4 Working Methods for How to Compress Video with VLC [Best Alternative]

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Updated on 2023-02-05


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VLC Media Player is a very efficient tool that not only helps you to play audio and video, but also lets you cut, resize, and convert videos. But not many people know about the VLC video compressing capabilities. VLC allows you to compress your large videos into shorter ones. In this article, we are introducing 4 working methods for how to compress video with VLC. If you want to how you can compress video with VLC and the best alternative of VLC, then read this article briefly.

Part 1: Can I Compress Video in VLC Player?

Yes, you can compress video in a VLC player. VLC Media Player allows you to compress, convert, cut, and resize videos besides playing audio and video. Several ways are available to compress video in VLC Player such as trimming unnecessary parts of the video, lowering down video bitrate/frame rate, changing video/audio formats, etc. You need to lower video size for various reasons like freeing up space on your desktop, sharing videos on social media sites, etc. So, VLC Player can help you to compress your video.

Part 2: How to Compress Video with VLC? [Top 4 Methods]

To compress video with VLC Media Player, here we are presenting the top 4 methods below.

Method 1: How to Compress Video VLC by Changing Video Format

It is smart to convert video to smaller size formats like FLV, WMV, and more, considering some formats such as MKV and AVI occupy too much space. Then you would be happy to learn that without having to install any other additional software, VLC enables you to convert video/audio files and allows you to reduce the video size to some extent. Here are the steps to compress video VLC by changing the video format.

Step 1: On your desktop, download and install the VLC media player. Launch the program.
Step 2: Tap “Media > Convert/save” by going to Menu. Tap on “Add” to select the video you need and when you are done, click on “Convert/Save”.
 Step 3: After that, you have to choose the type of profile that you want to convert the video into.
Step 4: Select the “Start” button to start VLC video compression.

by Changing Video Format | compress video with vlc

Method 2: Change Video Encoding Parameters (Bitrate/Frame Rate) to VLC Compress Video

To make VLC compress videos, you can change the video codec, bitrate, frame rate, and quality. Follow the given steps to change video encoding parameters (bitrate/frame rate) to VLC compress video.

Step 1: To upload your video, click the “Media > Convert/Save…/+Add” after opening VLC. After that, you need to tap “Convert/Save”.

Step 2: From the Profile drop-down list, choose a format and click the “Edit selected profile” icon.

Change Video Encoding Parameters step 2 | compress video with vlc

Step 3: Choose “Encoding parameters” by going to the “Video” codec tab. Click “Save” after editing the codec, bitrate, quality, and frame rate.

Change Video Encoding Parameters step 3 | compress video with vlc

Step 4: To choose the output folder and rename this file, click “Browse”. To start conversion, click the “Start” button.

Method 3: Trim/Cut Unnecessary Parts of the Video to Compress Video with VLC

Cutting unnecessary parts of your video is the third method to reduce video size. VLC allows you to cut, crop, rotate videos, edit video color, etc. with its many editing tools. Here are the steps to trim/cut unnecessary parts of the video to compress video with VLC.

Step 1: To add your video, tap “Media” and “Open File” after opening VLC. After that, you have to pause the video playback.

Step 2: You will see several advanced control options above your normal player control buttons by going to “View > Advanced Control”.

Step 3: Play the video by dragging the video to the start point from where you want to trim and after that, you have to tap the "Record" button shown below.

Cut Unnecessary Parts | compress video with vlc

Step 4: Click the “Record” button again when you reach the ending point.

Step 5: You will find the trimmed video by going to “This PC” and “Videos”.

Method 4: Compress Video with VLC by Changing Audio Encoding Parameters

By resetting the audio codec, bitrate, sample rate, and channels in VLC video and audio settings, VLC also enables the user to reduce video file size without losing video quality. Follow the below steps to compress video with VLC by changing audio encoding parameters.

Step 1: Tap on “Media > Convert/Save.../+Add” and upload your video after opening VLC Media Player.

Step 2: Click the “Edit selected profile” icon after choosing a format from the Profile drop-down list.

mChanging Audio Encoding Parameters step 2 | compress video with vlc

Step 3: Under the Audio Codec tab, the audio settings are available. Tap the Audio codec tab and to get audio setting options, check the box next to the Audio.

Step 4: By changing the audio encoding parameters like codec, bitrate, sample rate, channels, etc. reduce the size of the video file.

Changing Audio Encoding Parameters step 4 | compress video with vlc

Part 3: Best Alternative Way to Compress Video with VLC: Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate

Though VLC Media Player is one of the best free video players it is not the best video reducer. Instead of advanced settings, it can only use some basic settings to reduce video size. Therefore, we would like to suggest to you the best alternative way to compress video with VLC – Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate. This program is an all-in-one multimedia toolbox, more useful and more powerful. You can easily and quickly convert, edit, compress video, make MV, make college, and much more with its 20+ multimedia tools. It helps you to convert videos to HD, 4K, and up to 8K with fast video conversion speed. This program is free to use but if you want you can purchase the paid version of Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate for only $55.99 for a lifetime.


  • With super-fast speed and no quality loss, this tool can compress video and audio files in 1000+ formats.
  • Allows you to split a long video into different parts in one simple click.
  • With no quality loss, it provides you with 1:1 conversion quality with 8K/5K/4K/HD videos.
  • 60X faster video conversion speed is offered.
  • Supports different video production features like merge, cut, crop video, etc.

Steps to compress video with Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate.

Step 1: First, you have to install Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate on your desktop. Then launch the program and reach the Toolbox option at the top. Tap on Video Compressor.

Eassiy video compressor step 1 | compress video with vlc

Step 2: You will see a pop-up window in front of you. Click the “+” sign or drag and drop videos to add a video to the program.

Eassiy video compressor step 2 1 | compress video with vlc

Step 3: Export the location for your final video after adjusting the name, resolution, format, size, and bitrate. By sliding the dot, you will be able to resize the video file. Up to 90% of the video file can be compressed.

Step 4: You can check the video quality after setting it by clicking on the Preview button. Compress the video to your desired size by pressing the “Compress” button.

Part 4: FAQ to Compress Video with VLC

1. How can I reduce the size of a video in VLC?

To reduce the video size in VLC Media Player, you have several ways. You can downscale video resolution, lower video bitrate/frame rate, change video/audio formats, and shorten video length by recording for large file sizes.

2. How can I compress video without losing video quality using VLC?

Cutting unwanted video parts off is the only way to compress video without losing video quality with VLC Media Player. By recording the video you need with the "Record" feature during playback, the VLC player allows users to "cut" the video off. To convert video formats, it decreases video quality or for shrieked video file size, lowers down video bit rate.

3. How can I convert VLC 720p to 480p?

Click "Media" and choose "Convert/Save" after opening VLC Media Player on your computer. Choose the 720p video to load after clicking the Add button under the File tab and to pop up a new window, click Convert/Save. You can see many profile p to preset options after clicking the Profile drop-down icon. SD profiles are 480p like the video for Android SD, video for iPad SD, and video for YouTube SD. To begin converting 720p to 480p with VLC Media Player, click the Start button.


In this article, we have introduced introducing 4 working methods for how to compress video with VLC. VLC Media Player helps you to compress large videos but it doesn't offer you advanced settings. It might also cause you video quality loss. On the other hand, Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate compresses video size more efficiently without causing quality loss compared to VLC Media Player. Besides video compressing, this software also helps you to convert, cut videos, make college, make MV, and much more. So we would recommend you to use Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate if you have high-level requirements.

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