In all, the OBS screen recorder offers a wide range of functionalities, and it's very user-friendly, making it easily accessible by any user including tech illiterate.

OBS Screen Recorder for PC | obs screen recorder for pc

Key Features

  • Very efficient for streaming games across YouTube and Twitch.
  • Support audio mixer that can be used to record audio from different sources be it system audio or microphone.
  • Easily switch from one source to another with scene transitions.
  • Support helpful hotkeys for easy combination shortcuts.
  • Boast powerful configuration to add new sources and modify their properties seamlessly.

How to Record Screen With OBS Windows 10

The process of recording PC screen with OBS Windows 10 is straightforward and you don't need any technical knowledge to execute the task. The steps illustrated below explain how to record screens with OBS Windows 10.

Step 1: Download and install the OBS screen recorded tool on your Windows 10 computer. Then set it up.

record video step 1 | obs screen recorder for pc

Step 2: Normally, the OBS screen recorder will automatically add a ‘Scene’ once it's launched. If it doesn't, click on the + icon in the Scene box at the bottom left corner of your PC screen.

record video step 2 | obs screen recorder for pc

Step 3: Up next, navigate to the Sources box next to Scenes and hit the + icon at the bottom.

record video step 3 | obs screen recorder for pc

Step 4: Click on ‘Display Capture’ from the menu options.

record video step 4 | obs screen recorder for pc

Step 5: Enter a Title in the pop-up window that appears on your computer screen, then click OK.

record video step 5 | obs screen recorder for pc

Step 6; Now, navigate to the bottom right corner of your computer screen and click on ‘Settings’.

record video step 6 | obs screen recorder for pc

Select Output from the sidebar located on the left-hand side.

record video step 7 | obs screen recorder for pc

Step 7: Select a destination for your File under ‘Recording Path’.

record video step 8 | obs screen recorder for pc

Step 8: Finally, hit the ‘Start Recording’ button at the lower-right corner of your computer screen to start recording the PC screen with the OBS screen recorder.

record video step 9 | obs screen recorder for pc


  • The tool is 100% free and lightweight.
  • Users can easily switch between pre-made scenes seamlessly.
  • Screen record multiple computer screens simultaneously.
  • Easily design and edit recorded videos without complications.


  • The Computer Mic connection option isn't easy to operate.
  • The software can be quite confusing.

Part 2: What Are The Alternatives to OBS Screen Recorder for PC

If you think OBS can satisfy your screen recording needs, there are other OBS screen recorder alternatives that you can rely on to complete your PC screen recording task efficiently.

1. Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate (All time Best)

Compatibility: Windows & Mac

There are lots of tools that can be considered as alternatives to OBS screen recorders, but research shows that the Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate is the most rugged of all. Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate is a simple and lightweight multifunctional screen recording software that makes screen recording on any device including PCs and mobile devices very straightforward. This versatile screen recording software can satisfy you for almost all kinds of screen recording tasks. From scheduled screen recording to screen recording with webcam, screen recording with audio, gameplay recording, and lots more.

Also, helpful features like hotkeys, real-time annotation, auto-split, and any others can always come in handy for users to edit recorded videos for tutorials, webinars, or any other thing the video is required for.

Best Alternatives Eassiy | obs screen recorder for pc

Key Features

  • Automatically split recorded videos into different segments using advanced auto-split.
  • Trim recorded video, adjust audio, remove background noise, and do lots more using advanced video editing tools.
  • Lock and record PC screen in full or custom mode with different dimensions.
  • Take scrolling screenshots while recording video and audio with high quality.
  • Screen record and take screenshots on Android or iPhone screens right from your PC.
  • Move the recording area around/follow the mouse during live recording;


  • Specialized in screen recording high definition videos for any kind of platform be it YouTube, Twitch, etc.
  • It's very effective for newbies one anyone who is new to video capturing.
  • It's the only screen recorder with an unlimited free version that allows recording of a PC screen for up to 3 minutes without watermark.
  • Allows recording of phone screens with audio right from computer.


  • You need to install an app.
  • It's not 100% free. But the free version allows users to record PC screens up to 3 minutes.

2. ShareX

Compatibility: Windows

Next on our list is ShareX - a reliable free and open-source screen recording app that can always come in handy as an alternative for OBS screen recorder to record PC screen.

ShareX screen recorder is known for its workflow features that make it very customizable. The tool offers a wide array of screen recording options including full screen, scrolling capture, and a lot more. It also support helpful image editors to fit screenshots without hassles. Besides, videos recorded using ShareX can be shared with different cloud services.

ShareX | obs screen recorder for pc

Key Features

  • Support addition of annotations to images.
  • Execute scrolling screenshots seamlessly.
  • Easily add watermarks to screen capture in just a few clicks.
  • Support a wide range of cloud services for users to share recorded video files.


  • Availability of a wide range of options to share recorded videos.
  • It can screen capture and screen record PC screen.
  • Allows scrolling screenshot.
  • It's free to use.


  • The interface is far from attractive. So you might find it hard to navigate around it.
  • Set up process is quite confusing.
  • It does not support game recording.

3. FilmoraScrn

Compatibility: Windows & Mac

FilmoraScrn is one of the most effective screen recorders that's geared towards gamers and content creators to help them out with their screen recording tasks. This software encompasses two different sections which are the recorded and editor, thus, enabling users not just to record PC screen, but also edit recorded videos seamlessly. The recorded features of FilmoraScrn is very effective and easy to operate. You can even record from two devices simultaneously using this tool. All it takes is just a few clicks.

FilmoraScrn | obs screen recorder for pc

Key Features

  • Record PC screen with high quality up to 120fps.
  • Effective editor that can always come in handy for users to edit recorded videos.
  • Easily export recorded videos to platforms like Vimeo, YouTube, Twitch, or FaceBook.
  • Support


  • It has a very intuitive user interface.
  • The tool is straightforward to operate.
  • Support free trial.
  • Great export options.


  • No frequent upgrades.
  • The program usually crashes in the middle of screen recording operation unexpectedly.
  • It doesn't support a camera pan or zoom.

4. Camstudio

Compatibility: Windows

Camstudio is another ideal OBS screen recorder alternative that does PC screen recording tasks efficiently. Just like the other tools mentioned prior, Camstudio is highly customizable and offers users a decent way to record PC screens without requiring technical knowledge. With Camstudio, capturing all that's happening on your PC screen will be just like a walk in the Park. Although the tool is open-source, it still supports a wide variety of helpful features that can get the job done smoothly.

Camstudio | obs screen recorder for pc

Key Features

  • Support helpful annotation tools.
  • Adjust recorded video sounds without compromising quality.
  • Availability of rich editing tools.
  • Change video quality and frame rate quickly and easily.


  • Ideal for capturing videos and images on the PC screen.
  • There's no recording time limitation.
  • The interface of the tool is very simple to navigate.
  • It's a free and open-source program.


  • The installer contains potentially unwanted programs.
  • Supports only AVI and SWF output formats. So, it might not be ideal for recording game play.
  • The size of the output file is quite large.

5. Camtasia

Compatibility: Windows & Mac

The last but not least OBS screen recorder alternative on our list is Camtasia. Camtasia is one of the top leading screen recording software that's known for its powerful screen recording capabilities. It supports an impressive lineup of very helpful tools that facilitate a smooth screen recording process in a user-friendly interface. The Camtasia software boasts lots of effects and templates that can help users enhance the quality of their videos. Plus, you can take advantage of the editing tools to improve your recorded videos.

Camtasia | obs screen recorder for pc

Key Features

  • Webcam recording.
  • Efficient multi-track timeline.
  • Support lots of built-in templates for screen recording.
  • Support green screen.


  • Availability for a free trial.
  • Green screen compatible.
  • Support lots of royalty-free assets.
  • It's easy to operate.


  • It's quite expensive compared to other screen recorder tools.
  • Limited editing tools.
  • The animations are not looking professional.

Part 3: Comparison Table Between OBS and Its Best Alternative (Eassiy)


Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate

OBS Screen Recorder

Video Recorder



Game Recorder



Auto Stop Recording



Scheduled Recording



Record Internal Audio



Lock Recording Window



Set Hotkeys



Video Export Formats



Capture GIF



Recording length


Unlimited, but usually stops for itself without completing the operation

Pop-up Menu Capture




Simple and highly-intuitive anc no learning curve is required

It's very confusing and requires a lot of learning curve





1. What is the best alternative tool to the OBS screen recorder for PC?

Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate is the best alternative to the OBS screen recorder. Although other alternative tools claim to be the best, Eassiy has proven records of offering unique screen recording features.

2. Is OBS a Free screen recorder?

The OBS screen recorder is free and doesn't require any kind of payment to be installed.

3. How long can I record with OBS?

Fortunately, there's no time limit for recording on a PC with the OBS screen recorder.


There you have it. Although the OBS screen recorder for PC studio is the overall best free tool that boasts efficient features for recording PC screens and editing videos, it still has its flaws - it can be a bit confusing for new users and it has some features that are not easy to operate. Aside from that, the OBS screen recorder for PC is an ideal powerhouse. However, if you need alternative tools to the OBS screen recorder, we recommend checking out one is the screen recorders mentioned on this page. 

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