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If you've ever tried to play an MKV file on your computer or device, you might have encountered some playback issues. That's because MKV files are not supported by many media players and devices. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem: converting the MKV file to MP4, which is a widely supported format.

The Matroska Video (MKV) format consists of audio, video, subtitle, and audio tracks with a wealth of metadata, including titles, ratings, cover art, and more. MKV, FLAC, and other formats are now supported by Windows 10. Mac users, however, are not as fortunate. People start looking for MKV converters for Mac software to convert MKV to MP4 Mac in order to fix the Mac not playing MKV issue. In this blog post, we will introduce you to 5 free MKV to MP4 converters that you can use online or download to your PC or Mac in 2024.

Before we dive into the list of converters, let's briefly discuss the benefits of converting MKV to MP4.

Benefits of Converting MKV to MP4

1. Compatibility:

As mentioned earlier, MP4 is a widely supported format that can be played on various devices and media players. Converting MKV to MP4 will ensure that you can watch your video on any device without any compatibility issues.

2. Smaller File Size:

MKV files are known for their large size, which can take up a lot of storage space on your device. Converting MKV to MP4 can significantly reduce the file size without compromising on video quality.

3. Editing:

MP4 files are easier to edit than MKV files, especially if you're using a basic video editing software. Converting MKV to MP4 will allow you to edit your videos without any hassle.

Part 1: Best MKV to MP4 Converter for Mac/Windows

You can create, edit, enjoy, and share various kinds of multimedia files with the help of the comprehensive multimedia programme Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate, which you can download. The all inclusive multimedia tool Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate enables you to create, edit, enjoy, and share a variety of multimedia files, including video, audio, GIF, photos, MV, ID3, subtitles, and more.

Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate is a must have tool for anyone who creates videos, enjoys movies and music, shares videos at home, is a student or a vlogger. For social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, etc., Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate can be customised to compress HD videos or large video sizes and convert to the format and resolution you want. up to 90% video compression.

Eassiy video converter ultimate | MKV to MP4 Converter


  • Convert video and audio to more than 1000 different formats, including MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, MPG, and MP3.
  • Convert multiple videos with a single click, quickly and easily.
  • Quickly convert 8K/5K/4K/HD videos.
  • With high speed conversion that is 60 times faster and GPU acceleration.
  • By optimising the multi core processor, Easy Video Converter uses AI technology to increase conversion speed.
  • Enhance your video production with the built-in editor
  • HD video compression for sharing on Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, etc.
  • Build-in 20+ multimedia tools

How to Use Eassiy Video Converter to Convert MKV Videos

We'd like to take converting MKV to MP4 for your reference in order to better demonstrate how Eassiy Video Converter ultimate transforms MKV to MP4 files.

Step 1: Download and install Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate on your system.

Step 2: Launch Eassiy Video Converter on your device. After launching, an interface will appear where you can choose the video files to convert. Drag and drop the files from your system to be converted.

Eassiy video converter ultimate step 2 | MKV to MP4 Converter

Step 3: After uploading the video, click to Convert All drop-down menu. Choose the MP4 format for your final converted video. Or click the Format option on the right side and select any video format in which you would like to convert the video.

Eassiy video converter ultimate step 3 | MKV to MP4 Converter

Step 4: Now click on the Convert All button at the bottom of the interface and begin the process. Once the conversion finish, the right mark appears on the converted tab or the software also appears the pop up window where the final video is saved.

Eassiy video converter ultimate step 4 | MKV to MP4 Converter

Part 2. 2 Free Simple MKV to MP4 Converters

The only issue is understanding how to convert MKV to MP4. You've come to the right place if this is what's boring you. You can easily and for free convert MKV video format to MP4 using the best MP4 converters shared here. There are many programmes that you can choose from to convert MKV to.MP4 on Windows and macOS. Several of the best programmes are listed here. Simply choose the most appropriate option to convert MKV to MP4 for free.

1. VLC Media Player

VLC is not only a tool that is used to play videos. It is the best video converter for the Mac and Windows PC. It is used to convert videos to different formats. It has a wide range of video formats supported. Moreover, using it we can simply swap the video format. Now there is no need to pay for video converters that apply watermarks as VLC is absolutely free without any limitations. The conversion is done quickly without compromising the quality of the video.

VLC Media Player | MKV to MP4 Converter


  • Free and open source
  • Works on all platforms
  • Offers video and audio stream download options
  • Provides customizable conversion profiles
  • Allows you to preview the result during conversion
  • Features popular codecs


  • Lacks video editing capabilities
  • Not a quick converter

2. Freemake Video Converter

The best option for Windows users to convert MKV for free to MP4. For more than ten years, Freemake Video Converter has been a well-liked free video converter for Windows. Its sturdiness, dependability, and wide range of supported video formats which undoubtedly includes converting MKV to MP4 on Windows 10 and 11 make it special. Additionally, it enables users to edit videos, make photo slideshows, and convert DVD discs. The output video typically bears an obtrusive watermark, which is bad for Freemake.

Freemake Video Converter | MKV to MP4 Converter


  • Supports up to 4K UHD and is compatible with a wide range of input and output formats.
  • Import subtitles while merging video files.
  • Multiple input formats are supported.
  • Directly writes files to a disc.
  • Videos are combined.
  • Online videos are downloaded and converted.
  • Brings in subtitles.
  • Ready to use with a variety of mobile devices.


  • Only available on the Windows operating system, which includes Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11.
  • There is no AV1 codec support.
  • Videos edited with the free version will have the Freemake watermark applied.
  • Conversion takes time.
  • Not frequently updated.
  • Desperately tries to get you to pay.
  • Can only be used for one conversion before an upgrade is required.

Part 3. 2 Free Online MKV to MP4 Converters

After reading this blog post, you'll see how many free online resources there are for completing a successful and accurate MKV to MP4 conversion. Let's dive in and learn about the apps you have access to.

1. AceThinker Video Master

Whenever you want to convert any video and search for conversion software that completely fulfils your needs, AceThinker Video Master has all the things, which you are searching for. This video converter supports almost every video format including 4K UHD and HD 1080P. The video converted is compatible with every device like iPhones, iPads, iPods, Sony, PSP and many more. Videos captured on Camcorders, mobile phones or downloaded from online video websites can easily be added and converted without any problem.

AceThinker Video Master | MKV to MP4 Converter


  • Easy to use interface
  • Built-in video player
  • Download videos
  • Built-in screen recorder
  • Convert and edit videos
  • Moviemaker
  • Convert HD videos
  • Wide range of customization


  • It has no mobile version.

2. Zamzar MKV To MP4 Converter

Stop making your system heavy by downloading and installing the video converters because now you can use Zamzar. It is an online video converter that is use to convert any video file into the desired format. The best thing, there is no need to register an email address before starting the conversion of videos. There is no need for a user account in it. This is quite easy to use. Just upload the video from your system or enter the URL of the video which you wanted to convert into MP4. Zamzar works online and this makes it work on every operating system. The process of conversion is not long. The Video conversion is done within 4 steps.

Zamzar MKV To MP4 Converter | MKV to MP4 Converter


  • Enables conversion of files from URLs
  • Allows for batch conversion
  • Sets up a very basic three step procedure.
  • Over 1200 file formats are supported
  • Multiplatform
  • Now backs file compression possibilities
  • Includes a developer friendly API


  • You are restricted to 50 MB max file size on free
  • Lacks OCR like other online tools

Part 4. FAQ

1. Do I need to pay for a good MKV to MP4 converter?

No, there are many free MKV to MP4 converters available that offer excellent features and benefits.

2. Can I convert multiple MKV files to MP4 at once?

Yes, many converters offer batch conversion that allows you to convert multiple files at once.

3. Will converting MKV to MP4 reduce video quality?

Converting MKV to MP4 may reduce video quality if the output settings are not configured properly. Make sure to choose the right output settings to maintain video quality.

4. Can I edit the video after converting it to MP4?

Yes, you can edit the video using a basic video editing software after converting it to MP4.

5. Are online converters safe to use?

Most online converters are safe to use, but make sure to use a reputable converter that doesn't compromise your privacy or security.

6. How to convert MKV to MP4 with VLC?

As the output format, select Video - H.264 + MP3 (MP4). You can choose your preferred option from the drop-down list if you want to convert MKV to another format or device. The Edit selected profile button is located next to the drop-down list, and it allows you to customise video details like the video or audio codec and subtitles. To specify the output video's destination path, click Browse. When finished, press the Start button to convert the MKV file to MP4.

7. What’s the best MKV to MP4 converting tool?

A free MKV to MP4 converter's capacity for video conversion is always given top consideration. In addition, factors like video conversion speed, output quality, and supported formats are important. As a result, the best MKV to MP4 converting tool is Eassiy video converter ultimate.


Converting MKV to MP4 can be a useful solution to playback issues on various devices and media players. There are various free and paid converters available online and offline, each with its own set of features and benefits. When choosing a good converter, consider factors like user interface, conversion speed, output quality, and additional features.

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