[5 Easy Ways] How to Convert MOV to MP4 on iPhone Free?

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Updated on 2023-03-01


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The "MOV" file extension is the standard for capturing video on iPhones and iPads. However, the "MOV" format is not supported by the majority of modern programs and application software. Additionally, the "MOV" format is preferred for video editing by photographers and videographers. When you transfer this movie to your iPhone to submit it to websites like YouTube, Premiere, or Lightroom, an issue arises. Because these apps mostly support the "MP4" format, this problem exists. Consequently, the requirement to convert "MOV" to "MP4" format always exists. A "MOV" to "MP4" video converter is necessary to convert "MOV" to "MP4" format in most practical ways.

Unless you are aware of the tools you can use, the conversion process from MOV to MP4 can be a little complex. And it is the greatest MOV to MP4 converter, not just any application. To make your search easier, we've included a ton of answers below, including the 7 brightest ways to convert MOV to MP4 on an iPhone.

Part 1: Can I Convert MOV to MP4 on iPhone?

Now that we've covered the key differences between MOV and MP4 files, let's talk about why it's imperative to use MP4 instead of MOV when working with streaming services and social networking platforms. The MP4 format has many advantages over MOV, including as being smaller, supporting 3D, and being favoured by streaming services. To be on the safe side, any rational person would select the MP4 format. The main difference between MOV and MP4 is that the latter is virtually globally compatible (including Apple itself), whilst the former is only compatible with Apple devices. As a result, for the user, converting MOV to MP4 with little quality loss is clear.

Given that almost all useful software needs payment, either up front or during the trial period, it can be challenging to provide an answer to the question of how to convert MOV to MP4 on the iPhone for free. Many websites will provide the conversion for free, but the quality will be poor, and it won't be useful because the quality will worsen when you try to upload that file to a streaming platform because they often lower the video quality even further to save some space. It is possible to convert MOV to MP4 on iPhone. But don't worry, we'll cover how to achieve it in the section that follows.

Part 2: Extra Useful Way to Convert MOV to MP4 iPhone on Windows/Mac [Must Read]

Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate makes it simple to produce MP4 files, making it easier to use them on any device, regardless of operating system. Downloading this conversion tool will allow you to convert videos swiftly and effortlessly on iPhone. You may use Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate as your go-to tool for both business and household purposes because it is compatible with all operating systems and file types.

Thanks to its 20+ multi-media functions, Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate can convert, edit, compress, generate MVs, create collages, and much more. With batch conversion and more than 1000 video/audio formats supported, it leads the industry. Because they offer features like merging, trimming, cropping, adding effects, subtitles, and watermarks, lowering video shaking, decreasing video noise, and more, Eassiy's built-in editors are excellent for perfecting your video creation.

Step 1: Download and install Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate.

Eassiy video converter ultimate step 1 | convert mov to mp4 on iphone

Step 2: Open and Insert Files

Start by launching Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate on your computer. After the software has started, you may select which video files to convert from the following interface. You can look for video files using the "+" button or drag and drop them from your device.

Eassiy video converter ultimate step 2 | convert mov to mp4 on iphone

Step 3: Select the Output Format for Your Video

Select MP4 video formats from the drop-down menu on the Convert All to tab once the video has been uploaded. Alternately, select each desired video format by clicking the format icon on the right.

Eassiy video converter ultimate step 3 | convert mov to mp4 on iphone

Step 4: Convert the video on Windows/Mac

To begin converting your videos right immediately, select "Convert all" from the menu. By pressing the arrow key at the bottom, you can change the Save to path if you'd like. The conversion's progress bar will be visible. The interface will display "Success" after the operation is finished, and Converted will have a red mark to its right. Additionally, the software will instantly open the folder where the finished Video is kept.

Eassiy video converter ultimate step 4 | convert mov to mp4 on iphone

The main advantage of utilizing this program is that it works with over 150 different devices, including the iPhone and iPad, and supports a wide range of video formats. Your videos can also be converted into 2D or 3D video formats.

Part 3: How to Convert iPhone MOV Video to MP4 with APPs

Perhaps you're looking for different approaches to convert MOV to MP4 on your iPhone. Other methods for converting MOV to MP4 are as follows: We are introducing you with 2 different iPhone apps to convert MOV to MP4.

Way 1: How to Convert iPhone Video to MP4 with Media Converter (iPhone App)

If you're working with video files that are already on your computer, it might be quicker to convert your MOV movie to MP4 using a browser or desktop software. But if the video is on your iPhone, use Media Converter by following these instructions:

Step 1: Open the Media Converter application.
Step 2: Select Import Files (+) by tapping on it.
Step 3: Selecting Import From Photo Library
Step 4: To convert a video, choose it. Click Done.
Step 5: In the Files list, tap the just imported file. Choose Convert Video (Trim).
Step 6: Choose mp4 under the Format option.
Step 7: Simply press the Convert button (icon shows an arrow coming out of a box). You may now find your converted video in the Files list with the.mp4 file extension.

Media Converter | convert mov to mp4 on iphone

By tapping the Information icon, your MP4 video can be shared or saved. Next, depending on where you want to send the file, select Save to phone album or Send and Share.

Way 2: How to Convert MOV to MP4 on iPhone By The Video Converter (iPhone App)

The Video Converter allows you to quickly convert your videos to almost any video or audio format. With in-app file browser, you can even browse your previously converted files.

Step 1: Choose your input document.
Step 2: Decide on the output format (MP4)
Step 3: Convert! It won't take more than a few seconds.
Step 4: Save your file or launch it in your preferred program!

Video Converter | convert mov to mp4 on iphone

Part 4: How to Convert MOV to MP4 on iPhone Online

Here are 2 effective online ways to convert MOV to MP4 on iPhone for you. They are really easy and convenient to use, though they have limitations. But they can get the job done if it’s not a big project. Hope these 2 online converters can help you out.

Way 1:  Converting MOV to MP4 on iPhone By Zamzar

Zamzar is yet another online converter that can change formats like Word to PDF, JPG to Word, ePub to Mobi, PDF to PPT, etc. in addition to media files. With just a few mouse clicks on your iPhone, Zamzar's simple and intuitive UI lets you convert MOV files to MP4 format. However, there is a 150MB free file size limit, and processing a video clip typically takes a long time.

Step 1: Upload the MOV file.

To upload the target MOV file to Zamzar, go to the convert page of Zamzar using the link provided above, select Add Files, and then use the box that appears next.

Step 2: Convert to MP4.

To convert files to MP4, make sure mp4 is chosen in the Convert to drop-down list and click Convert.

Step 3: Download the Converted File.

Click Download to save the converted MP4 file to your PC on the All Done screen that appears after a successful conversion.

Zamzar | convert mov to mp4 on iphone

Way 2: How to Convert an iPhone Video to MP4 Via FileZigZag

FileZigZag is a free online MP4 to iPhone converter that also provides free conversion services to all customers. Unlike other free online converters, FileZigZag supports a wide range of file types, including photos, documents, audio files, eBooks, archives, and webpages. You can choose the appropriate output formats based on the kind of object you want to convert. You must adhere to the guidelines provided below in order to use FileZigZag to convert MP4 to iPhone:

Step 1: Upload the Source MP4

Use the window that appears to choose the MP4 file you wish to convert by clicking Browse for Files.

Step 2: Convert the Video

Click Start Converting after making sure iPhone is chosen in the Target Format drop-down menu.

Via FileZigZag | convert mov to mp4 on iphone

Part 5: FAQ on Convert MOV to MP4 iPhone

1. How do I convert iPhone video to MP4 on Mac?

How to convert iPhone video to MP4 is shown below:

  • Make sure iMovie is set up on your Mac.
  • To add your iPhone videos to iMovie, launch the application on your Mac and select the Import option.
  • Drag and drop the video into the window after selecting New > Movie > No Theme.
  • Your video will be saved in MP4 format if you select Share > File.

2. How do I change the format of a video on my iPhone?

On iPhone X and prior, go to Settings > Camera > Record Video, then enable Video Format Control to provide quick toggles. Quick toggles are available in Cinematic mode on iPhone 14 models to select between HD or 4K and 24, 25, or 30 frames per second.


Having a good MP4 to iPhone conversion tool is highly recommended if you possess an iPhone in order to take full advantage of your smartphone's versatility. As you can see, there are many different methods to convert your iPhone videos to mp4. You can choose the one based on your personal requirements. Having said that, despite the fact that there are many converters on the market right now, Eassiy Video Converter Ultimate is still the finest one because it supports more than 1000 file formats and has a number of editing tools.

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