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Is anyone safeguarded against data loss brought on by virus attacks, accidental deletion, and similar events? Unambiguously, the answer is no. Inadvertently breaking your android, trying to update the software, or attempting to reset the device to factory settings only to discover that doing so may result in data loss are all possibilities. Have you ever unintentionally lost your Android contacts, text messages, images, or other crucial data and experienced intense sadness or helplessness? If the response is affirmative, I advise you to read this article, which will undoubtedly solve your problem. Don't worry; we'll show you the iCare Android Data Recovery Software so you can keep those priceless and crucial files. Additionally, we will provide you with a comparative structure of Eassiy Android Data Recovery Software and iCare Android Data Recovery Software, two of the greatest data recovery programs, and evaluate them both to determine which is superior. Follow along with us to find out!

Part 1: Features comparison

In this article, we'll compare the benefits and drawbacks of iCare Android Data Recovery Software and Eassiy Android Data Recovery and come to the conclusion that Eassiy Android Data Recovery is the better choice for your Android because it has a great graphical user interface, a higher success rate, and is dependable and user-friendly. Read on to see which strategy you should employ for Android data recovery!
  • Quick time of recuperation - The recovery procedure Eassiy uses has cutting-edge scanning technology to retrieve contents from android without a backup and can be completed in minutes. In contrast, iCare Android Data Recovery is speedy but slower than Eassiy.
  • Versatile Recover - You can opt to recover all or just a portion of the missing data. You can recover missing files from a variety of data loss conditions and from 16+ different types of destroyed data files with Eassiy Android Data Recovery. But with iCare Recovery for Android, you can recover 14+ file format.
  • Data recovery modules – You can recover data with 3 recovery modules available which is Internal storage recovery, SD card recovery, and SIM card recovery with Eassiy. While iCare only provides one data recovery module, that’s Android internal storage only.
  • User Interface- The intuitive and user-friendly design of Eassiy Android Data Recovery is highly beneficial for new users. Whereas iCare only provides handful amount of opportunities for the rookies.
  • Compatibility- It is obviously important to state that iCare data recovery for Android supports a wide range of different Android devices and models.
  • However, Eassiy, the market leader, supports practically all of the devices.
  • Customer Support- For all users’ worldwide, Eassiy data recovery for Android offers 24-7 customer assistance to assist with the necessary information. iCare data recovery for android also provides customer care support.
  • Fully Secure Recovery - In addition to working with a variety of data formats, including photographs, documents, messages, videos, emails, and more, Eassiy mobile data recovery is also completely secure. But iCare Android Data recovery has a history of malfunctioning while retrieving data.
Both Eassiy Data Recovery and iCare Android Data Recovery offer robust Android data recovery software. But Eassiy Android Data Recovery wins when it comes to obtaining data from either of these sources. file types | icare data recovery for android

Part 2: Performance

We deliberately removed a number of files from the hard disk of our Windows test laptop in order to fairly compare Eassiy Android Data Recovery with iCare Android Data Recovery (Minimum 6 GB RAM and 32-bit OS for system type). Then, we ran both basic and comprehensive scans on each of them to evaluate the performance of the two applications. Then, we ran both basic and comprehensive scans on each of them to evaluate the performance of the two applications. Along with the test data, both of them were successful in recovering thousands of other destroyed files. A typical scan with Eassiy took less time to complete than one with iCare Android Data recovery software. A deep search used less than 25% of the CPU and 250MB of RAM, taking just over an hour. Although it was a little slower, iCare consumed a lot more processing power. The deep scan took a little over twelve hours, compared to the quick scan's less than four minutes. The fact that iCare Android Data Recovery required more than 70% of the CPU and roughly 300 MB of RAM may make it difficult for you to use it. Eassiy Android Data recovery performs best overall because of its speedy deep scan capability and low CPU usage. However, both programs operated faultlessly and successfully retrieved all test files throughout testing. scan files | icare data recovery for android

Part 3: Scan speed

To begin with, Eassiy and iCare Android Data Recovery is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. iCare Android Data recovery does allow you only one recovery mode views, but Eassiy offers up to three, making recovery of data simpler. Eassiy's quick scanning tools increase efficiency while assisting with reformatting and damaged disk restoration. Data from corrupt VHDs can be recovered and then immediately restored to a virtual hard disk (VHD). Use the secure overwrite tools to delete private or delicate files. Eassiy Android Data recovery performs faster scans and can quickly find 1000+ deleted files in less than a second and supports up to 15+ file format. In addition to supporting a variety of external storage media, it enables you to restore corrupted or otherwise inaccessible data. During a scan, data can be retrieved, and you can even preview recovered files before storing them. Users have reported that iCare Android Data recovery periodically spirals downward when recovering data and scans files slowly. It supports up to 14+ file formats. recover iphone data | icare data recovery for android

Part 4: Compatibility

Users of android devices can quickly and simply recover any corrupted information thanks to the unique and specialized Eassiy Android Data Recovery and iCare Android Data Recovery tool software. But what about the software's compliance components? Are they both compatible with the most recent Android operating system metaphysically? To answer your question, iCare Android Data recovery and Eassiy Android Data recovery are both fantastic options for customers since their software is available on both Windows and Mac operating systems and is compatible with almost all android platforms and devices. Eassiy is the industry leader in terms of file types supported with its support for 6000+ Android devices and its support for 16+ file formats from Android smartphones, including those made by Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Google, LG, and Sony, among others. While iCare Android Data Recovery is compatible with 14+ file formats in addition to storage media, it operates smoothly with almost every Android device. recovery tools | icare data recovery for android

Part 5: Successfully recover rate

Eassiy searches more quickly and can locate 1000+ deleted files with relative ease. You can restore corrupted or otherwise inaccessible data in addition to a variety of external storage devices, which range in support from 87% to 98%. Data can be retrieved while a scan is running, and you can even see recovered files before storing them. A record-breaking 16+ file types are supported, which is a lot for the industry. While Eassiy supports more file types, iCare Android Data recovery only supports 14+, and it recovers data at a rate of 68 to 85%, which is lower than Eassiy. Even though it protects your data, occasionally Windows or Mac issues do occur when restoring the data. select hard disc | icare data recovery for android

Part 6: Prices

For additional information on how much these two programs cost, read the following: The three plans offered by iCare Android Data Recovery are Home License ($89.99), Workstation License ($149.99), and Technician License - Unlimited ($999.99). As soon as you finish paying for this software, you will receive the license code through email. However, many claim that iCare data recovery for Android is excessively pricey. But in this situation, Eassiy Android Data Recovery is the best choice. Three alternative options are available from Eassiy Android Data Recovery: a quarterly plan for $35.99; an annual plan for $39.99; and a permanent plan for $69.99. The yearly plan, which comes with auto-renewal, a year of free upgrades, and a cap of six devices plus one PC, is the most popular low-cost choice. If you have an eternal plan, you can take use of the everlasting advantages. recover selected files | icare data recovery for android

Part 7: Customer Support

A variety of support services are offered by both of the two programs. Live chat is available with iCare Android Data recovery, although paying users are given preference over free ones. Fortunately, it also provides an excellent user manual, technical support materials, evaluations of in-depth video courses, and a refund policy. Despite this, Eassiy is the clear winner and offers the greatest support services. It provides knowledgeable and helpful email support, and a ticketing system for challenging circumstances. A thorough knowledge base and offline instructions are also accessible with amazing videos. How-to guides with a range of other materials available, and the self-help choices are also very good.

Part 8: Comparison Table

In-depth comparisons of the Eassiy Android Data Recovery and iCare Android Data Recovery will be made in this thread. Listed below is a simple comparison chart:

Eassiy Android data Recovery

iCare Android Data Recovery

Rate of recovery



Selectively restore



Supported file types

16+ file types supported

14+ file types are supported


Plans are $35.99/quarter, $39.99/year, and $69.99/lifetime.

Home License ($89.99), Workstation License ($149.99), and Technician License - Unlimited ($999.99)

Scan speed

Fast, scan more than 1000 files per second

High speed


An excellent user interface to the rookies

Basic interface

Recover data from

Android device SD card SIM card

Android device


6000+ Android devices along with Windows and Mac

practically all Android devices are compatible


Industry-leading in recovery

Well placed


1. Can data be recovered after a wipe? If you don't have a backup and your photographs are permanently removed from the Android gallery, the only method to retrieve them back is to utilize a data recovery program like Eassiy. Installing it will allow you to check out the major features and receive assistance. 2. Where are deleted texts stored on Android? Deleted texts are kept in the internal memory of your Android phone. Because of this, after they've been completely deleted, you typically cannot get them back. In order to recover your deleted text messages, you can generate backups using programs like SMS Backup and Restore or Samsung Cloud. 3. Where do files go when deleted on Android? For 30 days, the file will remain in your trash before being automatically erased. Until you permanently delete the file, if you are the owner, others may read it. Even if you empty your trash, if you're not the owner, others can still view the file. Open the Google Drive app on your Android mobile device or tablet.


Due to their ability to recover any type of data, the Android data recovery apps Eassiy and iCare excel at what they do. The Eassiy and iCare Android Data Recovery apps allow you to recover crucial data that has been lost due to a storm, flood, system upgrade, cybercrime, bugs, or an unintentional deletion. However, it should be highlighted that Eassiy Android Data Recovery is the industry leader in recovering images and videos because it's crucial to choose software with a high rate of recovery. Our choice is in favour of Eassiy since it rules the software industry and performs better than iCare Android Data Recovery. All lost or deleted personal data can be recovered using Eassiy Android Data Recovery. A few examples include failed jailbreak efforts, factory resets, lost or stolen goods, hanger jams, water damage, virus attacks, etc. Here, we gave you a thorough comparison of Eassiy and iCare and demonstrated how they stack up against one another.

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