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The PNG image file format is specially meant for world and graphic designing purposes with lossless compression and the most comprehensive color palette range. So, in a very short time, the open source, license-free Portable Network Graphic file format started to rule the internet image industry. As this single image format handles transparent and semi-transparent backgrounds with 16 million color options, the PNG format meets multiple purposes of logo designers, graphic designers, etc.

Now, it's time to use these PNG image files available on the web for personal or professional use. Therefore, you need the smartest technology of the background remover PNG tool to create a new look, appeal, and vibes out of any available PNG image. As the PNG file maintains its original image quality, using bg remover to remove background from PNG can get a completely new image, ready for any personal, social media, or business use. So, let's get detailed insights into the top 5 PNG background removers with their highlights.

Worldwide Status & Statistics Of Image Editing Tools

As PNG image file is patent-free, easily viewable, editable, and has the potential to handle millions of colors and original quality, countless image editing tools have emerged in the internet industry to remove PNG background with multiple other editing options.

Statistic States: With the unimaginable growth of Photo Editing Tools, the Image Editor market is expected to have a CAGR of 4.2% by 2033. FMI predicts they will reach $572.3 million by 2033 from $318.2 million in 2024. Last year, from 2024 to 2024, the photo editor expansion rate was 1.05x.

Eassiy Free Background Remover | removing GIF bg

ProTips: While selecting any PNG remove bg tool to remove PNG bg, you must go for the one that offers multiple functions and customizations. You need PNG background bg software to meet your specific purposes. However, to explore the versatility of PNG files with its widest color compatibility, lossless compression, etc., you should go for a high-end background PNG remover that can be used for multiple purposes.

So, before selecting any tool, you must compare several factors of multiple background removers PNG tools to maximize your favorite PNG image and bg removing experience.

Part 1: 5 Best PNG Background Removers Tools

There are endless options available in the web world when you need to pick the most suitable PNG background remover. So, instead of getting confused with multiple options here you will get the top 5 online tools to remove bg PNG with their best benefits and attractive features.

Software Name Technical Strength Price Best For Star Rating
Eassiy Free Background Remover Online Automation with AI-Power & clipping-edge analysis techniques Free Newbies & business branding, social media users star star star star star
Online PNG Tools An ads-free tool with edge removal, two color mask, & pixel adjustment option Free Perfect for all bg removing purposes with professional perfection star star star star
Adobe Express Seamless editing option with third-party app integration Free + Paid Professional use for website creators, developers, graphic designers, e-commerce platforms, and social media influencers star star star star
PhotoRoom AI-based automation with other app integration and text to image bg generator Free Personal, professional, business branding or casual use star star star
Erase. bg AI-driven automation with multiple format support & endless editing option with lossless image quality Free + Paid Individual, developers, enterprise, e-commerce, and media users star star star

1. Eassiy Free Background Remover Online

Best For: Beginner-friendly tool with professional perfection to remove background PNG using AI-powered automation.

To experience PNG remove bg Eassiy Free Background Remover Online tool is perfect with time-ahead features of AI-powered automation. Using this 100% free tool, you can remove PNG background automatically without any prior knowledge or technical skill. Getting transparent bg of any PNG file to adding solid color to the PNG image background, this background remover PNG tool will do it within seconds on any device anytime.

Eassiy Free Background Remover | remove background PNG

Browser Compatibility: Accessible through any web browser, device & OS, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, etc

PricingFree Tool


  • Supports JPG/GIF/JPEG/PNG format.
  • Simple file uploading option with drag & drop.
  • Automatic portrait recognition option with standard object recognition mode.
  • A seamless editing option with cropping, rotating, etc., creates a new background.
  • With the automatic default setting, bg-removed images will be saved in PNG format.


  • No con has been addressed by its users.

Verdict: Once you upload the PNG image on this PNG background remover will automatically identify the targeted background and remove it instantly. This fully secured tool has a clipping edge analyzing option. After customizing the image size using any ratio, you can directly share the file to any platform.

2. Online PNG tools

Best For: Beginners-friendly remove background PNG tool with hassle-free bg removing experience. It also gives great output for professional purposes.

To remove white background from PNG image OnlinePNGtools is the best option with its extensive customizable bg removing features. With "Smooth edge line" and "Preview deleted background" functions, this free and fast online background remover png tool will give you an instant and effortless bg removing experience on any device anytime with a few clicks.

Online PNG tools | background remover PNG

Browser Compatibility: Accessible through any web browser, device & OS such as Chrome, Firefox, Windows, Mac, Android, etc.

Pricing: Fully Free bg remove PNG tool.


  • There is no installation or registration hassle on this online PNG background remover.
  • It's an ad & pop-up-free software.
  • This remove background PNG online tool supports multiple file formats like JPEG, GIF, BMP, etc.
  • It is a great file converter to compress PNG file size while maintaining maximum image quality.
  • You can pixelate PNG images to hide sensitive info on the image.


  • Limited editing options with a lack of animation.
  • Online file sharing option is security vulnerable.

Verdict: The user-friendly and intuitive interface of this background PNG remover is best to remove transparency from PNG. While pixelization, resizing, and text-adding options, this tool is also a Random PNG Generator.

3 Adobe Express

Best For: It is perfect for professional or business purposes. The PNG maker remove background tool opens the widest room for creativity in the cloud for developers & graphics designers.

Adobe Express is free cloud-based software to remove background PNG online on any device or platform. With this bg remove PNG tool, you would not only erase the background but can also edit the bg by adding new graphics, color, etc. If you want a transparent background of any image file, this jpg to png remove background app will do it within a few seconds. It offers several editing options, such as adding filters, cropping, and adding animations or GIFs to create a dynamic design for any image.

Adobe Express | remove background PNG online

Browser Compatibility: Compatible with desktop (Windows & Mac) and mobile platforms. It supports all the web browsers like Chrome, Safari, etc., and it has a dedicated app for Android & iOS.

Pricing: Free & Paid Plan available


  • This PNG background remove tool can be integrated with other applications such as Lightroom, Canvas, Flipgrid, etc.
  • Create a unique template using over 100,000 pre-designed template options.
  • Enjoy excluding editing & photo effects with 2000+ unique Adobe fonts.
  • 2GB storage with royalty-free photo collection.
  • It supports Image formats JPG, PNG, & PDF.


  • The web application is poorly built.
  • No new functionality in the web page category.

Verdict: With Vector and Raster Graphics editing options, this PNG background remove tool offers a touch and intuitive interface. The remove background PNG tool offers a machine algorithm to maintain the image quality. With powerful editing capacity, this software lets you instantly save and share the removed images to any social media or other platform. This AI tool also works as an automatic background generator that creates new bg based on written descriptions.

4. PhotoRoom

Best For: For having transparent & customized background within seconds. Best for personal & professional PNG bg removing requirements with AI-based automation.

This free online remove bg.PNG tool is all-in-one software to remove background from PNG files. Here, you can explore thousands of ready-made templates and backgrounds to customize any PNG background using the "Edit in Photorom" option. It takes a few seconds to add or remove white background from the PNG image. A well-integration with third-party service.

PhotoRoom | background PNG remover

Browser Compatibility: This background remover PNG tool can be accessed using any web browser, like Chrome, Safari, etc, on any device. It has a separate app for Android & iOS.

Pricing: Completely Free program


  • The png remove background tool offers unlimited bg removing options for free.
  • Remove transparency from PNG instantly in less than a second.
  • Automatic background blurring option with Magic Retouch feature.
  • It supports JPG & PNG file formats.


  • Limited editing option for fine adjustment of the image.
  • Limited stock of templates & images.

Verdict: This AI-based remove background PNG tool offers smooth online collaboration with multiple projects. To add or remove transparency from PNG images, this program offers advanced techniques of separating background and foreground.

5. Erase. bg

Best For: This background remover PNG tool suits e-commerce, developers, web or graphic designers, or casual random use.

Erase. bg is one the trendiest AI-based SaaS PNG background remover. This tool allows you to automatically add or remove white background from PNG file within a second without compromising the original image quality. This bg remove PNG program is available in multiple languages. It offers smart exporting, resizing, and editing features for any company logo, social media profile, e-signature, or presentation purpose.

Erase. bg | remove background PNG

Browsing Compatibility: Web-based accessibility on any device (Windows/Mac/Android/iOS) using any web browser like Firefox, Safari, or Chrome. It has a separate app for the mobile platform.

Pricing: Free & paid options are available.


  • This remove bg PNG software supports multiple formats such as PNG, JPG, Web, etc.
  • Lightweight program with high-end editing option.
  • It doesn't require prior skill to remove PNG background.
  • Erase, change, or add bg without compromising image quality.
  • Best for creating signature, logo, etc., without manual effort or editing.


  • The bulk bg removal option is available only on the paid version.
  • The free plan offers limited features.

Verdict: This AI-power-based application is an extremely time-saving option to remove PNG background. It doesn't require any manual intervention for bg removal. The intuitive interface is user-friendly for beginners, and it keeps the original image quality intact after removing any PNG background.

Part 2: How to Remove Background from A PNG Image for Free

Once you know the features and functions of PNG background removers, it's time to know the practical steps to remove background from PNG using Eassiy Free Background Remover Online.

Step 1: You must visit the official Eassiy website on your system using any web browser. Then head to the "Upload Portrait" or "Upload Photo" option to upload your PNG image from where you want to remove bg PNG.

Step 2: Once you are done with uploading a PNG image, this free online software will automatically scan the image and detect the main part of the image. Here, you can preview and customize the output profile using the preview window.

Step 3: You can try the brush option to adjust the edges of the PNG image by controlling your mouse movements. Finally, go for the "Save" option to save the background removed image on your system in PNG format.


1. Can I Remove Background From PNG on Smartphones?

Yes, using an online PNG background remover app, you can remove bg PNG on your smartphone with a few clicks anytime.

2. What Are the Benefits of PNG BG Removing the App?

  • Create a new look of an old image.
  • Multiple uses of the same image.
  • Experiment with creativity to any image.
  • Give professional appeal to any casual image.

3. What Color Is Mainly Used to Remove the BG of a PNG Image?

White is the most used color to remove background from PNG images.


When you need a remove background PNG software for personal, casual, or professional use, you must be extra careful while selecting the right product. Every PNG background remover is unsuitable for all types of bg removal requirements. So, you must select the one that has the widest bg removing function and automation option to save your time and manual effort

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