Most Effective Ways to Screenshot Video on Android

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Updated on 2023-01-11


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Are you looking for ways to screenshot videos on Android in high-quality? What screenshot video on Android means is you can either take a whole page screenshot of a webpage. Or you can capture a video of the Android screen and convert it into a GIF or leave it as a video. Although the long screenshot on Android devices is limited to devices running on Android 12 and later, we will also discuss how to take a screenshot video on Android devices running on the previous version. So, no matter how old your Android device is, you can capture a long screenshot efficiently.

Read on to find all the efficient ways to screenshot videos on Android and capture long screenshots like a professional.

Part 1: How to Capture Screenshot Video on Android With High Quality?

If you want to capture screenshot video on Android, the best option is Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate. Unlike the other methods mentioned in this guide, Eassiy allows you to record anything happening on an Android device. Here’s what you have to know about Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate:

Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate

It’s often difficult to decide how to begin the description of Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate, given it is not limited to a single feature. Still, Eassiy allows all smartphone users with an Android set to record screenshots like a professional. So, there are no limitations that your Android device must run on Android 10. As you will find out, it simply mirrors the Android screen to the computer and allows you to grab the on-screen activities of the Android device efficiently.

You can record the Android screen in up to 4K resolution. Plus, you can include both system sound and microphone sound in the video recordings, which means Eassiy allows you to killer-looking video tutorials, online lessons, and presentations with ease. Eassiy comes packed with advanced audio management to limit background interferences and enhance microphone sound while recording the Android screen, so you can have clear voiceovers while recording the screen.

Eassiy screen recorder ultimate | screenshot video android

Above all, Eassiy is really straightforward to use. There is no learning curve at all, so even the most technophobic users can take screenshots and videos on Android efficiently.

Key Features:

  • Mirror the Android device to the computer and record the screen activities in high resolution up to 4K.
  • Incorporate Android’s internal sound and external sound (from the PC or Android).
  • The advanced audio management system allows you to manage sound levels during live screen casting.
  • Limit background interferences and enhance microphone sound for clear and smooth audio.
  • Access real-time annotation tools like pen, highlighter, airbrush, paint tools, arrows, and text editor and edit the screenshots as desired.
  • Incorporate stamps, logos, or watermarks on the long screenshots taken on Android. 
  • Edit the screen recordings using the video editing tools in Eassiy, like trim, control audio, effects, and more. 
  • Record a short clip of the Android screen and convert it to a GIF.
  • Create custom hotkeys and manage your Android screen recording using dedicated keys.
  • Take panoramic or scrolling screenshots on Windows computers.
  • Share the recorded video via social sharing options.
  • Save the recorded video on the computer in the format of your choice.

Here’s How To Use Eassiy to Take Screenshot Video on Android?

Step 1. Install the Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate on your Windows computer. Choose Phone on the main interface of Eassiy.

Eassiy Android recorder step 1 | screenshot video android

Choose Android Recorder on the next interface.

Eassiy Android recorder step 2 | screenshot video android

Step 2. Screencast the Android screen to the computer.

  • Connect the Android device to the computer using a USB cable.
  • You will see a notification on the Android screen saying, “Allow USB Debugging.”
  • Click on the box assigned to Allow USB debugging.

Once you allow USB debugging, Eassiy will install a small application on the Android device named FoneLab Mirror. You do not have to sign up or even interact with the Mirror application. Since Android does not have a screen mirroring tool by default, this app adds functionality.

Eassiy Android recorder step 3 | screenshot video android

After some time, you will see a notification asking you to Start Now or Allow, i.e., mirror the Android screen to the Windows computer.

Eassiy Android recorder step 4 | screenshot video android

Step 3. Capture Screenshot Video on Android.

  • Once you click on Allow, your Android screen will appear on the Eassiy application.
  • Choose the recording quality from the Eassiy interface.
  • Also, choose the audio channels (if you want to include them in the recording).
Eassiy Android recorder step 5 | screenshot video android

Click on the Record button to take a screenshot video on Android. Now, click on Snapshot to take a still snap of the screenshot. You can also take a screenshot during the live recording.

Eassiy Android recorder step 6 | screenshot video android

Step 4. End the Screenshot Video on Android. Click on the Stop button to end the screenshot video on Android.

Eassiy Android recorder step 7 | screenshot video android

Once you stop the recording, you can access the screenshot video from the Recording History tab. Also, Eassiy allows you to  convert the recording into GIF or use annotation tools as desired. After recording, you can share or save the recording.

Part 2: How to Screenshot A Whole Page on Android 12 and Later

Android 12 and later versions come with a built-in long screenshot function that allows you to take a screenshot efficiently. It is also to be noted that Android 12.0 built-in long screenshot function only allows you to take a screenshots on apps, not webpages. So, you can capture a long Twitter thread efficiently but cannot share a story from a webpage (quite the opposite of what an iPhone scrolling screenshot does).

Screenshot A Whole Page on Android 12 | screenshot video android

Nevertheless, since most users have to capture the contents of an app, not the webpages of Chrome, this method will be valuable and is a must-learn for all Android users. 

Here’s How to Take a Whole Page Screenshot on Android 12:

  1. Open the app that you want to capture in full.
  2. After locating the desired content, press the Power button and Volume down button simultaneously.
  3. You will see a little preview on the bottom-left of the screen with two options: Scroll and Share.
  4. Click on Scroll.
  5. Take a Whole Page Screenshot on Android 12 | screenshot video android
  6. Android will keep scrolling and capture everything that’s not on the screen to the point when you click on Done.

Once you click on Done, the screenshot will be loaded to the Edit page. You can choose to edit the long screenshot as desired, like cutting, highlighting, or using annotations. After editing, use the Share option to send the long screenshot to others. Or use save to save the long screenshot to the device.

How to Screenshot a Whole Page on Android 11 and Earlier Versions.

Android 11 and earlier versions do not have a built-in function to take a full-page screenshot. So, you have to download a third-party tool like LongShot from the PlayStore and use it to take a full page screenshot on Android.

Take a Whole Page Screenshot on Android 11 | screenshot video android

Furthermore, when it comes to taking capturing whole page screenshots on webpages like Chrome, you will have to fiddle with the developer options. So, it is better to use Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate and capture a screenshot video on Android.

Part 3: Tips for Taking screenshots on Android

Taking a screenshot on Android is a skill. Especially when it comes to taking a whole page screenshot on Android, the odds of taking a successful screenshot are really low. Sometimes, you end up with a blurry image, or sometimes, the desired content is not captured. So, here are some tips to help you take better screenshots.

  • Use the Android Screenshot Shortcut: Power button and the Volume down button are the default shortcut for taking a screenshot on Android.
  • Use Manufacturer’s shortcut: some manufacturer has their own shortcuts for taking a screenshot on Android. Find out and use them to take whole-page screenshots on Android efficiently.
  • Ask Google to take a screenshot: Simply say, “Hey Google, take a screenshot” to take a screenshot instantly on Android.
  • Create Gestures: You can also create gestures using the Interactive features on Android and set custom gestures to take a full-page screenshot on Android.
  • Use third-party apps to take whole page screenshot: When it comes to taking a clear screenshot, third-party apps like LongShot can help you take a screenshot like a professional.

Or you can use professional recording tools like Eassiy to screenshot videos on Android devices conveniently. Retain Eassiy includes editing options to convert the screenshot video into GIFs and share them with others creatively.


Now that you know how to take a screenshot video on Android, you can use the desired method from the guide to take whole page screenshots like a professional. Needless to say, Eassiy, given its powerful recording features, editing suite, and social sharing options, should be the way to go. You can also use Eassiy to record the Android screen for creating long videos like tutorials or lessons.

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