[8 Free & Easy Ways] How to Compress Large MOV file in Windows/Mac/Online?

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The MOV file is a video with .mov as the extension name which is also known as QuickTime video. But sometimes we need to make a MOV file smaller for different reasons like for freeing up the disk storage space, for fast sharing the video with friends and family via social media or emails, for a smoother playback experience, etc. However, there are various ways for you to compress MOV video files. In this guide, we are describing how to compress MOV file in Windows/Mac/Online.

Part 1: Why Do You Need to Compress MOV File?

A MOV file is a high-quality Apple Quicktime Movie that is used by Apple products containing audio and video tracks. Though MOV files deliver good quality sometimes it is hard to share them with others especially when the internet connection speed is slow. To play on a slower system, large MOV files can also be tricky as they require much more storage and processing power to work with. However, it will be easy to share and playback if you compress the MOV file. As the larger the files the more space they take up on a hard drive, general data storage might also be an issue. But the amount of data required for storage can be shrunk by compressing MOV files and to continue to work, it will leave you with more space on your hard drive.

Part 2: How to Compress Video MOV Easily? [Best 8 Ways]

Here we are going to share the best 8 ways to compress video MOV easily. Besides Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate, we are also introducing other easy online ways to compress MOV file. But before trying those methods, you have to remember that those online tools have their limitation and they won’t guarantee you great quality of your video.

Way 1: Best Way to Compress MOV Video with Video Converter Ultimate

To compress a MOV file without losing quality, Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate is the best tool for both Windows and Mac. To reduce a MOV video file size, it allows you to change the video format, bitrate, frame rate, encoder, and other settings. You can also cut the unwanted parts of your MOV video file because it offers you editing features such as cropping, trimming, rotating, etc. Moreover, you can also convert your MOV video to other formats as you like since this tool supports 1000+ video/audio formats. It can literally compress up to 8K MOV videos easily for you.


  • Helps you to compress MOV video files without quality loss.
  • Video quality can be checked before compressing with the preview function.
  • MOV videos can be edited with cropping, trimming, adding subtitles, watermarks, etc.
  • Allows you to convert videos easily with 60X faster conversion speed.
  • Able to convert MOV video files to the supported 1000+ video formats.

Steps to compress MOV video with Video Converter Ultimate

Step 1: On your computer, download and install Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate. Go to the toolbox option at the top after opening the software. Tap on the Video Compressor then.

Eassiy Video Compressor step 1 | compress video mov

Step 2: You will see a pop-up window after that. To add the MOV video to the program, you can either click the “+” sign or drag and drop videos.

Eassiy Video Compressor step 2 | compress video mov

Step 3: You need to adjust the video name, size, resolution, format, bitrate, and export location for the final result. By sliding the dot, you will be able to resize your video file. You can compress your video file up to 90%.

Step 4: Check the video quality by clicking the "Preview" button after you are done with the setting. To compress the video to your desired size, press the Compress button.

Way 2: How to Compress MOV File Using Video Converter

Video Converter is a powerful cloud-based tool that you will be able to use to compress the size of a large .mov file to store, publish, or share. It won't require you to install any software on your device. But this tool will provide you with limited features and doesn't support batch conversion. Here are the steps to compress MOV file using Video Converter.

Step 1: Visit the official website of Video Converter.
Step 2: From your computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive, add the MOV file that you wish to compress.
Step 3: You have to select MOV as the output format.
Step 4: From the Settings menu, choose a lower video resolution. Also, you can fix audio quality and more if you want.
Step 5: Tap the “Convert” button.

Using Video Converter | compress video mov

Way 3: How to Compress Video MOV with CloudConvert

Including MOV to MP4, most file formats like audio, video, document, and image files, are supported by CloudConvert. To tweak the video resolution, quality, and file size, it also provides different settings. Here are the steps to compress video MOV with CloudConvert.

Step 1: You can click the “Select File” button to select and add the MOV files to the program after launching the online CloudConvert. This online tool also allows you to add files from a computer, a URL, and more.

Step 2: To compress the MOV file online, you can select the video codec, presets, profile, width, FPS, tunes, audio codec, subtitle, audio bitrate, and volume, and trim the desired video.

Step 3: To start compressing the MOV file or even converting MOV to MP4 accordingly, you can click the “Convert” button. After that, you will be able to download the output file to your computer.

with CloudConvert | compress video mov

Way 4: How to Compress MOV Video via Freeconvert

MOV files with less than 1GB to 60+ formats can be compressed by Freeconvert at a relatively fast speed. You have different ways to make a MOV file smaller on Mac and Windows because it allows you to adjust the bitrate, codec, and several other parameters. Follow the below-given steps to compress MOV video via Freconvert.

Step 1: On your browser, open Freeconvert.

Step 2: Choose the MOV video file you want to compress for after clicking “File”.

Step 3: As the result video file type, choose MOV, MP4, or another format.

Step 4: To navigate to the Advanced Options page, choose the tool icon.

Step 5: As the video codec, select H265. You will be able to compress the size of the MOV file by choosing:

  • Move the size slider left after targeting a file size (Percentage).
  • Enter the desired output MOV file size after targeting a file size (MB).
  • Adjust the corresponding value after targeting a video quality/resolution/bitrate.
via Freeconvert | compress video mov

Step 6: Tap on the “Apply Settings” button. To compress MOV video file online, press “Compress Now”.

Way 5: How to Compress MOV File by VLC

Nowadays, one of the most popular media players is VLC. Often, it is one of the first applications that Windows users download once they are done setting up their operating systems. Besides a media player, it is also known as a .mov video file compressor. You can use this tool to compress MOV video files easily. Here are the steps to compress MOV file by VLC.

Step 1: Install VLC software on your desktop from their official website and launch it.
Step 2: Tap “Convert/Save” after opening the Media menu.
Step 3: Click “Add” and locate the MOV file you want to compress from the “File” tab. Tap “Convert/Save”.
Step 4: Choose the final format profile. Click “Video –H.264 + MP3 (MP4)” if you want to compress a MOV file to MP4.
Step 5: Tap the “Wrench” icon to compress your video. Launch the “Video codec” tab from the new window. Tap “Save” after setting the bitrate at a lesser value than the video currently has.
Step 6: Find the desired target folder by clicking “Browse” and including the desired extension, enter the name for the future file in the “File name” field. Tap the “Save” button.
Step 7: Click “Start” and wait for a few minutes when everything is set.

by VLC | compress video mov

Way 6: How to Compress Video MOV with FlexClip

Another convenient MOV compressor online is FlexClip which can export video quality, change the video resolution, and preview the export video size. Also, you can tweak the video file with other video formats. Follow the below steps to compress video MOV with FlexClip.

Step 1: Click the “Browse Video” button to upload the MOV file or drag and drop the MOV video to the online video compressor after going to the FlexClip video compressor online.

Step 2: It enables you to preview the desired video size and resolution after selecting the desired video quality and resolution. After that, you can tap the “Compress Now” button.

Step 3: The program will automatically download MP4 or other formats of the compressed video after the MOV video file compression. You can send it via email or share it on social media sites.

with FlexClip | compress video mov

Way 7: How to Compress MOV Video on Zamzar

When it comes to MOV video file compression, Zamzar is a known name. This online tool supports all popular file formats and video codecs. You can compress your MOV video files easily with this online tool. Follow the below-given steps to compress MOV video on Zamzar.

Step 1: On your computer, open Zamzar’s official website.
Step 2: To browse and add video files from the PC, click "Choose Files". Also, you can drag and drop the MOV video file or add its URL.
Step 3: Select the format that will lead to reduced video size by clicking the drop-down menu beside the "Convert files to:" option.
Step 4: Click “Convert” after entering the email address. Your added video will be compressed and the link will be sent to the email ID you mentioned.

Zamzar | compress video mov

Way 8: How to Compress MOV File in iMovie

Mac users can use iMovie to compress MOV video file size for free. It helps you to reduce the MOV file to half of the original size or even smaller. Here are the steps to compress MOV file in iMovie.

Step 1: Press Project after opening up iMovie. Choose “Movie” after clicking on the plus button on the top left of the window. Select “Create” after choosing “No Theme” on the pop-up query box.

Step 2: To iMovie, you have to drag and drop the file that comes with .mov as the extension name.

Step 3: Choose “Share” and select “Export File” after pressing “File” on the top menu bar.

Step 4: You have now come to the setting panel for your video. To shrink the MOV video file size, there will be 4 options.

Step 5: You can select a resolution lower than the original MOV file, pick the desired quality level as the higher quality level equals a larger file size, and set Faster as the compressed mode according to your demand.

iMovie | compress video mov

Step 6: Enter the name for the output file and define an output file folder after choosing “Next”. Press “Save” once you are done.

Part 3: FAQ to Compress MOV File

1. Why should I compress MOV video files?

The MOV file will load faster on your MOV player and online when you compress it. This ensures a better user experience and engagement for you. Also, you will be able to use the compressed video on social media sites, Email, and other occasions with ease.

2. What are the differences between MOV and MP4?

Compatibility is the major difference between MOV and MP4. For Apple devices, MOV is a reliable file format and MP4 is a universal format that is compatible with any device.

3. How can I zip a .mov file?

Zipping a .mov file will help you to compress it into a smaller container. To zip a .mov file on Windows, right-click the file first. Choose the Compressed folder as the destination after clicking Send. You can zip a file on Mac by selecting Compress from the shortcut after control-clicking the file. It will create a new file with the exact name as the original and a .zip extension.


You might find compressing a MOV file difficult or even impossible though it is easy to do. In this guide, we have described how to compress MOV file in Windows/Mac/Online. Among the above-mentioned methods, we would highly recommend you use Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate. Because it guarantees you the quality of your video and also doesn't have any limitations in the free version, unlike other methods. So try Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate now!

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