How to screenshot whole page on windows/chrome (Best Workable Methods)

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Taking screenshots of a whole page on Windows/Chrome is not a difficult thing to do, but the truth is a lot of people out there don't know how to do it. This is because they lack the relevant information got take screenshots on their computer. Do you lack the knowledge to take screenshots of a full page on your computer? Worry less, we've got the right tricks to help you out in this situation.

To relieve you from stress, we've created this ‘How to screenshot the whole page on windows/chrome’ complete guide to walk you through different simple methods to screenshot a whole page on your PC. It doesn't matter if you're looking to use a free built-in tool, an advanced tool, or by using an extension. Read on to find out more.

Part 1: How to Take Full Page Screenshots on PC With The Best Screenshot Software(Recommended)

The most recommended method for taking full-page screenshots on PC is by using the best screenshot software Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate. Yes, Eassiy is a professional screen recording app with lots of highly-intuitive features that can always come in handy for any kind of screenshot or screen recording task.

With this tool, you can not only screenshot, but also screen record PC/mobile screens seamlessly in just a few clicks. Besides, Eassiy supports helpful features like real-time annotation, hotkeys, and lots more that are very effective for editing screenshots. You can even take advantage of the tool to execute a simultaneous screen record and screenshot task.

Key Features

  • Facilitate seamless screenshot operation with high quality in wide variety of formats including PNG, GIF, or videos like MP4, MOV, AVI, etc.
  • Boasts the best customizable hotkeys to control screenshots in different dimensions.
  • Take both full page and scrolling screenshots and use real-time annotation tools to highlight points in screenshots.
  • Perform simultaneous screen record and screenshot operation with modern technology.
  • Recording of game screen and other processor heavy screen activities.
  • Smart recording such as schedule recording, auto-stop recording, auto split etc.

How to take a screenshot of a Whole Webpage in Windows

Step 1. Firstly, Download and Install the Eassiy Screen Recorder on your computer. Start the Eassiy screen recorder program

Eassiy screen recorder ultimate step 1 | 4k screen recorder pc

Step 2. Navigate to the top bar of the software interface and click on the three-bar icon. Then click on ‘Preferences‘ and select the interface, mouse tracking, hotkeys, and output format of the snapshot from the popup that appears. Click on OK at the bottom left side of the screen to save the settings.

Eassiy screen recorder ultimate step 2 | 4k screen recorder pc

Step 3. Now, just click ‘Ctrl+Alt+C', or navigate back to Video Recorder and click on ‘Scrolling Window’ from the options displayed on your screen.

Eassiy screen recorder ultimate step 3 | 4k screen recorder pc

Once you click the relevant hotkey, just keep scrolling your cursor to take a screenshot of the whole webpage.

Eassiy screen recorder ultimate step 4 | 4k screen recorder pc

Step 4. You can also utilize the toolbar to annotate the screenshot or to highlight important elements there. Afterward, Save the screenshot to a preferred location on your PC storage.

Eassiy screen recorder ultimate step 5 | 4k screen recorder pc

Part 2: Take Full Page Screenshot Windows 10 With Free Built-in Tools

Windows 10 supports free built-in tools for making quick screenshots without third-party. With these tools, you can take full-page screenshots of Windows, and all it takes is a few clicks.

Method 1: How to Take Full Screenshot on Windows with CTRL+ Alt + PrtScn key

The Print Screen key (PrtScn) on Windows 10 computer is a free tool that can come in handy when you want to take full screenshots on the Windows screen. To take full screenshot on Windows with the PrtScn key, all you just have to do is;

Step 1: Simultaneously click the Ctrl + Alt + PrtScn.

Step 2: Then hold the left mouse button and drag the mouse on the scrolling window to select the area.

CTRL+ Alt + PrtScn key | 4k screen recorder pc

Step 3: Finally, release the mouse. By doing so, an auto-scroll will happen slowly. You've successfully taken a full screenshot of your PC screen.

Method 2: How to Take Screenshot of Full Page In Windows 10 with Snip & Sketch tool

Snip & Sketch another free screenshot tool on Windows computer that can be employed to take screenshots of full page on Windows 10 computer. The tool makes it easy to customize a screenshot, and you can annotate the screenshot made with it. Here is how to use Snip & Sketch tool to take full page screenshot on Windows 10;

Step 1: You can search the Snip & Sketch tool or just simultaneously click on ‘Windows key + Shift + S’. By doing so, your PC screen will become dim and a toolbar for screenshot will appear on it.

with Snip Sketch tool step 1 | 4k screen recorder pc

Step 2: Click on the drop-down icon at the top left corner of the Snip and Sketch tool interface. Then choose ‘Snip Now’ and click on ‘New’.

with Snip Sketch tool step 2 | 4k screen recorder pc

Step 3: You’ll see four screenshot options at the top bar, select ‘Windows Snip’ and use the cursor to select the page that you want to take a full page screenshot.

with Snip Sketch tool step 3 | 4k screen recorder pc

Step 4:  Finally, a preview of the full page screenshot you just took will be displayed on your PC screen. You can edit the screenshot afterward and save it to your PC.

with Snip Sketch tool step 4 | 4k screen recorder pc

Part 3: How to Capture Full Page Screenshot on Chrome

There are several ways to capture full page screenshot on Chrome. Yes, you can either use an extension tool or Chrome's Developer tools. Read on to find out more about these tools and how you can use them to screenshot a full page on Chrome browser.

Method 1: Capture Full Page Screenshot on Chrome With an Extension

The most reliable way to capture full page screenshot on Chrome with extension is by using the Full Page Screen Capture extension. The tool offers users an easy way to screenshot chrome full pages without complication, and it supports helpful editing options that can be used to edit screenshots without the need to open any app or online platform. Also, users can add text, arrows, and lots more elements to the Chrome full page screenshot made with Full Page Screen Capture, and it supports saving screenshot files in different formats like PDF or PNG.

Key Features

  • Allows users to copy screenshots to clipboard.
  • Screenshot Chrome full page handily.
  • Screenshots can be saved in both PDF and PNG formats.
  • Support editing of screenshots by adding texts, arrows, etc.

See the steps to use ScreenCapture to screenshot Chrome full page below;

Step 1: Go to the Chrome Web store and search for "screen capture" in the search box.

Step 2: Select the "Screen Capture (by Google)" extension and install it.

With an Extension step 1 | 4k screen recorder pc

Step 3: After installation, click on the Screen Capture button on the Chrome toolbar and select Capture Entire Page.

With an Extension step 2 | 4k screen recorder pc

Step 4: You'll see Chrome scrolling down to capture the whole page.

Method 2: Screenshot Chrome Full Page Without Extension

Alternatively, if you don't want to install any Chrome extension, you can take advantage of Chrome’s Developer tools to screenshot full-on Chrome. It's easy to operate and it takes just a few clicks. See the steps below to learn how to use this Chrome full-page screenshot method;

Step 1: Open the Chrome browser and Navigate to ‘Menu’ by clicking the ‘Three dots’ arranged vertically at the top right corner of your computer screen.

Without Extension step 1 | 4k screen recorder pc

Step 2; Click on ‘More Tools’ and select ‘Developer Tools’.

Step 3: Navigate to the top-right corner of your PC screen and click on the three-dot icon, then select ‘Run Command’. Alternatively, you can click CTRL+Shift+P on if you're using Windows or Command+Shift+P if you're using Mac.

Step.4: Enter ‘Screenshot’ in the search box. Then select ‘Capture full-size Screenshot’.

Without Extension step 2 | 4k screen recorder pc

Step 5: A screenshot of your Chrome current full page will be taken in full-size. You can accept the screenshot in the ‘Download’ folder on your computer.

Without Extension step 3 | 4k screen recorder pc


There you have it, taking full-page screenshots on Windows or Chrome is as easy as taking a walk in the park. You can either use advanced software like Eassiy screen recorder or just employ any of the free built-in tools to screenshot on Windows. However, using the Eassiy Screen Recorder is the most reliable option as it's very effective for taking screenshots on both Windows and Chrome seamlessly.

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